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Tough Choices

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Mystique recruits Rogue before the Xmen and gets caught up in the growing conflict. But everything changes when she starts falling for their leader, Scott Summers. Scott/Rogue.

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Untouchable Rogue
Chapter 10: Tough Choices


Days passed and Rogue's luck didn't get any better. She was miserable after the incident with Scott and it persisted every waking hour. Mystique was still off doing whatever it was she had to do, leaving her alone with the Brotherhood. Needless to say, they didn't offer much comfort. If anything, the extra time with them was making things worse.

Not an hour went by that she didn't think about picking up the phone and calling Scott. She wanted so badly to hear his voice, but every time she thought about it the words of her mother came rushing back. No matter what she did, her feelings for Scott persisted. And not talking to him was only making them stronger. The only thing keeping apart was her allegiance to the Brotherhood, but it was an allegiance she was increasingly questioning.

The final bell rang after another day of drudgery for Rogue. After slamming her locker shut she muttered a curse under her breath, not looking forward to going home to the Brotherhood. With Mystique gone there was nobody to keep them in line. Thus, the state of the house went to hell. Garbage was piling up and so were the bills. Just living under the same roof was becoming a challenge.

"Hey Scott! Hurry up!" came a voice down the hall.

Rogue didn't want to look, but she couldn't help it. Down the hall, she saw Scott meeting up with Evan. Even seeing him at a distance made her heart jump, but she quickly turned away and left before the temptation got to her. Little did she know, Scott looked back as she walked off, equally distant in his longing gaze.

"Scott, did ya hear me? Kurt and Kitty are waiting!" yelled Evan, breaking him out of his daze.

"I'm coming," he muttered, forcing himself away as he drudged along with Rogue still on his mind.

When Rogue stepped out, she sought a quiet moment under a tree where she usually did her reading. Crowds had gathered all over the school, forming the usual clicks. Rogue never had a desire to be a part of any of them. Scott was the only one who reached out to her. Now she was alone again. It was a hard pill to swallow, all because she was a part of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Bitter with frustration, Rogue tried to lose herself in a book. The crowds died down and the soccer team started practicing in the field across the school. She knew she'd have to get back to the Brotherhood eventually, but she wanted to hold out as long as possible.

As she read on, her mind began to wander from the harsh scold of reality. Suddenly she was brought out of her daze by the presence by a familiar voice.

"Hey Rogue, you wanna ride back?" said Lance, casually twirling his keys on his finger.

Grunting from his interruption, Rogue shut her book.

"Ah'll walk, thanks," she muttered, "What are ya still doin' here?"

"Thought I'd catch up with Kitty," he shrugged, "I think she's warming up to me."

Rogue muttered a curse. Lance was allowed to get close to an X-man, but she wasn't. She didn't know why Lance bothered, but she assumed Kitty must have had a thing for bad boys. Scott had mentioned it to her while they were together, but Mystique never cracked down on it. It just wasn't fair.

"Whatever," she said, going back to her book, "See ya later, Lance. And try to get Todd to do the dishes when ya get back. Ah think Ah saw some stuff movin' in there this morning."

"No promises," said Lance indifferently, "Later."

Rogue let out a frustrated sigh. It was official. Her life at the Brotherhood sucked. They boys were slobs, her mother was a psycho, and she was stuck living with them. Lance could hang out with Kitty, but she couldn't hang out with Scott. Nothing felt right. Why was she even there? She was never happy living with the Brotherhood. In fact, the X-men reached out to her more than they ever did. It was enough to get her thinking.

"Hey Lance, can Ah ask ya something?" she said, stopping young teen before he got to far.

"Sure, but can it wait?" he said, checking his watch, "I don't want the guys messing around in my jeep."

"Ah'll make it quick," she said, her tone dripping with sarcasm, "Just answer meh honestly. Why are ya with the Brotherhood? Do ya really believe what Mystique said about mutants and humans?"

Lance looked at Rogue strangely. It was the first time anybody questioned the principles of the Brotherhood. But still, he answered.

"Well...yeah," he said without too much though, "It makes sense. I've seen it all my life. People pick on those who are different. But mutants shouldn't have to endure that kind of shit. We're the strong ones and humanity will always fear us because of that."

