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chapter 2

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Jessica is Gerard ways Daughter but what happens when she becomes Friends With Spencer Smith? I know i suck at summeries

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"Yep That's me Jessica Way!. Yippee!"I said sarcastically. Spencer's Smile turned to a frown. He looked at me with sympathy. I smiled.

"You don't like being Gerard Ways Daughter?" Spencer asked. I shook my head. Tears were threatening to come down My face.

"No I hate being Gerard Fucking Way's Kid, Especially when My moms dead, The paparazzi are all up in your business and love life if I'm even allowed to have one, You get sick of their music fast, You cant go anywhere without a bodyguard or the thought of being Killed, Attacked, Asked for and autograph, Given dirty looks, Guys checking you out, Being raped or anything else. Get the point?"I said. He nodded. Everyone gave me a sympathetic look. They all smiled.

"We understand completely." Jon said. I smiled and A tear rolled down my cheek. I smiled and wiped it away.

"10 MINUTES!"I heard the stage manager call out. Spencer walked out and got the drum set all ready, The sound techs got The guitars and The bass ready. This was not at all new to me. I pretty much new everything about getting the stage ready. I'm actually going on The Taste of Chaos tour plus The Warped Tour too. I'm going to be working with the bands and getting the lights, instruments, Mic's and the other stuff ready. They started to play their first song. I smiled and sang along. Soon came the end and Brendon started to sing. His voice was beautiful, So was he. But I adored the way Spencer could play the drums.

"Thank You And Goodnight!"Brendon said into the Mic.The dancers and the guys walked backstage. They smiled and sat down.

"EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW GO SHOWER! YOU REAK!" I yelled jumping up from the couch that was backstage. They all Laughed.

"I CALL FIRST SHOWER!"Spencer yelled. I laughed.

"Actually, Bert McCracken said you all shower together!"I said

"EWW no way! next time I see Bert he is dead meat!" Ryan Yelled.

"AWW Man there goes those fantasies." I said looking down and pouting like a six year old. They all laughed and grabbed a Water bottle. Jon was on his third, Brendon was on his fifth and Ryan was on his second.

"Ryan how can you stay hydrated?" I asked him. He smiled.

"That's for me to know and you not to."He said. I smiled and laughed. "Lets go party after the showers" He added. I smiled so did Jon and Brendon. We all nodded.

"COOL were gonna par-tay!!!!" Brendon yelled.

4 Hours later

"You guys take long ass showers." I said walking out of the venue.

"You better believe it! Once I took a 5 Hour shower." Spencer said. I smiled And walked into a club.

"I'm gonna go get a drink You want one?" I asked everyone. They all nodded and came with me.

"Hi I would like an Apple Martini." I said to the bartender. She smiled and nodded. The guys ordered their drinks and we went to the V.I.P section.

"I'm gonna go dance who wants to come?" I asked after 3 drinks and 5 shots later. They all stood up and took me out to the dance floor. We all danced until my phone vibrated.

JESSICA where the fuck r u !

I text him back

I'm at a club I'll Be home soon enough!

"Hey guys my dads freaking out. I gotta go." I said walking away. I waited for a Taxi.


"Dads I'm Shome!" I slurred. I walked up to my room and passed out on my bed. I dreamt that I slept with Spencer.


"Jessica what is this?" My dad asked. I looked at the magazines. Jessica Ways Wild Night Out At The Disco! On the cover of SPIN, Kerrang, Revolver, AP, AMP, J14 any mag you can think of. Plus N.Y.T(new York Times). 'I'm in deep shit now.' I thought to myself.

A/N: I'm not happy with this chapter. I might re-write it later
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