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Chapter Six

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elise makes a new friend and goes w/ joel to dance

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Chapter Six

Friday morning came as a rainy day.
Elise got out of bed more happy about the day than usual. She got dressed, grabbed her stuff, then went to the kitchen to eat her breakfast.
When she got there, her mother was waiting for her, making waffles.
"Mom! You're up early." Elise said suprised. Ms. Anderson turned around, and smiled at the sight of her daughter. "Good morning. I thought I'd make us some waffles." she explained.
"Oh wow, thanks." Elise smiled as she sat down at the table in front of a plate, fork and knife, and a cup of juice.
"So, what are you going to wear tonight?" Ms. Anderson asked. Elise shrugged her shoulders, "I dunno, I have nothing." she answered.
"Well that's not good." Ms. Anderson said. "What about I take you shopping after school, I don't go to work 'till five."
"Really? I'd love to!" Elise squeled.
Ms. Anderson smiled as she came over and gave Elise two waffles. "Okay, just come home quick and we'll go." Ms. Anderson ordered, then sat down at the table with her daughter for the first time in a long time.

In third period art class, Elise was drawing a picture of a fallen angel, while all the other girls were drawing their boyfriends or their idol like Beyonce.
"Very good, Elise." Mrs. Eisenhower complimented as she checked on Elise's work. Elise looked up and smiled, and then went back to her work.
Elise drew the edges on the angel's wings, being carefull to not have to use the eraser and make everything smear all over the picture.
Terri sat next to her, and looked over at her paper. "That's good, Elise." Terri complimented. Elise looked at her, and then smiled kindly. "Thanks." Elise said.
Elise looked over at Terri's paper, it was blank. "What are you going to draw?" Elise asked.
Terri shrugged, "I dunno, I have an idea, but I know I can't draw it as well as Erin." "Well, what's the idea?" Elise asked. "I really want to draw Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. But I'm not good at drawing eyes and noses." Terri explained.
Elise's eyebrows raised. "You like them? Me too!" Elise said in excitement. "I'll help you."
Terri looked at Elise with a kind smile, "Really? Thanks." Terri said. Then picked up her un-used number two pencil and began to draw Gerard's shoulders.
For the rest of art class, Elise and Terri talked about My Chemical Romance, and other bands and artists like Marilyn Manson, Metallica, and Led Zeppelin.
"Have you ever seen Marilyn Manson live?" Terri asked as she sketched the layers on Gerard Way's black hair. Elise shook her head. "No, I really want too! It would be, like, totally awesome!" Elise explained. "Yeah, it would." Terri said sadly.
"Okay, everyone. Time to clean up!" Mrs. Eisenhower said clapping her palms together.
Elise and Terri put their pencils and erasers in their pencil bag, then brought their papers to the front and handed them in.
"Listen, don't tell Erin about me liking Marilyn Manson, or any of the other bands I mentioned, please." Terri whispered to Elise on their way to the next class.
"Why?" Elise asked confused. "I mean, what's wrong with liking them?" Terri sighed, then looked around. "Well, it's hard to explain. I'll tell you at lunch today. Bye."
As Terri walked down the hall to catch up with Erin, Elise stood there, the crowd swiftly passing her.
Someone, for the first time in a long time, had wanted to eat lunch with her.

When lunch period came around, Elise went straight to her back table, as usual.
She sat down in the chair and opened her brown paper bag. She pulled out her turkey and cheese sandwich and took a bite. When she looked up, she saw Terri walking torwards her with a tray of food, and Erin behind her with a look of disgust and bordem on her face.
"Hey, Terri." Elise said. "Hey, what's up?" Terri asked as her and Erin sat down across from Elise. "Not much, just can't wait to get home." Elise answered. "Why?" Erin asked. Gonna slit your wrists?
"My mom's taking me shopping for this dance I'm going to tonight at my neighbor's school. He asked me out!" Elise bragged. "Someone asked you out?" Erin asked suprised. "Yeah, on Wednesday afternoon." Elise answered. "Cool. What's his name?" Terri asked excitedly. Elise blushed, "Joel." she mumbled.

"Oh my gosh, I can't beleive she got a date!" Erin said as her and Terri searched the shelves in the library during study hall.
"Shh!" Terri snapped. She stood up to eye level with Erin.
"You shouldn't judge people by their looks and by what bitchy Bridget says!" Terri whispered, then looked back at the shelf. She scrolled her finger across the binders of the books, looking for a certain author. "Whatever, I just don't know how you guys can comprehend." Erin said rolling her eyes, then grabbed her book off the shelf and left.
Terri rolled her eyes, then all of a sudden felt nerves build up in her stomach.

