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"Michael Way, you're dead."

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And now the weird stuff starts happening.

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Mikey's POV

Much to Maxwell's dismay, we checked Mel out of the hospital. Bob went online and found some stuff about making a safe haven for Mel. We decided to make the haven at Gerard and my house seeing as it was pretty close to a church, and that had to count as some sort of bonus points, right?

"OK, I say we get the stuff that we'll need and kind of set up around the house for the day. It's bound to take a while with everything that Bob found," Ray said. We shrugged and agreed. Bob, Frank, and I were the ones sent to go shopping, much to Mel's dismay as well as mine. I was hoping to spend the day comforting her, but it was probably a better idea to make her as safe as possible.

Frank was weird in the stores, as usual, causing people to get a bit annoyed. But it wasn't Frank's usual degree of lunacy. Usually, he'd be running around the store or sitting in a cart loudly refusing to get out. But that day he only messed up other people's carts instead of going totally ape shit on us.

Bob was similarly not himself. Instead of trying to control Frank, he watched the list and the ground in front of him, almost like he was in a daze. I got all the stuff on the list seeing as I was the only one paying attention and we made our way home. We didn't talk at all, each of us absorbed in our own minds.

I was thinking of how much this had to be my fault. I mean, if I hadn't been hanging around her so much, maybe none of this would've happened. Maybe it was me they were after. Being close to her put everyone in danger. But I just couldn't let her go through this alone, and I wasn't about ready to go on the run from something sinister and be separated from her. Because I really was in love with her, and I didn't want to leave her. Ever. And I really was scared, not only for her, but for us. Because what would happen if something was to come after us? We didn't know how to fight it. Or if something was to possess one of us? Or worse, what would happen if she di-

No. I can't think like that. She's alive now and I love her. We'll do the best we can to protect her and us. And we'll all be fine as long as we don't think negatively.

We got home and Ray, Gee, Frank, and Bob got to work. Mel pulled me into my room and we just kind of sat there for a while. She laid down on my bed and I sat on the floor next to it. I thought she had fallen asleep, but saw her shoulders shaking. I climbed up onto my bed next to her, at a loss for what to do or say. I put my arm around her and she snuggled into my side. I could tell she was crying. I stroked her back and kissed the top of her head as she cried into my shirt. She finally looked up at me, her face tearstained and her eyes bloodshot. I pulled her close to me and held her for a bit.

"Mikey?" she mumbled into my shirt. I nodded and she took her head off my shoulder. "Why do you guys do so much for me?"

"Because we love you," I replied simply. "Because we want to help you."

"But why?" she asked, looking completely bewildered. "I'm not worth it! I'm only going to cause you guys more pain and--" I cut her off with a passionate kiss, hoping that she'd figure out that I loved her so much and I didn't care. We pulled apart and she smiled. "I think I get it now." She kissed me again and I smiled into the kiss, almost forgetting our current situation. We jumped apart when we heard something crashing down, and Mel started coughing violently.

As soon as she stopped coughing, she smiled at me apologetically and I shrugged. I don't even know how, but we started kissing again, and I wasn't about to start complaining. Mel's hands found their way under the back of my t-shirt and my mouth found its way to a sensitive spot on her neck, where I began kissing, sucking, and biting softly. She was moaning softly and her hands moved from under my shirt to my hair. Her hips were grinding into mine making that part of me...very happy. Our lips attached again after a while, and our tongues were dancing and battling for dominance. Mel's hands were under my shirt again, and it was halfway off when the door burst open and revealed Gerard with a crazy look in his eyes.

"Michael Way, you're dead," he whispered.
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