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Chapter 19

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Futuristic fic about the reincarnated Erik living as a very successful music artist in America, after a botched pyrotechnic episode on stage Erik came away with a bad injury to the right side of hi...

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A/N: Before we begin I know I said there wouldn't be an update for a few weeks; I had to postpone my trip. I was in a car accident on Monday, which left me with a lot of free time this past week to create this newest update. I am fine but my car is totaled, wasn't a good day.

*Also for those of you who visit my website frequently I have not only updated with the song from this chapter, but also have put a face to the characters you have been so graciously reading about. You will find a slideshow on my 'Angel in my Eyes' page that has all 9 of the major characters photos. (I always find it easier if I can see who is talking in the story) If you have never been to my website, please feel free to visit often and check out all the new updates as well as the soundtrack for this story. You can find the link in my profile under homepage. Please feel free to have a look around and sign my guestbook!
*As always thanks to everyone who continues to follow my story, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Leave love or hate, just let me know that you are reading it in some way. I thank everyone!

And without further ado Chapter 19....

~Friday Night~

Madame Giry sat quietly at her desk filling out some paper work that was necessary for the tour; her mind was filled with torment over keeping such a secret from Erik. Not to mention she was uncomfortable with having her little Meg take such a quick liking to Raoul, 'they barely even know one another.' She thought signing her name to a few more documents and choreography sheets.

Setting her pen down she took a few deep calming breathes, there was barely any time left before the first tour date and things seems to be coming together nicely for the tour; which honestly was all she could ask for. Nick had left message after message for her on her phone, requesting that she meet with him so they could talk. 'He doesn't want to talk, he wants to ensure you keep your mouth closed,' the harsh reality of the horrible situation she was in began to weigh upon her fragile shoulders. There was always an inner strength when it came to working in a man's business but her female heart tended to leave her faced with very difficult and compromising decisions.

It was going to be a very long and trying evening for her tonight; sleep would not come to her tired and tormented bones. This would be one of many sleepless nights as the tour loomed over their heads, a testament to their true inner strength; and they would see once and for all if they had what it took to make it in this business.

~Across the Mansion~ Christine and Meg's room

"Honey I'm home!" A bright, bubbly voice called out loudly as she pushed the door open; looking around the room for any sign of her friend. The lights were somewhat dimmed and it took Meg's eyes a moment to adjust, "Wait here for a minute, let me see if she's here." She exclaimed to someone behind the door, Meg closed it softly and moved around the room. She noticed quickly that their balcony doors were open, and the small silhouette of her childhood friend sat in a chair on the balcony. A few short strides brought her to her friend's side, a friendly hand placed gently on her shoulders, "Hey..."

Christine tapped the hand lightly and smiled as she looked up, "Hey yourself, how did practice go?" Christine was let out of practice half hour early, pretending to have vocal lessons with Erik so Tracey wouldn't question her. She had come home and did some vocal work of her own decided it was best to just sit back and relax tonight.

Kneeling down next to the chair Meg smiled at her, "They said next week we start practicing for the entire show, which means everyone will be together all day long for the next two weeks."

Nodding her head Christine just gave her friend a small smile, "Sounds like fun, sorry not entirely on the up and up."

"So I'm assuming that means you won't be coming out with us tonight then?" Meg asked smiling sadly. "Hey...he's not single, he didn't tell you; you my dear did nothing wrong." At the light knocking on their door they both directed their attention to the door, which produced a well dressed rather handsome looking Raoul.

"Sorry to interrupt your conversation, are you ladies coming?" He asked politely looking between the two ladies.

Christine squeezed Meg's hand, "Go, have fun I'll go out tomorrow. It's just been a real long week....seriously Meg go."

Meg rolled her eyes, "Raoul, Methos and Antony are all going out with us tonight." She replied trying to convince her friend of the good times that the evening promised to hold. "Or of course you could wait until the pool party tomorrow night to actually come out and have some fun."

"I'm well aware of the party tomorrow night, the countdown begins; I get it. I'm just going to sit stuff out." She smiled up at the two shooing them towards the door, "Honestly go get out of here you big goofs."

Raoul took Meg by the arm leading her towards the door, "I need to grab my purse real quick, hold on." Meg said as she dashed across the room, leaving her date and roommate together.

Christine directed her attention back towards the rose garden as a male voice interrupted her gaze, "He wasn't at practice today Christine, and perhaps he's fallen back in bed with the bottle. For Elizabeth hasn't shared his time since before his accident." Raoul nodded his head to her unwavering form and smiled as Meg returned, "Shall we?" Meg had filled Raoul in about Christine and Erik's previous night, as Erik's friend he felt the need to put his two cents in whether it was wanted or not.

"We shall kind Sir." Meg responded flashing a bright smile to her date, turning back slightly to stare at her roommate continuing to gaze out among the gardens.