"But look at the kind of crap we can do, Lance," argued Rogue, "Ah can put people in comas, ya can bring down a building, and Pietro can run halfway across the city in three seconds flat. That's pretty scary stuff in mah book."

"So what!" scoffed Lance, "People will still hate us because they don't understand because people fear what they don't understand."

"But don't times change?" questioned Rogue, "Sure, they fear crazy stuff, but shouldn't we at least try to give them a shot?"

"Liked they'd listen," scoffed Lance, "Face it, Rogue, it's a lost cause. We're more evolved than them. How can they ever accept us?"

"Do ya really believe that, or is that just somethin' else Mystique said?" said Rogue skeptically.

Lance cast Rogue a suspicious gaze. He didn't enjoy talking about this stuff and Rogue was really pushing it.

"Jeez, what's with the questions all of the sudden?" he said defensively, "Why are you questioning what we stand for? You're Mystique's daughter for crying out loud! This sort of thing shouldn't even matter to you."

"Well it does!" shot Rogue, "Just because Mystique's mah mama doesn't mean Ah go along with everythin' she says! Ah have a right to question why we shut ourselves off from the rest of the world!"

"That's dangerous thinking Rogue," warned Lance, "You're starting to sound like Xavier."

"This ain't got nothin' to do with Xavier!" spat Rogue, getting up to defend herself, "This is meh doin' something you guys ain't doing much of...thinkin' for myself!"

"Well it sounds like you're doing too much thinking," said Lance bitterly, "Seriously, Rogue, give it a rest. I know you were ga ga over Summers for a while, but don't get suckered into his Xavier babble. It's all a total load."

"Is it, Lance?" questioned Rogue, "Or are you just not givin' it any thought?"

Lance stared down the southern mutant with a cold gaze. Had she not been Mystique's daughter, he would have gone further. He didn't like being called out on this. It was not something anybody discussed in the Brotherhood. And Rogue was definitely veering from their regular norms.

"I'm serious, don't make an issue about this," said Lance in a threatening tone, "It's not something you should think about. We're the Brotherhood. It's us against the world. That's how it is. Accept it. Case closed."

Not wanting to argue a second more, Lance stormed off. It left the issues Rogue raised unanswered. She needed to be reminded why she was with this group, but in the end she had even more doubt. This wasn't a cause. It was mindlessly following ideas that just sounded cool.

Hugging her shoulders, Rogue bitterly sighed. It was starting to dawn on her. She wasn't sure of the Brotherhood's cause. She just came following her mother. And she wasn't even around half the time. She was miserable, bitter, and lonely. This was no life.

'Ah left Scott for this?'

Grabbing her books, Rogue stormed off to blow off some steam. She had a million thoughts going through her mind, all of them dwelling on her decision to end her relationship with Scott. Was it the right thing to do? Why did she give up the only thing in her life that made her happy? They were hard questions that demanded hard answers and she had to do more than just think. Clearly, she had a choice to make.


As Rogue made her leave, she passed through the parking lot where Scott was meeting up with Kurt, Kitty, and Evan. They had a danger room session while Jean had soccer practice. While he was still down about Rogue, he had gotten a little better since his chat with Jean. But Rogue was still never far from his mind.

"So vhat's on zhe menu today?" said Kurt as he sat in the front seat with Evan and Kitty in the back, "Is Logan planning anything special?"

"You know, Logan," sighed Evan, "We'll only know once we get there. It's part of that being ready for anything stuff he's always preaching."

"Well it does, like, make sense," said Kitty, "Remember the whole Blob ordeal? That's not the sort of thing you can prepare for."

"I know," said Evan, "Still has a way of leaving a guy sore."

"I hear zhat," sighed Kurt, "But don't vorry. I always keep ice packs on hand."

"Well keep them ready, man. You never know."

Scott stayed silent as he started the car. A Danger Room session would definitely help distract him from Rogue. But it still bothered him. And there was no telling how far it would go.

As he adjusted his mirrors, Scott caught a glimpse of Rogue as she was storming away from the school. For a moment he froze, the memories of the good times they had together rushing back. Mystique transferred her out of the same literature class and he rarely saw her in the halls anymore. It still tore at him that he couldn't even talk to her, but that was just their luck in life.

