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Chapter 17

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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A short silence hung on the other line after Christine's greeting, after waiting for a brief moment she looked at the caller ID; seeing a private number come up on the screen she repeated her salutation, "Hello?"

"Christine?" A husky male voice sounded through the speaker.

"Yes? Who is this?" She asked softly; starting again on her way back to her room. She knew it had to be someone from the tour but the voice didn't sound familiar at first.

"Well I know it's quite late but I was wondering if your coffee invitation still stood for this evening." He asked, a small smile curved on the edge of his lips.

"Erik?" She asked stopping dead in her tracks in the middle of the hallway, a shocked expression graced her features.

A deep laugh sounded from his throat, "You sound surprised? What am I not the only person you invited for coffee? Who else was invited; Methos?"

Quickening her pace down the hallway she started to giggle, "Very funny! I just didn't think you were going to respond." She explained unable to hide the smile that formed at the sound of his voice.

Erik chuckled, "Yes well I have this terrible habit of turning off my cell phone while at practice, I just received your message. So would you still be interested in coffee tonight?" Erik inquired leaning against the wall glancing down the hallway.

"Of course! I just need to head back to my room to change real quick, where do you want to meet? The studio?" She asked climbing the steps towards the second floor where Meg and her bedroom resided. This was ridiculous, she felt like a giddy little school girl talking to a boy on the phone for the first time.

Erik smiled as bouncing brown curls came into view over the stair railing, "Oh I think I'll just come pick you up at your room." He said watching her oblivious form continue up the stairs.

Christine just laughed as she hit the landing of the stairs, "Yah how do you know where I'm staying?" She inquired jokingly as she fished for her keys in the bottomless pit she called a purse.

"Because Christine, I'm just that good..." he replied a flirtatious tone creeping into his voice; slowly he lowered the phone clicking the end button. Watching as she made her way down the hallway, he stepped around the corner to the adjacent hallway as Christine neared her room.

At the dial tone in her ear she gawked at the phone and ended the call, "I can't believe he hung up on me!" She grumbled putting her phone in her purse as she stopped at her door fumbling with her keys.

"My apologies Madame," Erik said softly, emerging slowly from the hallway beaming a bright smile at Christine.
Christine had been so wrapped up in her keys and being hung up on she wasn't very conscious of her surroundings, she jumped at his appearance and dropped her keys. "Make noise when you walk!" She knelt down to pick up her keys and stood facing him again, "You could give a girl...."

Erik shook his head at her verbal tirade and produced a single red rose from behind his back, "I do apologize for startling you...and hanging up on you."

A bright smile instantly appeared on his lips as she accepted the rose and begun to blush, "Forgiven..." She responded absently bringing the flower to her nose and taking a deep breath to appreciate the heady scent of the delicate flower. "So much for me changing real quick..." she looked down at her attire and started to giggle at her hoodie, jean skirt and tennis shoes.

Erik gave her an appreciative once over and just smiled at her, "Christine, it's not the Oscar's its just coffee in my room." He exclaimed finding nothing wrong with her appearance.

Christine scrunched her nose in disappointment, "No way! Erik please; I need out of this place! There is an all night diner just down the road, it's in walking distance. Meg and I go there all the time."

An uncomfortable look flashed across his face, Erik fought for the correct words so as to not hurt her feelings. "I just think it would be best to just stay in, don't you? Less interruptions?"

Christine roller her eyes, "Hey Mr. Ignore me all week long! The least you can do is get me out of this place for an hour or so...Please?" She asked sweetly batting her eyelashes at him in a sad attempt of wooing him.

Erik was about to argue with her but at the look on her face, he just couldn't find it in her heart to deny her for some reason. She was right, he had done all he could to avoid running into her the previous week; he'd just tried to keep his mind on the tour without any distractions. Although the thought of Christine was proving to be a very difficult thought to put from his mind. "Fair enough, are you still planning on changing or would you like to get going?"

Christine gave herself another once over and shrugged, "Let's go!" She replied taking Erik by the arm and started down the hallway towards the steps.

~At the diner~

A short time later the two had arrived at the diner; Erik had requested to use their back room to have a more private experience away from any stray on-lookers. Once seated the two gave their order to the waitress and sat in companionable silence as she exited the room.