"Mom, I think it's to tight!" Elise whined as she looked at herself in the dressing room's mirror of DEB. "What size is it?" Ms. Anderson asked looking for the tag. "It's a two." Elise asnwered. "Okay, I'll go look for a three." Ms. Anderson said, then walked out of the dressing room.
When she came back, she had in her hand the same dress in a size three. "Okay, try this one on." she said handing it to Elise. Elise took it, then closed the door and changed into the dress. When she was done, she opened the door, and had her mother observe it. "How does it feel?" Ms. Anderson asked. "It feels fine, but I know these straps are too big." Elise explained. "Okay, I can fix those. Do you want to get it?" Ms. Anderson asked. Elise nodded excitedly. "Yes! Please!" she pleaded. Ms. Anderson chuckeled, "Okay, and you have shoes right?" she asked. "Yeah, and a necklace." Elise answered. "Okay, get into your clothes and we'll go." Ms. Anderson explained.
When they brought it up to the counter, Ms. Anderson pulled out her Visa Check Card and handed it to the woman. The total of the dress was $54.87.
Elise's eyebrows raised, and then felt bad for making her mom spend so much when their budget was $40.
The clerk handed the bag over and gave it to Elise. Elise thanked her, then left with her mom.

Later that night around six, Elise slipped into her new black, evening dress. It went down to her knees, and it had spaghetti straps.
Elise stared at her collar bones in the mirror, then put on her black choker necklace that had a white brooch hanging from it. She picked up her brush, and brushed through her hair. Then she grabbed her hair straightner and ran it through her black hair. She jammed her head to Fall Out Boy in the background. "This ain't a scene, it's a Goddam arms race!" Elise whispered as she sang to the song's chorus.
When she was done, she touched up her eyeliner, then slipped on her black ballet flats, turned off her radio, then left her room.
Elise walked down the hall then down the small staircase and waited by the door for Joel to come.
"There you are!" Ms. Anderson said coming into the room with her camera. "Let me get your picture!" Then she snapped a picture of Elise. "Mom! Wait 'till Joelgets here!" Elise giggled.
Then the doorbell rang behind Elise. She turned torward the door on her tiptoes, then opened the door to Joel.
Joel wore dress cakki pants, an untucked, blue flannel shirt, and his shag hair waved out. "Hey, Joel." Elise said. "Hey." he said back, then stepped in.
"Oh let me get your picture!" Ms. Anderson squeled as she entered the room.
Elise rolled her eyes, then placed her arm around Joel's waist, and smiled. Her mom took a few pictures, then let them go.
"Be back by ten-thirty!" Ms. Anderson shouted from the front door step as Joeland Elise walked down the street to the bus stop. "So how many friends do you have?" Elise asked as she looked up at him. He grabbed ahold of her hand, then answered "A few, there's Tom, who's the total player. There's Grant, the total book worm and captain of the basketball team, and Alison who's the rocker, like you." Elise nodded her head. "Cool, is Alison in a band?" she asked. "Yeah, I've been to a few of their gigs." Joel answered.
When they arrived at the school a few blocks down, the parking lot was almost packed, and students were hanging out in front. Joel and Elise approached a group of two guys and a girl on the front steps. "Hey,dude!" one of them said. "Hey you guys. This is Elise." Joel introduced to the group.
The girl in the group raised an eyebrow at Elise, then smiled. "So, you're the Elise Joel's been talking about." she said. "Yeah, are you Alison?" Elise asked. The girl nodded. She wore a red halter dress and her short brown hair waved out. "So where do you go to school?" Grant asked. "St. Elisabeth's, it's across town." Elise shortly answered. "Cool, do you play any sports?" he asked again. "Not really, but I do like to watch basketball." Elise answered. "Okay, let's go in. I'm ready to dance." Joel chuckeled, then led Elise inside the school's door.
"They seem nice, Joel." Elise said. "Yeah, they're cool." Joel replied, then led Elise into the gym.
The music was blasting from the speakers, other students were dancing in the middle of the gym, and lights were shining everywhere. Nelly Furtado's Maneater was blasting from the speaker, and everyone was dancing like her in the music video to it.
When the song ended, Hellogoodbye's Here In Your Arms came on. "Oh I love this song!" Joel chuckeled. "Let's dance!"
Joel led Elise onto the floor right as the chorus came on and they both jammed to it.
Elise's hair was flying everywhere as she shook her head from left to right, and Joel shook his head along with her.
From the side of the stage, Alison stood with the rest of her band. Alison kept her eyes on Elise and Joel's body language.
Joelseemed totally into Elise,and the same for Elise.
"Dude, she wants to know if we're ready." Alison's band member said. "Yeah, I'm ready." Alison said furious, then followed him onto the stage as the song ended.
Blair Wilkens from the dance commitee went onto the stage and grabbed the microphone.
"Welcome to this year's Fall Ball. Up next we have our own classmates' band. I give you, Lithium!" Blair announced. Then a large guitar stroke began to play as the lights on the stage dimmed. Alison began a weak moan, then as the guitar stroke grew louder, her voice grew higher in key.
Then, with a loud blast the guitar and drums came in and Alison began to do her head bang to the beat
After she jammed a bit, she stood straight up and grabbed ahold of the microphone as the guitar and drums silenced and the room was filled with Alison's voice. "As I walk through the valley of death,there's fallen angels at my feet, whispered voices in my ears, death before my eyes, lying next to me I fear." Then Alison let out a loud and hard scream, then began to do her head bang.
As Alison began to dance around the stage and sing, Elise and Joel went over to the small table full of punch and small snacks.
"You want anything?" Joel asked. Elise looked at the table, there was a large bowl filled with cherry punch, some chip bags, and a bowl filled with M&Ms.
"Well, do you?" Elise asked. Joel's lip pursed, then he looked at Elise. "Yeah." he chuckeled. Elise giggled, then led him over to the table.
They both got a cup of punch, and a small bowl of chips to share.
Then they walked over to a small table and sat down. Alison had the whole crowd jumping and rocking out to the beat, that even Elise wanted to just jump up and jam.
"She's good." Elise complimented. "Yeah, I tried to sing, I'm not good." Joel chuckeled, then took a bite of one of the Tostitos chips. "Do you play an instrument?" Elise asked, then took a sip of her punch. "Yeah, I play an accoustic guitar." Joel answered. "Cool, the last instrument I played was in the third grade when they made us play the recorder." Elise mentioned. "That's not bad, I mean, my mom wanted me to play the violin, but I'd rather play something that doesn't sqeek." Joel joked. "True." Elise said. The song ended, and Lithium left the stage as the dj began to play Good Charlotte's The River.
"Oh, let's dance. This song is awesome!" Elise said as she stood up and grabbed Joel's hand to pull him up. Joel got up, and followed Elise to the dance floor, then they began to dance.
Joel watched Elise jump up and down, her hair blowing in her face, but Elise didn't care.
Joel grabbed Elise's hand and twirled her around, then back. Alison walked in and saw Joel and Elise dancing again, and was really starting to get mad. She always thought that Joel would be hers, but it was clear now that he wasn't.

