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Chapter 16

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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~Thursday Night~ End of practice

Christine yawned as she stared at her phone; for the first hour after texting Erik, every time her phone lit up her pulse started to race at the thought of him being on the other line. Now as the clock neared 9pm she'd given up hope for the night that Erik was going to respond. She started to gather her things as Tracey gave them the ok to head out closing things down for the night. She made it a point to wave her good-byes to the other girls as they all departed sound stage area. Her phone started to ring and she casually pulled it out of her purse, not surprised by the sight on her phone she chuckled a bit. On her phone a message from Meg splashed a cross her screen, ~Hey Girlie! Anything yet? ~ Christine started to laugh sarcastically rolling her eyes. Without a second thought she hit the dial button to call her friend.

Meg picked up mid ring, "So did you get a response?" Were the first and only words that tumbled out of her mouth.

Christine gave a chuckle, "Well I wish I had better news, but alas no message or calls. I feel stupid..." she admitted honestly.

Meg sighed, "Hey no reason to feel stupid; like you said earlier what was the worst thing he could say or do...not respond? Say no?"

Christine headed down the hallway towards back towards the main part of the house, "Yah I would have preferred rejection; because from rejection you can regroup and re-evaluate your situation for a better course of action on the next attempt. No response...means you have nothing to regroup from and you made no effect what so ever." She pouted; slowing her movements and shuffling her feet deciding finally to take up residence leaning against the wall. "What are your plans for the night? Calling it an early night?"

Meg was dangling her feet off the edge of the stage as she continued her conversation with her friend; actually Raoul had asked her to join him for dinner that night but it felt awkward to tell that to Christine it was almost like she was rubbing her face in it. "Going to be a late night at practice, with only a little over 2 weeks left they are really working us; but hey girls night tomorrow?"

A long breathe escaped her lips and a sad smile formed on her face, "Ok sounds like a plan, I'm going to take head back to the room maybe take a long bath and get to bed early. Hope you have a good night ok sweetie." At Meg's good-bye she hung up the phone holding it in her hand and tapping the antennae to her lips, 'Maybe I pushed a little hard...or got my lines crossed.' She thought to her self trying to rationalize any reason besides the most obvious for the lack of response by Erik. Her thought process was interrupted by a soft touch on her shoulder, jumping lightly she turned towards the intruder. "Mdme Giry, I didn't hear you..."

Annette smiled sweetly at the young woman, "I do apologize for interrupting what seemed to be a very deep thought session, but may I have a word with you."

Pushing off the wall Christine nodded, "Sure, have I done something wrong?" She asked wondering what had her friends Aunt so serious about this conversation; she looked down both hallways noticing that they were void of any other tour members.

Annette gestured down the hall, "Please walk with me. How has tour practice been?" She asked innocently choosing to start with light conversation, her heart still hung heavy in her chest after her conversation from earlier in the day.

At the disheartening look on Annette's face Christine began to worry, "I'm very sure that you haven't come here to talk about bags under my eyes and a little sore throat." She answered honestly stopping in the hallway and turning towards her best friends Aunt.

Annette sighed and shook her head, "Fair enough, I'd like to talk to you about Erik."

Christine put her hand up to stop her, "Hey it's ok, I understand how big a thing it is to sing with him and how important this tour is, I've heard everyone talking about it."

Annette took Christine's hand and sat her down on the chair set in the hallway, "I'm glad, but I wish this was a business conversation. We need to talk about Erik...on a more personal level."

Christine's brow furred with her confused look, "Personal? What do you mean?" She hadn't thought them to be anything more than co-workers in the eyes of everyone on the outside. Every time they'd met or ran in to one another it had always been at night and out of sight of any on-lookers.

Annette shook her head, "My dear please do not think of me as completely oblivious, I have seen the way you and Erik are with one another. He has not even acknowledged anyone since his accident...until you. Outside of Nick and I, and perhaps his band no one has seen him or even spoken to him." Taking a few deep breaths she continued, "I care for Erik like a brother and it pained me to see him ghosting through his life like a phantom, progressively disappearing before my eyes."

"But what does that have to do with me? I've only seen him a few times, I mean he's offered to be my tutor," she responded quickly; not quite understanding where she stood in this entire situation.

Annette responded absently giving a weak smile. "You need to understand that there was a flicker; a glimpse of my Erik the day you auditioned for this tour. I saw something between you both that I feared had been lost on that stage; I think it's important for you to know that." She knew that Nick intended to use Christine for his own personal gains, but if there was truly anything there between Christine and Erik perhaps even if it was only friendship she did not want it to become tarnished by the scheming of a delusional producer.

Christine shook her head, "Annette, I think you misinterpreted what you saw. I mean we've only crossed paths by chance since I arrived and now even though he offered to train me vocally I haven't heard from him or seen him since last weekend. If it was indeed what you believed, why won't he respond to my message? Perhaps seek me out?"

Dropping her head she started to rub her temples, Annette felt she was no better than Nick in this instance, resigning herself to believe it was for Erik's well being and not for anything else she looked up and directly into Christine's eyes. "Sometimes, it's easier to act like you don't care, then to explain all the reasons why you do, while wondering if you should..." She responded softly giving Christine's hand a gentle squeeze; Annette decided to leave their conversation at that and stood up to make take her leave. "I only wish for you to be informed, sometimes knowledge is the only key you need."

Christine stood up and watched as Annette made her way down the hallway, she was confused and bewildered by the conversation. Standing in the middle of the hallway she just let the words sink slowly into her fogged brain, the shrill of her cell phone startled her out of her trance. Without even looking at the caller ID she hit the receive button bringing the phone to her ear, "Hello?"

~Across the Mansion~ Nick's Office

Nick sat at his desk with his feet up; in one hand his cigar in the other a glass of brandy. His conversation with Annette this afternoon had irritated him; she just didn't understand what it was like to do what he did on a daily basis. He had asses to kiss and ego's to stroke on top of attempting to salvage the career of a slowly disappearing recording star. He picked up his cell phone and flipped through his most recent calls hitting dial quickly and leaning back to take a long drag on his cigar.

"Hello?" a sweet feminine voice came over the speaker into his receiver.

Nick smiled, "So have you had a chance to check out 'In Excess' today?" He asked straight forward, sparring no time for small talk.

A giggle on the line confirmed his question, "That I did, it was a nice spread. I guess the shot has also been sold to three other magazines, should provide for some nice conversation over the radio waves for the next few days."

"Yes well that was the idea; I think it would be a good idea for you to continue your efforts with the press to conceal any information. The more secretive you are, the juicier the story will hopefully become." He pointed out quickly giving a slight chuckle, "Besides the more Elizabeth McMahon's name graces the papers the more you are worth to your studio and the new picture coming out."

Elizabeth smiled, "Not to mention the more money I make you by keeping Erik's name in the paper as well."

Nick took a deep swig of his brandy, "Well of course, I do think you will need to make an appearance or two in his presence to keep them happy. I will let you know of his next appearance so you can make sure to be flying solo that night."

"Thank you Nick, I do appreciate all you do. Good night!" She replied and hung up the phone.

Taking a long drag on his cigar Nick smiled setting his phone down and letting out a large puff of smoke into the air above him.
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