"Yo Scott," said Evan, "Still with us, man?"

Snapping out of his daze, Scott came back to the cold hard reality of his situation.

"Yeah, I'm okay," he said, still watching Rogue through his mirror until she was out of sight.

"Still hung up on her, eh?" commented Kurt.

"I don't want to talk about it," said Scott in a low tone as he pulled out of the parking lot.

"Vell hang in zhere," said Kurt, trying to sound optimistic, "Zhese zhings have a vay of vorking zhemselves out."

"Wish I had your faith, Kurt."

"Like, we all do," said Kitty, "But seriously, Scott, you shouldn't dwell so much on Rogue."

"So says a girl who's been crushing on a Brotherhood member as well," grinned Evan.


"Swish!" grinned Kurt, giving Evan a high five.

Scott rolled his eyes. It was nice to know they supported him, but they couldn't begin to understand. His situation with Rogue was much different than Kitty's deal with Lance. Lance wasn't related to Mystique and their relationship thus far had been simple attraction. It went much deeper with Rogue, making the hurt all the more difficult.

Yet as he drove off, Scott took some comfort in Kurt's words. Maybe things would work out, but given the stiff nature of the Brotherhood that was a long shot at best. Nevertheless, he tried to have faith. Rogue felt for him the same way he felt for her. That level of connection could never be forgotten.


After leaving school grounds, Rogue found herself walking the streets of downtown Bayville. She was still fuming after her talk with Lance. The cloudy skies above seemed to help go along with her embittered state. Sometimes nature had a twisted sense of irony, but given how she felt right now it was appropriate.

Not one for stereotypical shopping among teenage girls, Rogue walked through the maze of people. Letting her thoughts wander, she kept dwelling on the growing doubts she had about the Brotherhood. None of it sounded right anymore. The only real reason she could think of for staying was her mother. But then again, she was never around. She loved her, but she was becoming more a leader than a parent.

'What am Ah gonna do? Ah can't forget about mah mama, but it ain't like Mystique's been too motherly since Ah got here. Scott's the only one who really gave a damn, but Ah can't even be near him!'

Clenching her fists in frustration, Rogue stopped near an intersection to collect her thoughts.

'Why does it have to be so dang complicated? Is bein' happy so much to ask?'

Her face sank in a wave of sorrow. She was alone and miserable, living in a run down boarding house with four boys she couldn't stand. She drew strength from the memories she had with Scott. She missed their dates, their conversations, and their passionate lovemaking that made her feel so special. And it was all because of the Brotherhood.

Saddened by her complicated situation, Rogue's gaze drifted across the street. There she saw the ice cream stand Scott took her the first night they went out. They almost kissed that night. It marked the beginning of her feelings for him. She couldn't forget them if she wanted to. They were just too strong.

Then her eyes fell upon a couple sitting in a booth just inside. They looked like students from Bayville sharing a nice sundae together. They were smiling, flirting, and enjoying each other's company. Rogue's heart sank. She knew those feelings all too well. She missed them so much. It angered her that she couldn't experience such happiness.

'This is no life...livin' with a bunch of rejects who don't even think for themselves. Ah can't go on like this! Ah just...Ah need a sign.'

Stopping in front of a major clothing store, Rogue leaned up against the glass in a daze. Letting her thoughts wander, she turned to look inside the store. Then she saw it. There on display it stood. Suddenly it came to her. It was the signs she was looking for. She had been avoiding the truth for too long. She couldn't take it anymore. This was her life, not Mystique's. She had the power, not her. And for the first time, her decision became clear.

Walking into the store, Rogue found the first sales rep she saw.

"Excuse me," she asked the female employees, "How much is that dress in the window?"


"Don't stay up too late, Scott," said Jean as she and Scott left the library after working on a project for over an hour.

"No promises," he sighed, "I've some reading to catch up on in AP History."

"Still all work and no play?" she teased.

"At least for me," said Scott much to her chagrin.

Jean shook her head, tired from a long day as well. But Scott clearly needed more rest than her. He had been out of it since the whole Rogue ordeal. She had tried confronting him about it, but it was one of those matters nobody except Rogue had control over. It was hard seeing Scott deal with it, but those were the unfortunate circumstances.

