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What else is there to do?

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Mikey and Mel have known each other forever. Can one day change what they think of each other? And will it change to something more?

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A/N: OK BEFORE YOU READ. Personal disclaimer. I WAS NOT HIGH/ON MEDICATIONS/DRUNK/IN AN ALTERED STATE OF MIND WHILE WRITING THIS. OK. Continue on. You'll see why. Oh and this one's sorta jumpy.

Mikey's POV

As soon as I saw her sitting up in her bed, I went to her side. I held her and kissed her. "Oh, Mel. I was so worried."

"Mikey." I kissed her again. "Mikey!" I stopped at the urgency in her voice. "Mikey, something's wrong," she said barely above a whisper, her voice shaking. I became scared.

"What is it? I'll make it better. Just tell me. I don't like seeing you like this," I whispered back. I could not show her how terrified I was. Her eyes filled with tears as she shook her head.

"No, Mikey, you don't understand. I-" she stopped as the tears spilled down her cheeks. "You can't stay here. They're going to find out and come after you. All of you." What now?

"What are you talking about? No one's out to get us. Everything's going to be OK," I whispered soothingly, stroking her hair.

"NO! That's what everyone wants you to believe. I love you, but please don't do this. Don't stay. Just take the guys and leave. Go somewhere where they can't get you." Who was she talking about?

"Mel, I don't understand," I whispered, trying desperately to cling onto the thread of her words but failing miserably.

"They haven't told you yet?"


Frank's POV

OK, so I was pissed at the man who called himself a doctor in front of me. But I still wanted to know what was wrong. Mel was like my little sister. I couldn't lose her.

"So you're saying that they actually exist?" Gerard was asking incredulously. I just shook my head. How could he believe this?

"Yes. I know you don't believe me, but don't wait around for them to get you. They're coming through her. She's special for some reason to them. They are going to haunt you until you join them." I scoffed, earning glares. Were they actually believing this?

"I don't understand. You can't just up and say that paranormal beings are coming into our world from theirs through Mel and expect me to believe it," I said. Maxwell sighed. He had given up all pretense of being an actual doctor ages ago.

"I know. I wish I had proof of their existence, but if I did, they'd attack you. That's what's happening to Mel. She lost her voice and consciousness because it was the first actual group to come through. Now that they know she'll live through their passages, they'll come more frequently. She could die. They're trying to get to someone near her, that's what we've figured out. That's why it took so long. We didn't know for sure. This is rare, and I'm the only one on the staff trained in this special area. So please just believe me and get the hell away from her."

"What?!" we all exploded at the same time.

"You cannot just tell us to leave our best friend and little sister to do this all by herself," Bob said. Maxwell rubbed his eyes and sighed again.

"Fine. Things are just going to pass through her body. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons, you name it. Any kind of strange thing you can imagine is going to come out of her invisibly, then gain form after it's long gone. They come through in groups when they have a strong human portal. But whenever she shivers or coughs or sneezes uncontrollably, a single one will pass through. She'll have far worse episodes than this. She could die from all of these passages."

"She'll die without us here," Gerard said. "She told me that some days she doesn't feel like she can make it, but she does because of us. She said she didn't know what she'd do if she didn't have us. If we left her now, she'd die. I know it. Especially if Mikey left her. If Mikey had to leave her, he'd die too. They'd both be gone, and where would that leave us? We'd have lost our brother and sister, two best friends."

"But she's going to be in so much pain! Do you not comprehend how intense this situation is? This isn't a bad dream that you can wake up from or a story that ends happily! This is real life! And I'm telling you that if you don't let her go, you will all be dead!" Maxwell was losing his patience.

"We can't just leave her! She's my own flesh and blood! She's my baby sister! I've taken care of her since we were little! I can't abandon her," Ray said. He was so close to breaking down.

"What else is there to do?"

A/N: OK so there's still a plot twist coming up. Definitely not what you're expecting. Reviews are needed and PLEASE DON'T HATE ME :)
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