Christine just watched Erik for a few minutes becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the lack of conversation. "So...why haven't we had any more lessons? Did I scare you that bad last weekend?"

"Of course not!" Erik replied quickly stammering over his words, "Since Monday was my first day of practice the guys and I had a lot of catching up to do. I do apologize." He exclaimed sitting back as the waitress brought their drinks back.

Christine nodded and started to prepare her drink with cream and sugar, "You don't have to apologize, I just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong that's all."

Erik smiled at her, content with just watching her preparing her coffee. He sat forward and began to prep his own coffee when something urged him to ask her a question that had been plaguing him. "Tell me something Christine," his voice was soft but strong practically demanding her attention. "Why have you never acknowledged my mask?"

Christine sat back with a bewildered look on her face unsure where a question like that would come from. "I'm sorry I didn't know I had to? Should I greet it too, like 'Hi Erik, Hi Erik's mask?" She questioned sarcastically.

Erik gawked at her, "I didn't mean it like that." He replied stirring his coffee avoiding eye contact with her.

"What did you mean then?" She asked placing her hand on top of his to bring his attention back to her. "I didn't think it was important..." she answered honestly with a shrug, taking a sip from her cup.

"Forget I even said anything," he replied with a hint of attitude in his voice. He pulled his hand away from hers breaking contact. Her sarcasm had irritated him, 'How dare she mock his injury like it wasn't important.'

Christine quickly sensed his change in body movements; he'd stiffened and seemed to be in a defensive pose. "Erik...I don't make a big thing about it because it's just a mask. It doesn't change who you are inside, I mean unless you are looking for sympathy or possibly pity. I just don't think it matters in the grand scheme of things." She replied honestly noticing his cringe at the words sympathy and pity.

Listening intently to her he shook his head, "You're the only person since the accident that's seen me and hasn't looked away or shied away from me. It's hard to take..." He responded hoping to give an explanation for his rude behavior. "I truly believed God did it to punish me for something I did..."

Sighing Christine nodded understanding how he much feel, "I thought the same thing when my dad died three years ago, I thought God hated me for some reason. But I learned that everything has it's purpose and that he would never give us something that we can't handle."

Erik looked up at her, just starring into her eyes, "I'm sorry to hear about your father, I feel ridiculous death kind of puts this to shame." He replied gesturing to his mask, "What about your mom?"

Christine shook her head, "She died giving birth to me, and it was just me and my dad...Now I'm the only family I have left." She explained with a shrug taking another sip from her coffee.

Erik's heart dropped in his chest; he spent so much time feeling sorry for himself and before him was an orphaned woman alone in the world, and appreciative of everything she did have. Erik just shook his head at how selfish he had been over the past weeks. "I'm truly sorry Christine."

"I'm not completely alone; Meg is like a sister to me we've known each other for years. Now her Aunt Annette has really taken me under her wing as well so I'm not completely without." She beamed a bright smile at him trying to lighten the mood a little from such dreary conversation. "What about you? I want to hear about your life, must be exciting meeting all those famous people and jetting from one exotic place to the next."

Erik chuckled, "Not to disappoint you but mine is like any others, and I moved here when I was young to start my singing career. I had my accident a little while back and here I am before you now." He explained so matter of factly, "Not that terribly exciting honestly."

The waitress came over to refill their drinks; Christine frowned as he turned away from the waitress attempting to hide the mask away from her. After she left Christine leaned forward, "Why do you do that?"

"Do what?" He inquired innocently, adding cream and sugar to his coffee.

"Turn away from everyone, like you need to hide or something?" She answered starring at him, "I mean you're Erik Mulhliem!"

He shook his head, "You may see it like that but you don't know what it is like to have someone look at you..." he just sighed waving his hand to dismiss it. "Never mind."

"Wow! Someone did you wrong," she replied shaking her head. "You remind me of my friend Gabriel, she was used by this guy and for weeks after she shyed away from everyone. Like it was her you're doing right now."

"Very observant for you age, and it wasn't just was everyone." Erik admitted trying to keep his wits about him. "I do believe this is now the longest conversation we've ever had." He quipped, using her own statement against her.

Christine blushed, running her hand through her hair to push some stray locks away from her face, "I'm glad you decided to accept my offer, I'm having a great time."