"Night Scott," said Jean, retreating to her room, "Try and get some rest."

"I'll try," he assured with a smile, "Night."

With a tired sigh, Scott settled in his room. His arm still stung from the danger room session. Rubbing his sore muscles, he sat on his bed looking to distract himself with more work. It helped keep his mind off Rogue, but never for very long.

"Damn homework," he muttered, "Better get started."

He was just about to open his book when suddenly his cell phone started ringing. With a frustrated sigh he reached over and answered it, hoping it wasn't Paul calling to pester him about the lit test again.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey Scott. It's meh."

Scott's heart skipped a beat. That accent was unmistakable. It could only be one person.


"Yeah," she replied, sounding down, "Sorry Ah didn't call sooner."

"Sooner? I thought..." stammered Scott at a loss for words.

Hearing her voice sent a rush through his system. He thought he'd never hear from her again. It was all so sudden, but he had come to expect that from Rogue.

"Is everything okay?" he asked after collecting himself.

On the other line, Rogue was sitting at the foot of her bed in a daze. On the floor was a medium suitcase packed with her things. She was facing the biggest decision of her life. There was no turning back now. She either faced this feeling or put it behind her forever.

A hard lump formed in her throat. She had gone over it in her head a million times. Yet still, it was so hard.

"Ah miss ya, Scott," she choked out, "Ah miss ya so much."

Scott's heart jumped at the emotion in her tone.

"I miss you too," he said honestly.

Biting her lip, Rogue pushed further.

"Ah...Ah have to see ya," she said, her hands shaking with anxiety, "Can ya meet meh down by the park near the boarding house?"

"I..." stammered Scott, shocked by her proposition, "Of course. I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"Thanks. Ah'll be waitin'," said Rogue, hope returning to her tone.

She was about to hang up, but Scott had one last message for her.

"Rogue?" he said with the renewed life in his tone.


"It's good to hear your voice again."

A warm feeling came over the southern woman. It helped the anxiety fade, giving her strength for what was to come. She should have done this sooner. It felt so right. But better now than standing with this mess for a second longer.

"Same here, sugah," she said warmly, "Ah'll see ya soon."

"I'll be there," he said, setting aside his books and grabbing his keys.

For Rogue, it would take a little longer. Looking at her suitcase and the dress she bought from the store, she gathered herself for this difficult decision. But as she held the dress up to her figure, she knew it was right. And it was time she take back the happiness she once lost.

"Guess it's now or never."


After a short drive to the park closest to the Brotherhood boarding house, Scott parked his car along the side of the rode and got out. It was late and there was a storm brewing. The clouds above looked like they were ready to open up at any moment. He didn't see anybody out aside from some people walking their dogs. Checking his watch, he hoped he wasn't too late.

Walking around the main path, his knees trembled. He so desperately wanted to see Rogue. His anticipation grew as did his anxiety. He couldn't help but feel worried. It was all so sudden. Something had to have changed with her, but he wasn't sure what. Hopefully he would get his answers soon.

"Scott?" came a voice from behind.

Upon turning around he saw her. Only it wasn't the sight he expected. Instead of her usual attire, Rogue was dressed in an elegant dark purple dress that hugged every one of her curves perfectly and accentuated everything that made her beautiful. She had tended her hair, put on her best makeup, and if he wasn't mistaken she was wearing perfume. She was truly a sight to behold, rendering Scott Summers at a total loss.


Smiling at his reaction to her dress, the southern girl dropped the suitcase she had been holding and ran up to him. She just couldn't hold it in. She wanted to feel his touch again. Setting aside all lingering doubts and anxieties, she threw her arms around her lover and pulled him into a deep kiss. Scott was shocked, but eagerly embraced her warm body and kissed back.

It was so sweet, the soft feel of their warm flesh so close once again. It felt like it had been ages since they last touched. Scott and Rogue savored every moment, taking in the intoxicating taste of one another's warm presence.

"Hey," she said as they parted.

"Hey yourself," said Scott, grinning as he slipped his arms around her waist, "What's going on? And what's with the dress?"

"What? A gal can't make herself look good for her boyfriend?" she quipped in a sassy tone.