Around nine, Joel and Elise snuck out of the gym and walked around the school, alone.
"So, where are we going?" Elise whispered as they walked down the long and dark hallway. "You'll see." Joel answered back. Then he led her into a room, and through there, they went through another door, which led to the pool room. The light from the pool glistened on the ceiling, and the room smelled of clorine.
"Oh cool, your school has a pool?" Elise asked as they walked over to the edge of the pool. "Yeah, we have a swim team. Go Ravens!" Joel joked, then they both sat down.
Elise slipped her shoes off, then lightly dipped her feet into the pool; her black toenails glistening grey under the water.
Joel rolled his pants up to his knees, then took his shoes off also. "So, are you having fun?" he asked. Elise nodded, "Yeah, I haven't had this much fun in a long time." she said, then looked back down into the pool.
Joel kicked his foot lightly and splashed Elise's legs. "Hey!" Elise giggled, then kicked the water back. Then they both stood up, and knelt down and kept splashing each other; the water flying back and forth.
Then all of a sudden, one of the sides of Joel's pants slid down, and Joel tripped onto Elise, making them fall into the pool. Everything seemed to be in slow motion for both of them. The water hit their faces as they drifted down and down.
Elise opened her eyes, she saw Joel on top of her, holding his breath, looking straight down at her, then right out of no where, Elise leaned up and kissed Joel. Joel kissed her back, and then they hit the floor of the pool.
Elise really needed to breathe, but she couldn't just shove Joel out of the way to just breathe.
Elise felt her choker necklace begin to lighten around her neck, than it slipped away from her neck, and fell to the pool floor next to her.
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