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chapter 1

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Jessica is Gerard ways Daughter but what happens when she becomes Friends With Spencer Smith? I know i suck at summeries

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A/N:-:OK I really suck at writing stories so plz tell me if you like it!

"Dad ! do i have to go to your show!"I pleaded. He nodded, I always had to go to MCR's shows but I mean its no fair. I would like to go see... FOB or P!ATD. My dad always hated me for not liking his band. I do I really do its just I'm so used to them. I get really tired of them and Fast. I walked up to my room and called my bff.

"Hello?"He said.

"Hey Hunter. My dad said I have to go to the concert tonight! I mean Most dads don't want their teenage girls going to a concert. Especially when their gonna be around the band!"I yelled. Hunter laughed."Well I'm not happy. I don't get why he doesn't care when I'm not happy. It just makes me more depressed. It makes me want to cut more. But i cant i promised that I would stop and I have never broken a promise in my life. OOO and guess what. Every girl in the world is gonna be happy. DAD AND ELIZA ARE SPLITTING UP!"I yelled. I heard someone walk in. I turned around and saw my dad. I smiled. I looked at his hand and saw some thing.

"Hey Jess i gotta go love yas."He said

"By hunty I love you too."I said while hanging up. My dad looked at me.

"Here you go."He said while handing me tickets. I figured that they were MCR tickets. I looked at them and screamed. I started jumping up and down.

"I LOVE YOU DADDY!"I yelled. He shook his head.

"Don't thank me thank Frankie."He said pointing at the door. I smiled and ran over to him hugging him tightly. He smiled.

"I knew that PANIC! were your second favorite band to us."Frank said.

"Stop flattering yourself uncle Frankie."I said . I looked at the tickets and sighed.

"DONT CALL ME UNCLE! OK i just met you. We just put this band together. so I barely even know you." Frankie said. He looked at my desk then went through my diary."like I like love like Spencer like smith like totally!"Frank said in a valley girl voice. I laughed.

"Shut up who cares if I like Spencer. He is hot. And I'm excited that I'm gonna go see them tonight."I said looking at him. He smiled. "WHAT?"I asked. He shook his head. He got up and sat next to me. I looked at him. He leaned in and kissed my lips. I pulled away as soon as i heard the door open. I looked up and saw...

"Gerard I can Explain"Frank said. I nodded. "its not what it looks like."He said again. I nodded. Then I realized I was wrapped around frank I pulled away and coughed. Dad Ran out of the room.

"Get Out."I whispered. Frank Nodded and Walked out. It was 8:00. I had to be there at ten so left after Frank Left my room. I jumped into my car and drove to the venue. It was packed. I smiled and realized Frankie got back stage passes. I walked up to the guard and showed him my Ticket. He nodded and I entered the Dressing room. I looked around and sat on a couch. Someone came up to me.

"Aren't you Gerard Way's Kid?"He asked. I looked up and saw Brendon Urie. I nodded and looked back down. I played with my ring that i had on my finger. It was my moms. She died while giving birth to me. I was gazing into the Beautiful black diamond and I felt like someone was staring at me. I looked up and Realized not only one person but 4. I smiled and looked at all of them. The first one looking at me was Brendon Urie. He was frowning. Next Was Jon Walker. He was frowning to. After him was Ryan and he was frowning to. I looked at the last person. There he was my crush for like ever. Or ever since the band started, was standing in front of me. He was smiling. He kinda creeped me out. But i finally realized why he was smiling. My shirt.

"I like your shirt. 'Mrs Smith' Nice ring to it."He said. I loved his deep powerful voice. I smiled and Nodded.

"I'm Jessica, Jessi--"
"Jessica Way" Spencer said. I smiled and nodded again. WOW he was just beautiful.

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