"Seriously Rogue," said Scott, caressing her face, "Talk to me."

Rogue took a deep breath. Without a doubt this was going to be the hardest moment of her life. But in the arms of the man who had given her so much, she had all the strength she would ever need.

"Ah've been doin' some thinkin'," she said, her tone thick with emotion, "Ah've thought about where Ah've come from, what Ah've been doin', and why Ah'm here. And Ah've realized a few things."

Scott's heart jumped as she ran her hand down the side of his face. Gazing into her eyes, her beauty enticed him. Nothing could tear him away from this moment. So he listened intently.

"Ah made a mistake," said Rogue, struggling to get the right words out, "When mah mama made meh break up with ya, Ah didn't do it because Ah wanted to. Ah never wanted what we had to end."

"I know," he said softly, "I never wanted to end it either."

"But it ain't just that," said Rogue, her tone growing more distant, "After Ah left ya, Ah started havin' second thoughts about the Brotherhood. Hell, Ah don't even know why Ah was there. The only reason Ah came was because of mah mama. But...she's changed, Scott. She ain't the same woman who raised meh."

Scott held her closer. This was an obvious strain on her. But she had to get it out.

"Ah thought bein' in the Brotherhood would give meh purpose," she went on, "Turns out they don't even have a purpose to begin with. All this talk about humans and mutants is's a game to them. They don't think about it. They don't care about makin' a difference. They don't even question it."

"But you're different, Rogue," said Scott strongly, "You've shown me that."

"Which is why Ah called ya," she said, swallowing the lump in her throat, "Scott, Ah can't stand it anymore. Ah can't live in mah mama's world. Ah don't want to hurt people. Ah've done enough of that with mah powers. So Ah...Ah left."

"You left?"

Scott was shocked. Rogue leaving the Brotherhood was extreme. She wasn't just leaving them, she was leaving her mother. It was a serious decision, but one she was serious about.

"Ah don't belong there," she said in a low tone, "All Ah wanna do is find mah place and be happy."
Sinking into his embrace, she never wanted to let go. This was the happiness she left behind. This was the feeling she needed. And Scott was there to give her everything she desired.

"You've shown meh more than Ah can ever thank ya for," she went on, "All Ah want is to be with you, Scott Summers."

But her emotions soon got the best of her. Tears formed in her eyes as she held onto Scott's embrace. Burying her face in his shoulders, she sobbed in a wave of emotion. Holding her close, Scott lent what comfort he could.

"It'll be okay, Rogue," he said softly, "I promise."

"Thank ya, Scott," she choked, "Thank ya for everythin'."

Overcome with emotion, Scott and Rogue came together in another kiss. As if on cue, rain started pouring and lightning flashed in the distance. It was a surreal moment as they embraced what had nearly been lost. Their hearts once again soared, flushed with passion and yearning. Their bodies came together in a sea of warmth. Their emotions soared like never before. And they yearned to embrace it.

"Scott...take meh," gasped Rogue, caressing his face.

"Right here?" he said.

"Ah don't care where," she said, drawing his face closer to hers, "Ah just wanna be with ya tonight."


Hand in hand, Scott and Rogue rushed back to his car and drove off into the rainy night. Rogue was free from the Brotherhood, throwing her suitcase in the back seat and embracing this new feeling. Their passions soaring, the couple stayed close the whole way. Then they came across a motel. Not giving it much thought, Scott got a room and led his lover inside where they could share their passion privately.

Locking the door, the two lovers embraced in a passionate kiss. Rogue ran her hands along the manly contours of his upper body, savoring the hard feel of his manly flesh. Scott's tongue wrestled with hers while running his hand up her hips and along her back, their desire for one another too great to resist.

"You're so beautiful, Rogue," said Scott softly as he caressed her face.

"Oh Scott..."

Outside, lightning flashed and rain pounded against the windows. Passion intensified as Rogue went for her lover's shirt, grabbing it by the hem and sliding it over his head. Eagerly, she attacked his manly upper body with her lips. The warm feel of his skin made her so hot. He let out moans of contentment as he caressed her womanly curves through her elegant dress. She craved to have him close. A large bulge was forming in his pants. She could feel it pressing up against her, fueling her growing desire.

