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10. Close your legs now so theres no chance of them opening again

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"Last night was fun" she smiled. "Yeah it was" I said trying to stand up. "Whats wrong?" she asked. "Well my vagina and asshole are in pain" I answered

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Ashley P.O.V

I sat up on my bed as I was woken up by a groan. I looked over and saw Kayla laying on the bed by herself. I couldn't see Brendon or Ryan. They weren't in site.

"My head hurts" she whined.

"Well I'm sore...all over" I groaned.

"Where's Ryan?" she asked.

"Hell if I know"


"Last night was fun" she smiled.

"Yeah it was" I said trying to stand up.

"Whats wrong?" she asked.

"Well my vagina and asshole are in pain" I answered

"Well my jaws are sore and my head hurts"

"I know its way too late for this but did you like even think to wonder why I made sure you really wanted to have foursome?"

"Well I thought you were a virgin for a minute...but..." she laughed.

I turned my head to look at her.

"Maybe because I was"

Kayla jumped up and sat on the bed by me.

"Why didn't you tell?"

"Because..I don't know...maybe I kind of wanted to and you were going to do it"

"Don't ever feel like because I'm doing something you have to" she lightly hit me on my arm.

"I can't believe I did it"

"Well the only reason I assumed you weren't because you were with josh before"

"Me and him never did anything" I reassured.

"So did it hurt?" she asked.

"Like hell" I emphasized.

"Well it'll get better as you continue to do it"

"That's the last thing I'm worried about"

"Your going to be walking funny. You know that?" she reassured.

"Yay! or me" I said sarcastically.

Kayla P.O.V

"I wonder where the boys went?" I asked.

"Maybe they went to a confessional" Ashley joked.

"ha ha" I said walking towards the door. "No note anywhere?" I questioned myself.

"Ouch" Ashley said finally standing up.

"Do you feel like a woman already" I smiled.

"That's not funny" she scolded.

"Lets get dressed" I said helping her out.


"Okay how does my walking look now"she said as we entered the lobby.

"Do you want the truth or lie"


"Okay your walking like a penguin with his legs separated for the first time"

"Well I did lose my virginity and take it up the ass the other night if you forgot" she snapped.

"Your so cranky" I teased.

"No I'm not" she pouted.

"Well I'm going to go ask the front desk guy if he's seen them"

"I'm going to sit right here and wait" she said slowly sitting down and then leaning back on the seat.

"Better?" I asked.

"Yes" she smiled.

I walked up to the front desk and I tapped the little bell. the guy came to my immediate services.

"How may I help you?" he asked sincerely.

"Well I was wondering did you see our boyfriends leave the hotel anytime this morning?"

"Oh yes I did" he just stood there.


"Oh they checked out. They told me to tell you. 'thanks for everything but they needed to go out and find someone new to play with' "

"You can't be serious?" I asked.

"You forgot to say and to not worry about us" Brendon popped up right beside the guy.

"And you also forgot to say that I hope you girls have fun sleeping in" ryan said popping up on the other side of the guy.

"You son of a bitches" I huffed.

They both jumped from over the counter. Ryan laid his arm around my shoulder.

"Why would you make me worry about you like that?"

"Just testing how much you care about me"

"What grade would you give me?"

"I'd say in A+" he said going in to kiss me.

Ashley P.O.V

Brendon came over and sat on my lap.

"Ouch" I shrieked.

He jumped off my lap and got one one knee in front of me.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing" I smiled.

"You sure?" he asked curiously

'just that I was a virgin doing it for the first time last night and now I'm sore'

"No. I'm okay" I said getting in but holding in my whines.

"Ready" I called out to ryan and Kayla who were having a make-out session.

"Yeah" Kayla said leaning out the kiss.
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