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9.What happens in California means Las vegas kids were involved

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"Truth or dare?" her words slurred as Kayla asked me this. "Um...dare" I said overly excited falling over. "I dare you to run out naked in the hallway" "Piece of cake" I said standing up.

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A long and interesting chapter, if i may say so myself! Not much to say just read it for yourself! Enjoy:)

/I need atleast 4 reviews if you want another chapter/

Kayla P.O.V

We had finally arrived at the hotel. We checked in and went to our room. We only got one room that had 2 beds in it. Obviously I'd share a bed with Ryan and Ashley with Brendon.


I dropped my bags on the floor and began to massage my shoulder.

"Ouch"I screeched.

"I don't think it'd hurt as much if you wouldn't pack your whole closet" Ryan mocked.

"Paradise" Ashley jumped on the bed laying flat on her back.

Brendon had crawled between her legs and held them up. She giggle excitedly.

"Okay who's up for swimming" I called digging in my bag for my swimsuit.

"Oh me!" Ashley yelled from the bed.

"Then quit getting humped and put on your swimsuit"

She was trying to crawl away but Brendon preceded to grab her by her waist and lay on top of her.

"Let me go" she whined.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I want to go swimming" her voice turned all innocent.

"Okay" he smiled getting from off of her.


"How do I look?" Ashley said examing her body in her bikini.

"Nice and me?"


We picked up our sunglasses and laid them on top of our head. For style and to block the sun.

"Whats that sound?" Ashley struggled to figure what it was.

It was a loud smacking.

"Oh lord" I sighed.

We walked out the bathroom doors and there was Ryan and Brendon in a speedo. They were hitting each others asses. Ashley and I burst out laughing.

"You can't be serious" I laughed.

"Yeah were serious" Brendon said standing in a heroic pose.
"We look good" Ryan was nodding his head as the words came out his mouth.

"I'm not claiming you as my boyfriend if you go out there like that" Ashley warned

"Why not?" he said walking up to her with his arms out. He grabbed her and picked her up.

"That's just not normal" she shrieked.

"But I have an ass" he let her go so he could turn around and bend over hitting his ass.

"Its just weird" I agreed.

"No likey?" Ryan said coming up to me.

"Um...I guess it looks good..but you have no butt sweetie" I said turning him around.

"I wasn't blessed with the apple bottom" he said innocently.

"Awww" I said giving him a hug.

Ashely P.O.V

I stood crossing my arms.

"Its embarrassing" I added.

"Okay I'll put on some trunks" he sighed.

"Now you make me feel bad"

"You should" he waved his finger at me.

I looked over at Kayla.

"I didn't say anything. Ryan can wear his" she said at the glance I was giving her.

"Are you serious? I'm so not wearing mines" ryan said grabbing his trunks off the bed.

"Yeah I wasn't going to wear mines. We were just fucking with yall" Brendon informed.

My jaw dropped as I looked at Kayla.

"And you had us feeling bad" she huffed.

"I know" I fully agreed.

"You'll get over it" The boys said in unison.


"It looks so good out here" I said.

"Yeah it's really crowded" Kayla informed.

"Lets lay our towels and stuff there" ryan pointed out a spot.

Walking to the spot we laid our stuff down.

"So what are you ladies going to do?" Brendon asked.

"Were going to lay on the towels" I answered for the both of us.

"Well were going to take a swim in that ocean over there" Ryan said.

"Okay. Don't go to far, I'd hate for you to get killed by a shark" Kayla informed.

"I'll take that shark down with these guns" Brendon said flexing and kissing his arms.

"Yeah you do that" I laughed.

Brendon and Ryan then ran off.

I laid on a towel and Kayla laid on her towel. We laid on our backs but our forearms keeping us lifted a few inches from the ground. My left ankle laid over my right and I laid absorbing the California sun. That was probably going to have me baked in a few. I looked out into the ocean and saw Brendon and Ryan splashing around.

"There like 2year olds or something" I laughed.

"Then does that make us molester's?"

We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Do you see the girls?" I minched.

"Yeah there gorgeous" Kayla answered.

"Us vegas girls aren't anything compared to these California girls" I huffed.

"Hey don't go all self-conscious on me now" she warned.

"I'm not . I was just saying"

"Were beautiful girls with the most hottest boyfriends ever. So just sit back and breathe in the ocean breeze. Abosorb the California sun and this may sound wrong, but its not bad to look"

"At what?"

"Guys! Duh!"

"I prefer not to"

"But its California guys" she squealed.

"Nope. Like you said we have the...." she interrupted me.

"Look at the Brendon and Ryan..."

I looked at them and they were talking to these two girls in the water.

"Are you serious?" I huffed.

"Just chill. If there true to us they'll point us out to them" Kayla reassured.

"You better be right" I said crossing my arms.

Brendon P.O.V

"Oh god did you see the girls on this beach" I sighed.

"I know" ryan agreed.

"Its hot" I said wiping my forehead.

"Maybe because I'm out here" ryan joked.

"That was the funniest joke I've ever heard you say" I snickered.

"You're a cock Brendon. You know that?"

"I have one and his name is Chauncey"

"Yeah that's gay name"

"Be quite" I hissed at Ryan. "Don't talk like that around him. Its okay Chauncey ryan didn't mean it" I said petting my crotch. "He's going to say sorry, aren't you ryan?"

"Dude I'm not saying sorry to your crotch"

"Do it"





"Okay you made me do this" I tackled him in the water.

"Excuse me" I heard voice say.

We rised up from the water. After wiping my eyes to get a clear vision. I saw the girls. One was a blonde with some brown highlights. Her eyes were a blue greenish, She had a belly ring and her bottom lip was pierced on the left side. She had on a bikini and her body looked evenly tanned. The other girl had black hair. Her tan was darker then the other ones. She had on a bikini also. Her eyes were green. Her eyebrow was pierced and so was her stomach.

"Yes we were wondering what you hotties are planning on doing tonight?" the blonde one asked.

Ryan and mines jaw had dropped.

"Oh my bad. I'm stacy and this is my friend Rebecca" Stacy said.

Rebecca gave us a small short shy wave.

"I'm Brendon"

"I'm ryan"

Grins were played on our faces.

"Well..." stacy said.

"We have girlfriends" I said.

"Oh you do" Stacy replied.

"Well ditch them and hang with us" Rebecca suggested.

"We can't but we'd love to" Ryan said glancing at me.

I looked to see what Kayla and Ashley were doing and they were staring at us. I nudged Ryan and leaned towards his ear.

"There looking" I leaned out and looked at the girls in front of us.

"Well there goes our girlfriends" Ryan said pointing them out.

"Yeah the one on the right is mines" I minched.

"Nice to know" Rebecca said with attitude while looking at stacy.

"You could do way better" Stacy laughed as the two girls walked off.

I looked at Ryan.

"How do you feel about now?"

"Dude did you realize we rejected girls instead of girls rejecting us" ryan said overly excited.

"Yeah your right" I said.

"We earned major cool points for pointing them out. You know how girls when they see there guys around other females" Ryan said.

"Yeah a catfight....But I think I would of enjoyed it"

"Race you" he said diving into the water.

"Not this time" I said swimming after him.

Ashley P.O.V

"Were so going to Disneyland tomorrow" I said laying out on the bed.

"Yep we sure are" Brendon said kissing along my neck.

"Disneyland sounds fun...but I'm hungry" Ryan sighed.

Just then we heard the door open. It was kayla.

"Where have you been?" I asked.

"I just went to go hook up with this guy next door and then there was the guy in the elevator and then..." she stopped when she saw Ryan's face.

"Funny" he said sarcastically.

"Dude Disneyland tomorrow" I told her.

"Cool" she said.

"So now what..." Brendon asked,

"Lets play truth or dare" she suggested.

"That game is so middle school and plus it's boring" Brendon whined.

"Not when booze is involved" she pulled out a bottle of vodka from under her towel she had wrapped around her body,

"Sweet" Brendon said.

I jumped off the bed and ran up to her. I grabbed the bottle that was full.