"Let's get these off," she purred in a sultry tone.

Undoing his belt buckle, Rogue gave Scott's pants a firm tug. She left his white boxers on, allowing his throbbing erection to grow. But before she could go for the last piece, Scott stepped out of his pants and turned her around so he could get her dress off.

" sexy," he said in a husky tone.

Rogue let out a deep moan as he kissed down her neck. Sensually slipping her arms out of the dress, Scott unzipped the back and slowly pulled it down her sexy body. He kissed along each inch of newly exposed flesh, her intoxicating scent tantalizing his every sense. Stepping out of her dress, Rogue was only in a pair of black panties. She didn't bother with a bra for her dress. This was a special moment between her and her lover.

"Oh God," said Scott, placing a hand over one of her breasts as they pulled into another embrace.

"Ya gonna gawk all day, sugah?" purred Rogue, slipping her arms around his neck, "Come on. Ah wanna be close to ya."

Pulling him into another kiss, Scott and Rogue fell onto the bed. Covered only by their underwear they passionately made out, kissing and touching each others' hot flesh. Their tongues tangoed as Scott rubbed her breasts in the way he knew she loved. It made her moan as she hooked her legs around his waist and ran her hands along the hard muscles of his upper body.

His dick was rock hard, rubbing up against her lower regions through their underwear. Rogue's pussy grew wet with arousal, eager to feel her lover's member deep inside her. Sensing this desire, Scott trailed his lips down her neck and onto her breasts. Closing her eyes, Rogue savored every blissful sensation. Giving her nipples a slight tease, he went further until he passed over her well toned core and onto her soaked panties.

"Oh Scott..." panted Rogue, spreading her legs as she felt Scott's breath over her private areas.

Kissing around her stomach, Scott grabbed both sides of her panties and sensually slid them down her legs. Rogue lifted her hips, allowing him to remove the garment. Now completely naked, her wet pussy was there for his taking.

" wet," said Scott in a husky tone, rubbing her soft folds as her feminine juices trailed down her inner thighs.

Rogue gasped for air. Her moans were beautiful. Gently parting her folds, Scott teased her swollen clit. It got the young woman to cry out in delight, hot sensations surging through her body.

"Oh-oh-oh mah God!" she cried, grabbing her breasts and rubbing them hard.

Encouraged by her moans, Scott probed her depths with his tongue. She was so hot and wet. The intoxicating taste sent him into a sexual daze. Gripping her firm butt, he lifted her off the bed a bit to dig deeper into her folds. Rogue arched her back, spreading her legs wider so he could dig deep. His fervent teasing was sending her to the edge. She longed to have him in her.

"Scott! No more! Let's do it!" she cried, "Make love to meh now!"

Giving her clit one last lick, Scott rose to his knees to remove his boxers. Flushed with sexual energy, Rogue shot up and attacked his lips with hers. Purring with intent, she grabbed his boxers and pulled them off to free his throbbing erection. Slipping her arms around his neck, she hooked her legs around his waist and raised herself up so his dick was poised to enter her pussy.

Their tongues dancing, Scott gripped her ass and slowly lowered her onto his hard member. The feeling of slow penetration inundated the two youths. Full of passion, Rogue tightened her legs around him, their flesh now enmeshed in the heat of the moment.

"Rogue! Oh you feel so amazing!" moaned Scott, giving her ass a firm squeeze.

"Oh yeah," she purred, kissing down his neck, "Ya like that, don't ya?"

Tasting hot flesh, their bodies began moving in a rhythmic flow of sexual energy. Holding onto her butt, Scott worked Rogue up and down his cock while her legs tensed with each movement, driving him deeper into her hot depths. He stretched her inner walls just right, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Hugging him close, she savored the feel of his sweaty skin against hers.

As their bodies gyrated to the sexual rhythm, Scott kissed down her neck and along her cleavage. Holding onto his shoulders for support, Rogue bounced up and down his member. Panting hard, she closed her eyes as the warm feelings consumed her. His lips trailed down her breasts, working it harder with each fervent motion.