Erik just gave her a smile taking another long drink from his cup. "It does feel much nicer out of the mansion and in such wonderful company." Raising an eyebrow at her, he watched her cheeks redden, "Not used to compliments?" He asked non-chalantly.

Shaking her head she giggled a bit, "First the compliments, next you'll be kissing me again."

Shocked Erik set his cup down, "You kissed me! Besides you'd know if I initiated it..." He replied crossing his arms over his chest offering a coy smile to her.

Christine leaned forward on her elbows, setting her head on her hands, "Oh really and how would one know that?" She asked flirting back, it was nice to see him playing around and not brooding like the first night she'd met him.

Their playful banter back and forth amused Erik, he leaned forward concentrating on her soft lips and slowly dragging his eyes up to meet hers. His face was mere inches away from hers and he could feel the light trace of her breath on his skin. "You'd still be breathless..." He answered in a hushed whisper.

"I do believe you are flirting with me kind sir," Christine replied standing her ground, finding it increasingly hotter in the small room.

A broad smile formed on his lips at her flushed appearance, "I'm only giving what I am receiving, Madame Daae." He winked at her and pulled back a bit, finishing off his cup again.

Sitting back slowly Christine shook her head, "I guess I'll have to test your theory sometime." The couple was so caught up in themselves they didn't notice the waitress had returned.

"Here's your check, thanks for dining with us tonight, they will take your check at the front register." The little waitress smiled at the couple setting the check down.

Reaching out quickly Christine grabbed the check off the table, "My treat!"

"Nonsense," Erik exclaimed extending his open hand to her. "For my rudeness it's only right that I treat you this evening."

Christine clutched the check to her side, "No way! I asked you it's my treat."

"You My lady are incorrigible." He responded pulling out a few dollars for a tip.

"You seem much more relaxed tonight, almost a completely different person." She replied, it had taken her by surprise his arrival at her door; but his demeanor and actions were that of a comfortable and carefree man enjoying an evening out.

"Perhaps your bright and bubbly personality is rubbing off on me; or I just enjoy the company." Erik retorted flashing a devilish grin at her. "Ready to go?" He asked as they both stood up he laid the tip on the table and gestured out of the room.

Christine walked beside him towards the counter, "So what's the's still too early to call it a night now. And I'm having too much fun."

Erik nodded; he had to agree he didn't wish for the evening to end either, "How about some vocal work?"
"I'd love that," Christine smiled, she was excited to spend more of the evening with him, she approached the counter with their bill and greeted the hostess.

"How was your dining? " The hostess asked taking her check and starting to cash her out. From behind her two waitresses were starring and giggling at Erik.

The little blonde waitress grabbed something from her friend and approached the counter, "Are you Erik Mulhliem?"

A pang of jealousy crept into Christine as she handed over a few dollars to cover their bill, watching the scene before her.

Erik nodded and gave a shy smile, "Yes ma'am."

A shrill of excitement exploded into the air, as the girls rushed the counter each extending something along with a pen, "Oh My God you are my favorite singer! Will you sign this?" One girl called out.

Erik turned to Christine offering an apologetic look, "Two seconds..."he whispered to her as he accepted the items fulfilling his duty as a star. He quickly scribbled his name and moved to the next girl.

Their waitress was next in line handing him a magazine, "So how's the wedding plans coming?" She asked flipping to the cover of the magazine and handing him her pen. "Has Elizabeth found a dress yet?"

Erik coughed a bit taken back by the question, "I beg your pardon... My what?" He grabbed the magazine off the girl scanning the cover quickly. His temper started to flare, he struggled as much as possible to keep his composure and scribbled his name across the page.

"Thank you soo much! Is that your younger sister? She's really pretty!" The girl asked accepting her magazine back.

Erik gave a curt smile and nodded at the girl, "Yes she is..." seconds after the words left his mouth he heard the door slamming against the wall, turning he caught a glimpse of Christine's retreating form.

"Evening ladies!" He exclaimed and turned quickly heading after Christine. Erik cursed at himself for saying what he did but his mind was also reeling from the magazine cover. He'd be having a conference with Z in the morning; right now he had to find Christine. As he exited out the restaurant he attempted to locate Christine as he looked both ways down the street heading from the diner.

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