"Where did you get this?" I asked.

"For me to know and for you to think about" she teased.

Ryan came up and held her by her waist.

"Theres more where that came from in my bag" she added going into kiss Ryan.

"You alcoholic " I teased.

She smiled innocently.


"Truth or dare?" Ryan asked Kayla

"Dare" she answered.

"I dare you to make out with Ashley" he said dragging his words out.

"No problem" we leaned in at the same time colliding our lips together. We held the beck of each others head and started to kiss very sloppy. Then she grabbed my boob. I started laughing as I feel back.

"Truth or dare?" her words slurred as Kayla asked me this.

"Um...dare" I said overly excited falling over.

"I dare you to run out naked in the hallway"

"Piece of cake" I said standing up. I almost fell but Brendon broke my fall. I stood up undoing my bikini top and then sliding off my bottoms. I used my right forearm to lay on top of my boobs and my left hand to cover my crotch.

"Ryan calm down" I said.

Everyone started laughing.

"lets go" Kyala said jumping up.

We all peeked our heads out the door.

"Ready?" Brendon asked.

"Born for this" I said walking out in the hallway. I looked both ways and then started jumping around. "LOOK AT ME IM NAKED" I yelled Out.

"You can't..yell" Ryan slurred.

"Fuck you" I hissed walking in my own little circle.

"When?" he joked.

We all burst out laughing. I then ran down the hall both ways. I was running and yelling like a crazy woman with her head chopped off. I could hear the guys snickers from the room. I walked back to the room and we shut the door behind us.

We sat in a little circle and preceded with the game.

"Truth or dare?" I asked Kayla.

"Dare" she answered.

"I dare you to chug down that bottle of vodka"

"You bitch" she smiled grabbing the bottle. It was half full and she took a big gulp before laying the rim of the bottle on her lips.

"CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG...." Brendon, ryan and I were cheering her on.

About 3 minutes later she was done. We all clapped for her. We then heard a knock at the door.

"I'll get it" Ryan said jumping up. He answered the door and it was room service.

'This when this gets interesting' I'm pretty sure we all thinking that. Since we were drunk and possibly horney.

"Man I'm hungry" ryan said eating chocalate cake.

"Truth or dare?" Brendon asked ryan.

"Dare of course" he said with his mouth full.

"I dare you to suck Kayla toes" he laughed.

"Are you serious?" he asked.

"What are you trying to say about my feet" Kayla huffed.

"I was joking" he smiled.

"But add some whip cream on them" I added.

Kayla sat on the bed and lifted up her leg wiggling her toes. I sprayed some whip cream over her toes. Ryan got on his knees in front of her and started sucking her toes.

"Gross" I laughed.

"It tickles" Kayla smiled.

"Done" ryan called standing up licking the left over whip cream he had around his mouth.

"Okay this may sound weird but lets have a foursome" Kayla yelled out.

"That was random" I said.

"Not a bad idea" Brendon agreed

"Okay I'm up for it" ryan smiled.

This could not be happening. I wasn't drunk enough for this.

"Kayla come here" I said pulling her into the bathroom.

I closed the door and leaned her against it.

"Do you really want to have a foursome?"

"I did offer it" she laughed. I just looked at her. "Are you scared or something?" she asked.

"No" I scuffed.

"Is there something your not telling me?"

'just that I'm virgin'

"No..I was just asking because it was just out of the ordinary" I laughed.

"Oh then. Lets go out there and have some fun" she said grabbing my arm and dragging me outside.

I was going to be losing my virginity due to pressure. I didn't want them to think different of me if they found out about it. I'm guessing this couldn't be that bad!

As we walked out into the room she took off her bikini and ran up to Ryan. Then they jumped on the bed and started going at it. I grabbed a bottle or rum and began chugging it down. Then I walked up to Brendon and our lips clashed together. Tasting the liquor off each others breathe. He took off his trunks and we laid next to ryan and Kayla. He got between my legs and penetrated inside of me.

Not to go into details but lets just say this was a pretty crazy exotic night. Not to Minchin no food went to waist.
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