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Chapter 18

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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'His sister....Engaged! How stupid are you Christine! That is the first thing you find out...' she chastised herself as she stormed down the road, not exactly paying attention to where she was heading. Crossing her arms she started to rub her upper arms, she felt stupid, "Why am I soo blind? Hello not really interested but I had to keep pushing. Good reason not to be interested when he's betrothed!"

Erik scanned the immediate area outside of the diner; he turned in the direction towards his mansion not seeing the petite form of his soprano storming away. He turned quickly scanning the few people on the sidewalk heading in the opposite direction. He'd contemplated calling her cell phone but figured is she was angry enough to storm out she probably wouldn't answer. Luckily a quick glimpse of a light blue sweatshirt caught his attention, he moved quickly in her direction not even bothering to call out her name.

Christine pulled the rose from her purse as she took a seat on a nearby sidewalk bench. Starring at it she sighed, 'Not exactly how it plays out in your head...' she thought bitterly rolling the stem between her fingers watching the petals flare a bit.

Erik slowed his approach; he knew that some women were extremely volatile in an upset state. He could only imagine how she felt right now, after an evening of flirting with her and completely enjoying himself he went and ruined the entire night with just a few simple words. "Christine..." he said softly as he approached the bench.

Christine didn't even turn to acknowledge him; she continued twirling the rose in her fingers, "It's never quite how you play it out in your head." She exclaimed softly concentrating on intently on the rose.

Erik sat down on the bench keeping his distance still; "I'm sorry for that, I..." his words were cut short as she lifted her hand to interject.

"You don't have to apologize you didn't do anything wrong. This..." she gestured between them and continued, "We are friends, employer and employee even; nothing more."

Erik shook his head, "If you really believed that, we wouldn't be sitting here right now," he retorted quickly keeping his gaze firmly fixed on her.

Christine stood up taking a few steps away from the bench, she turned back to him, "It's just... I mean hello you are Erik Mulhliem!" She sighed and just shook her head.

Erik looked up at her, "Why do you do that? You keep saying my whole name?" He asked folding his hands together and leaning forward a bit continuing to watch her.

"So I remember what I'm up against, to keep things in perspective." She explained moving back to the bench and took her seat again, starting to slowly pick the petals off the rose.

Erik shook his head and moved to kneel in front of her, "Christine I am sorry about what I said and what happened I don't know what came over me. I was just reeling from the article I suppose, I just agreed with her rather than dragging you into it."

Christine stood up again her temper flaring, "I don't care about that...about what you said I could care less what they think! When did you intend on informing me that you're getting married!" Christine groaned at the whole situation and started to pace.

"You never asked!" He responded quickly becoming increasingly agitated at the entire turn of events.

"Oh my god you are! I kissed you...and with the flirting!" Christine's anger faded away and was replaced immediately with embarrassment. 'Meg was right,' she thought quickly, she had initially thought that thing had been progressing quite well with Erik now this; her entire thought process was interrupted by Erik's voice.

Erik stood up and approached her slowly, "I think we need to sit down and talk, to clear the air about this entire situation. Please hear me out?"

Christine shook her head as she started moving away from him backing up slowly, "I think we've said enough for tonight, I've got to be up early and...I'm really tired. I'm just gonna go."

"Christine..." he exclaimed taking a few steps towards her, he rubbed the back of his neck attempting to come up with anything to make her stay. "I uh; I thought we were going to do some voice work tonight?"

"I've suddenly come down with a case of laryngitis, maybe some other night." Christine replied turning away from him and started making her way towards the mansion. She had too much on her mind tonight to stay in his presence any more.

Watching her walk away there was a part of him that wanted to rush after her and explain everything but he just couldn't work up enough courage to do it. Erik sat back down on the bench and leaned back rubbing his forehead, 'She never asked....that's all you could come up with. Bravo Erik bravo.'

~Friday Morning~ before practice

A loud knock interrupted the silence in Nick's office, tearing him away from his morning paper. Before he could announce an invitation to enter his doors burst open revealing a very angry and aggressive looking Erik storming towards him. Nick turned to face him as Erik's hands pounded on his desk with a loud thud slamming something down leaving it on the desk. "Good morning Erik, great to see you too."

"What the hell is this?" A furious Erik inquired practically shoving the magazine into Nick's face. He'd barely slept the night before, falling into another of his alcoholic stupors whenever he was faced with the reality of his current situation, seeing his picture besides Elizabeth had drudged up some old feelings that were quickly clouded over by the thought of Christine. He'd sat on that bench for a half hour after she'd left just thinking about the entire situation.

Nick looked at the paper and shook his head, "It's a picture of you and your fiancée, on the cover of a magazine." Nick was playing things cool, since Erik had never actually told them he had called anything off but he knew he had to play this cool. "This isn't a big thing Erik."

"Isn't a big thing? We aren't even together anymore and this gets splashed across the front cover like its new news Nick; how the hell did this happen?" Erik stood his ground right in front of Nick practically looming over him.

Nick shook his head, "I don't know Erik, and someone probably used a photography program to edit your picture or something, it's free publicity Erik. You have a tour coming up it's not exactly a bad thing." Trying to calm an irritated Erik down was like taming a wild animal; it wasn't possible because they would always have that wild side begging to come out.

"I want it pulled and a letter of apology on my desk Monday morning, the next time this happens I will sue everyone involved, do you understand?" He spat quickly looking at his watch to check the time.

"Erik it's freedom of speech, I can't ju..." Nick was cut off as Erik's hands slammed down on the desk again.

"Do it! Don't argue...that is my picture they edited and I want it gone." Erik picked up the magazine and pressed it into Nick's chest. "" He exclaimed leaving Nick standing with a shocked expression on his face.
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