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Chapter One

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Note: If I get enough requests to continue this, I'll most definitely will, because I have many ideas for this, but if it seems better off as one, this can remain a one-shot.

William's POV-

Another late night, another late morning. It's already 1:00 in the afternoon. I guess I just spent all night pining over him.

I don't know why I go clubbing with him all the time, when I know he'll just end up picking up some whore, and bringing her back to his hotel/bus to bang, leaving me alone in the club.

It's always that way.

I don't know why I agree to go with him.

Maybe it's because I need time with him, I strive off it.

No one suspects a thing.

I'm so secretive, which IS necessarily a good thing.

If he ever found out I felt the way about him, I'm almost certain he'd never talk to me again.

It's hard keeping it inside, and I feel as though the time has come to find a good friend that I can place this precious secret with, just to make me feel that much better.

Maybe Mike will understand.

When I first started feeling this way, it was almost like the end of the world.

I knew I couldn't fall in love with him, I'm not gay, I like girls too, but I've never been bi before, and to tell the truth, it scares me to death.

Ever heard of discrimination?

I see it all the time.

Words like faggot really get to me. I've never been called one, but when I see other people get called it, people who are actually strong enough to let people know, I want to say something, but a lot of the time I go along with it.

I have no choice.

Not when my secrets in jeopardy, that's for sure.


Ah, now where did I put that phone?


"Hello?" I pick up, not even reading the caller I.D

"William, hey buddy." I hear a cheerful voice say.

Oh god, it's him

I rub my eyes, trying to fully awaken myself.

"Hey, how are you?" I ask.

"Great, we're casting right now down at the studio for the new video." he said.

"Vampires...yeah, it sounds amazing. Hopefully you find some good actors." I tell him.

"Actaully, I was thinking you'd make an ideal Dandies leader." he said.

Whoa, did he just say....Leader, of the Dandies? He's discussed the whole script of the video with me before, The Dandies play a huge roll in that video...especially the leader...

"Whoa-me?" I asked.

"Yeah, would you?" he asked.

I could never decline to that voice, or the chance to work around him.

"Of would be an honor." I said.

"Great! We still need a few more Dandies. I was thinking Brendon, as you're little apprentice, and then maybe you could talk to Mike about being an extra, and we're going to ask Spencer to do it, too. What do you think, I mean, it's YOUR gang." he said.

I chuckled.

"Mike will love that opportunity." I said.

"Great, this videos going to be kick ass, we've all been working on our ninja moves and what not for a month now, and I get to fly." he told me.

"Oh sweet. Do we get to wear those plastic vampire teeth from the dollar store?" I ask, with a chuckle.

"Actually, we're getting these sick looking, more realistic things put in before shots." he said.

"Wow, that sounds great. When does the shooting start?" I ask.

"Next week, I'll keep you posted." he told me.

"Okay, well I should call Mike, I'll talk to you later?" I told him. I couldn't stay on the phone with him all too long, it hurt.

"Sure, oh and William?" he asked.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Wanna go clubbing tonight? I've got nothing to do." he asked.

I gulped.

"Sure...sure I'll go." I said, painfully.

"Okay, I can pick you up at seven." he said.

"Okay...bye." I said.

"Bye William." he said, hanging up.

Great. Just how I wanted to spend my night. It'd be just like the rest.

Why did I have to go and fall in love with Pete Wentz?
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