Moans of euphoria filled the room. Scott's dick thrashed about inside Rogue's tight pussy, hitting the sensitive areas that drove her wild with passion. Digging her nails into his skin, she panted harder as he worked it. Together, their pleasure was building. They went at it hard, but dragged it out to savor the pleasure.

"Uh-uh-uh-oh Scott! Oh you're so good to meh! More! More!" cried Rogue, tensing her legs each time Scott's dick plunged into her pussy.

"Oh Rogue!" grunted Scott, "Oh-oh-I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

"Uh-uh-meh too!"

Taking each others' hands, Scott and Rogue kissed passionately as their peak drew near. The pace of their sex slowed as the warm bliss intensified. Then, after a few more rhythmic motions, Rogue's back arched as orgasmic waves of delight consumed her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes!" she cried, her pussy clamping down on her lovers cock.

"Oh Rogue!" grunted Scott, the tight feeling sending him over the edge, shooting a load of his cum into her hot depths.

The two lovers collapsed atop one another, still lip locked as their sweaty bodies remained entwined. When they parted, they smiled warmly. They missed this. So much had happened, but none of it mattered anymore. They were together again and they yearned to embrace it.

"Damn you're beautiful," said Scott in a daze.

"Yer makin' me blush, sugah," said Rogue, caressing his face.

"You're sexy when you blush," he teased.

"Really?" she said playfully, "Does that mean yer up for another?"

"Well..." stammered Scott, his dick now softening after his climax, "Maybe after a little rest."

"Guess I'll have to fix that," she said in a sexy tone.

Pulling him into another kiss, Rogue flipped her lover over so that now she was on top. Her pussy was still dripping with his cum, but she was still up for more. Scott laid back and let her do her thing, kissing back to match her intensity.

Trailing her lips down his manly upper body, Rogue listened to her lover's content moans. She purred as his hands trailed up her sweaty body, drunk of erotic foreplay. She continued her trail until she reached his semi-hard dick. It was still wet with her womanly juices, but ready for more action.

"Oh fuck!" grunted Scott as Rogue gave his dick a firm rub.

"Easy sugah," she coaxed, "Just relax and enjoy it."

With a content sigh, Scott laid back and let Rogue do her thing. Sensually sliding his dick between her breasts, she worked her magic to get him aroused again. Firmly gripping the base of his shaft, she licked the reddened tip of his member. Scott let out deep moans, encouraging her to go further as she slowly took the hard shaft into her mouth.

"Mmm..." she purred, sliding her tongue around his dick.

"That's it, Rogue! Oh that's it!" panted Scott.

Gripping her hair so it was out of her face while she sucked him, Rogue bobbed her head up and down his penis. It didn't take long before he was hard again, poised for more sex. But before they got there, Scott's yearned to return her lustful passions.

"Come on," he grinned, "Let's try something new."

Letting out a purr of approval, Scott went to work adjusting Rogue's body so that he was poised to pleasure her pussy while she was still in position to please his cock. Still sucking his hardening cock, Scott went to work on her wet folds. They were still moist from their earlier fucking, but ready for more bliss. Parting her folds, he buried probed her vagina with his tongue and fueled her burning desires.

The two lovers moaned in delight as they orally teased one another, Rogue licking and sucking Scott's cock while he teased her pussy. Together, their arousal grew more fevered. Rogue playfully licked his shaft while he teased her clit. Loving every hot sensation, the two lovers were ready for more.

"Oh yeah!" moaned Rogue, sliding his dick between her breasts again, "Ah think yer ready, sugah."

"So are you," grunted Scott, "Come on, let's make this last one special."

Letting the passion overtake them once more, Rogue straddled Scott's pelvis. Firmly grasping her hips, Scott helped his lover as she slowly lowered herself onto his hard dick. Their bodies glowing with sweat, her hot pussy enveloped his member in a vice of hot flesh. It was so mind numbingly sweet. Every sensation was so intense.

"Oh Scott!" cried Rogue, "Take meh again!"

Firmly rubbing his manly chest, Rogue began gyrating her hips along Scott's ridged cock. He supplemented each movement with an upward thrust of his own, gripping her hips and watching her body dance to the rhythm. Her large breasts bounced as they moved together in a sea of passion. It felt so good sharing such intimacy. They yearned to savor every moment.

Together, