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You really like the words 'plan of action', don't you?

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Mikey and Mel have known each other forever. Can one day change what they think of each other? And will it change to something more?

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Mikey's POV

"OK." I said, still holding onto Mel's hand.

"You mean, you believe me?" she asked increduously. I nodded.

"Now, seriously, what can I do to help?" I asked. She shook her head. "No. I want to help you. I'll never let them get you. I'll fight them all off just for you. I want to do something. Just tell me what," I said desperately. I couldn't leave her. She smiled, tears in her eyes.

"That's why I love you. But there is really nothing you can do except stay away from me. If you got hurt...I don't know what I'd do. I'd be so angry with myself. So please just leave," she said, looking away.

"No. I can't just leave you," I started. I was interrupted by the guys all coming into Mel's room.

"How are you, Mel?" Ray asked. She tried to smile and nodded her head.

"Good," Frank said. "Now, what's our plan of action?" he asked. Mel's eyes widened as she looked at him.

"No, Frankie! You guys are going to leave and get yourselves as far away from me as you possibly can. You aren't going to worry about me, and you aren't going to do anything. You're going to leave and get yourselves out of danger," she said. Bob smiled.

"Sorry, sweets, but that just ain't happening," he said.

"Yeah, you're one of us," Gerard said. "You can't expect us to leave you here all alone. Imagine if it was Mikey in your place. What would you do?" he asked. She shook her head.

"No, this is different. I'm not Mikey. I'm me. And so now you're gonna do what I tell you to, aren't you, big brother?" she said, appealing to Ray.

"That's exactly why. We're all a family, and we all take care of each other. So we're staying," Ray said. Mel closed her eyes.

"Do you know how bad I would feel if anything happened to any of you? I'd feel horrible because it would be all my fault. If you leave, sure, I'll be alone, but I won't be a threat to you anymore," she said softly. I squeezed her hand.

"I don't care. I'm staying because I love you, and I can't bear to be away from you," I whispered to her. Somehow the entire room managed to hear.

"I'm staying too," Ray said. "You're my little sister. Besides, Mom would kill me if I let you go," he joked.

"You're my best friend. Of course I'm staying," Gerard said.

"I'm your munchkin. How could you go on without this lovable Frankie?" Frank asked, drawing a small smile from her.

"Well, since I don't want to leave and be a loner, I'll stay too. You're not all that bad," Bob said with a smile. Mel hit him playfully.

"So, now that we've gotten that out of the way, what's our plan of action?" Frank asked again. Mel laughed.

"You really like the words 'plan of action', don't you?" she teased. We all sighed in relief.

Our Mel was back.
A/N: So I've decided to end this thing in a few chapters. Plot twist still coming up.

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