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chapter 3

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Jessica is Gerard ways Daughter but what happens when she becomes Friends With Spencer Smith? I know i suck at summaries

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"Umm well I kinda went to a nightclub last night." I said while taking aspirin out of the cupboard. He shook his head. I was not afraid of being grounded or anything because my dad did not know how to do that shit. He just said i was not allowed to go to his shows.

"Jessica im very Mad at you. But i still cant be mad at you 'cause I was like that when I was younger. But it wasnt in the tabloids. For godssake jessica your 17 years old! you have to be more careful. I dont want you making the same mistakes that I did." He said while eating cereal. I smiled and Shook my head.

" Dad you really suck at those lectures." I said. " And just to let you know I realize that im 17 that would be like me saying your 32*. OMG IM LIKE LINDSEY LOHAN!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled. My Dad laughed. I rolled my eyes and walked up to my room.

:: ring :: ring ::

"I'll Get it!" I yelled. I picked up the phone clumsily.

" Chello!?" I said into the phone.

" Umm Jessica I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with the guys and I tonight." He said. I smiled.

"Sure. Mind if i invite some friends?" I asked.

" No. Just make sure you wear something umm well warm." He said. I nodded then realised that i was on the phone.

" Ok um where do you wanna meet?" I asked.

" The corner of 4th and fremont street." He said. I just laughed. "what do you think Ryan made those streets up?" He asked.

" Yes. Well I will see you there." I said.

" Bye. " He said

" Bye " I said back. I hung up and ran downstairs.


" WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT?" He asked. I smiled and put on my puppy dog face. I hoped he said yes. If he did then I would have to call Kels, Kar, and Michelle. God I hoped he said yes.

" Can I hang out with Spencer, Jon, Brendon, Ryan, Kelsey, Karli, and Michelle tonight?" I asked in one breath. ' hes gonna say no hes gonna say no.' I thought to myself. I was to busy thinking that i totaly blanked and didn't hear the answer.

"PLEASE!!! I promise no drinking or smoking... Well I cant promise that but oh well. But please?" I begged. I saw him make a confused face. I smiled and Made puppy-dog eyes. He smiled and Nodded. I jumped up and hugged him. I ran upstairs and Got ready. I wore my skinny jeans, my PANIC! shirt, my vans, and my Gigantic sweater. I called Kels, Kar, And Michelle and Told them to come over and to dress warm.

A/N: OK REVIEW!PLZ IT WILL TAKE 20 SECONDS! * Gerard Way is 30 but I wanted to be 17 so I made him 2 years older.
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