At the closing sound of the door Christine stomped her foot and stood up from the chair, she had every right in the world to be angry with Erik. He'd lied to her, allowed her to make a mockery of her then led her on letting her make a fool of herself. But there was a nagging in her chest, something in the pit of her stomach that seemed to turn over as Raoul's words played over in her head.

'Was Raoul right?' The only thought she was able to process over and over in her head as she moved about the room quickly, she slipped on a pair of flip flops as she grabbed a small jacket that had come with her camisole. She wanted answers and she knew there was only one place to receive them. Christine pulled out her cell phone and dialed Annette's number hoping to get her and not her voicemail.

After a few rings she started to give up, just as she was about to hang up a low voice came over the speaker, "Hul...hullo?"

"Annette...its Christine, did I wake you?" She asked sheepishly walking down the hallway.

"No love, no I was deeply engrossed in some paperwork, I must have dozed off. What do you need?" Annette asked sweetly, attempting to wake herself from the cat nap she'd caught on her desk.

Christine paused for a moment unsure of how to approach the situation, "I've been giving a lot of thought to what you said the other day, and I'd really like to sit down with Erik. We went for coffee the other night and well things got out of control and I just walked away instead of talking with him."

Annette sighed listening to the girl on the other line start to ramble, "Christine...please what got out of control? Are you alright?"

"It was a magazine cover; it had a picture of him and his fiancée. It really upset him and I just stormed out without even talking to him, I never really gave him a chance." Christine took a few deep breaths before continuing, "I just want to talk to him...apologize."

Annette shook her head; she could only imagine how Erik must have reacted to the magazine; not to mention how the conversation between the two must have gone. "The only room on the South wing, it may be locked but if you knock; he normally will at least offer a greeting." She offered honestly, imagining what he was doing to himself mentally and physically after seeing the story about him and Elizabeth.

A pang of disloyalty to Erik stabbed at her heart; she could have warned him about the horrible act Nick so cruelly made her apart of, or better could have brought to light the bastard that Nick was in hopes of saving Erik from any more pain and or torment. As it sickened her to say it, the small thought crossed her mind that she was protecting Erik and that perhaps this was the push he needed to stand on his own feet again. "He may not want any visitors though sweetie, don't be upset if he doesn't acknowledge you."

Christine stood at the base of the stairs leading up towards the South wing, "I'll be fine, thank you Annette. You have been such an amazing help. Get some rest." At the good-bye from Annette she hung up her phone and stood starring at the looming stairway before her, attempting to work up the courage to climb the whole flight of stairs.

~Erik's room~

Erik sat slouched in his chair holding tightly to his bottle of scotch, he had abandoned the glass for the bottle itself hours ago. With an unsteady hand he reached to the end table grabbing his remote his fingers stumbling for the correct buttons, after a few failed attempts the lights on his stereo lit up and a soft sound wafted through the room as his surround sound turned on. The music seemed to course through his veins as quickly as the alcohol had.

Looking down at his disheveled appearance, he shook his head at what he'd so quickly succumbed to again; wondering why this man choose to appear whenever he couldn't handle his current situation. It was so much easier to hide behind the bottle; no not only the bottle but behind closed doors rather than to face the world. His continued self loathing was interrupted as a small soft hand settled on his shoulder. His drunken induced fog clouded his brain; no words were formed as he followed the delicate hand down his shoulder to his own hand.

The sleek fingers intertwined with his large hand as it slowly persuaded him from his chair, he watched as her other hand drifted to the bottle taking it from him without argument and setting it on the end table. Erik still couldn't make out the face before him; he assumed it was the sleep depravation, or the alcohol inhabiting his ability to control his body under her graceful touch. The two stood together hands intertwined in the center of his room, swaying back and forth to the soft serenade of Lara Fabian's Love By Grace a song that even in his rundown condition he could still focus on music.

Looking down at the woman before him he closed his eyes taking in her scent, the graceful elegant touch of her hands on his. Erik's eyes slowly opened starring down into warm brown eyes looking directly back at him, "Christine..." he sighed softly barely above a whisper.

Holding onto him tightly she pressed her finger to his lips, hushing him but continuing their dance to the soft melody. Erik watched the beauty before him in disbelief; he leaned back leisurely placing his hand to her right cheek sighing as she nuzzled into it like a kitten. An innocent smile graced his lips, "I thought I'd lost you..." he exclaimed softly almost as though it was a prayer.

Her brown eyes found his again as she kissed his palm; she snaked her other arm around his neck pulling him to within inches of her face. After a few short breathes she whispered against his lips, "You...never... had me."

Erik grabbed her behind her back pulling her closer to him allowing her to pull his head in for another of her sweet kisses; he closed his eyes praying to taste her lips again. Suddenly three short raps interrupted their romantic interlude, shaking his head Erik opened his eyes realizing he was still in his chair, bottle in hand. There was no Christine or soft music dancing around the couple. Just him, alone in his own hell again; only now his tortured mind was delighting in driving him mad.
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