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8.Meeting a stranger; what a deadly encounter

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Ashley moore "the prep" gets partnered with brendon Urie "the outcast" for a project in one of her classes.The project is you have to get to know the other person and write a 3 page essay on them. ...

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NOTE:This will be a short update! I know...i know...but i had to write something before my head was going to blow off. Don't laugh I'm serious/.I hope you enjoy this chapter and take as much as you can from it becuase the next one won't be anything like it. Can I say "sexual activities"/.Winks

I need atleast 4 reviews if you want another update!!!!!!

Ashley P.O.V

"California here we come" Kayla yelled as she stood in the sunroof.

"HELL yeah"Ryan said hitting her ass.

"Ouch" she screeched. He snickered to himself.

Here we were a couple of young adults having a good old fashion road trip! Nothing could make this trip go wrong.

"Oh is that my song" I listened close to the radio. "Turn it up"

Ryan turned the knob the right until the music was bassing.

"Hey hey you you I don't like your girlfriend. No way no way I think you need a new one. Hey hey you you I could be your girlfriend" I sang out loud.

I feel back on Brendons lap. I Let my smile be shown.

"Lay a big one on me daddy" I reached out my lips for his display to kiss.

He leaned in and laid his lips against mines and I held the back of his head. I slid open my mouth as I allowed his tongue to slid in. Our kiss was tender untill it started to become more involved. Brendon leaned back and I sat up. I faced him and as he began kissing my neck I looked towards the front. Ryan and Kayla were playing around. She had turned the wheel and we had swerved to the other lane. A four wheeler started to honk there horn.

I pushed Brendon and tried to grab the wheel, but all I saw were huge headlights in my way........

I sat up and I could feel sweat dripping off my forhead.

"Bad dream?" Brendon asked.

I shook my head yes. He was driving and I was in the passenger seat. He looked in the back . A smile was playing along his lips as he looked at me.

"What are you smiling about?" I asked.

"Uh...nothing" he sneered.

"Nothing right?" I looked in the back and Ryan and Kayla were sleeping. I smiled seductively as I lifted my body up just enough to reach under my skirt. I slid off my laced thong teasingly and laid it on the dashboard. Then I sat back.

He then put the car on cruise control and laid his hand on my thigh. I lifted and moved it between my legs. I closed them as he slid his index and middle finger inside of me. I threw my head back as a moan escaped my mouth. I bit my bottom lips as he began to slid in and out. I gripped onto to his hand. Licking my lips seductively I looked over at him who looked pretty worked up himself. I closed my eyes as my expressions began to intense. The pain was replaced with pleasure and I was enjoying every minute of this.


I had came to my peak and he had moved his hand. I feel back as I was still regaining myself after that erotica moment.

"Yeah you'll defiantly need to wash your hands" I blurted out.

"After all that and I get a 'you need to wash your hands' " he mocked.

"It was good" I said exhaling heavily.

"Well that's better....but I need to really wash my hands" he whined as he examined his hand with the most disgusted look.

--------A long road trip indeed. 2 days in counting. Today would be the 3rd----------

"Are we there yet?" I asked lightly kicking the back of the drivers seat.

"Were here" Kayla answered pulling into a gas station.

"Why are we stopping?" I asked looking out the window.

"Because we need gass" Kayla sighed.

"And refreshments" Brendon added jumping out the car.

"Oh" I yawned, Since I was just coming out a deep sleep.

Brendon P.O.V

"Want anything?" I asked Kayla and Ryan.

"I want a soda" she squinted her eyes as her hand laid on the top of her forward to block the sun.

"What kind?"


"Alright and you Ryan" I said facing his direction.

"A bottle water" he said


Ashley P.O.V

The door on Brendons side was wide open but he peeked his head in.

"Want to come in with me?" he asked.

"Sure" I said crawling over to get out on his side.

He grabbed my hand to lift me out and held me by my waist as soon as I landed both feet on the ground. He walked close behind me clenching on tight. Planting kisses on my cheek. I smiled to be so proud of how good I had it.

Kayla P.O.V

I was leaning on the car while ryan pumped the gas.

"I can't wait to get to the hotel. You know the ocean is right by it?"

He shook his head yes.

"I can't wait to lay out in the sand and then later swim in the cool waters"

"Well I can't wait to seee the hot chicks that will be there"

I leaned off the car and crossed my arms.

"Just kidding" he said coming up to grab my hands. " I So can't wait to see you in your bikini"

"Orly now?" I arched an eyebrow.


"Well how about I put it on now" I smirked.

"Seriously" he was getting excited.

I smiled and then my expession turned dull.

"No" I said letting go of his hands and got into the car.

"I love you" he said peeking in the car.

"I love you so much" it was sarcastically said.

"Fine" he said pouting.

Ashely P.O.V

I looked outside and Ashley getting in the car. I'm guessing ryan said something wrong. I laughed to myself as I grabbed a bottle of water and 2 cokes. I walked to the bathroom because Brendon was in there. I bange don't he door.

"Hey shitlock..what do you want because I'm about to pay?"

"I'm not shitting" he said coldly.

"Okay but what do you want?" I asked again.

"Water and gummy bears" he said almost innocently.

"Okay" I shouted through the door.

I had turned around and a guy was standing right behind me. I had jumped a little because he had caught me off guard.

"You scared me?" I said using my free hand to lay it on my chest.

He just stood there and looked at me.

"Yeah I'll just leave" I mumbled but loud enough so he could hear.
As I tried walking to the right he stepped in front fo me.

"Move you fucking prevert" I scolded.

He grabbed my arm and try leading me out the back door but I struggled to get free.

"LET GO OF ME" I said getting loose but droping my drinks and falling on my ass. The bathroom door opened and the guy ran off. I stood up and Brendon walked up to me.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Nothing..lets just get the stuff and go" I continued to look at the door and trying to take in what just happened.

We grabbed the stuff and paid for it at the counter. We left the store and jumped in the car. We gave ryan his bottle and Kayla her coke.

"Ready you guys" Ryan said from the drivers seat.

"I have my gummy bears..I'm defiantly ready" Brendon said like a little kid getting a new action figure.

"Its fun in the sun time" Kayla said after taking sip of her pepsi. I smirked at her comment.

"Were off" Ryan announced.

I looked out the window and the same guy was standing across the street looking directly at me.

"Yay! California" I whispered to myself sarcastically. What was this creep trying to tell me. I don't know but I didn't want to find out.
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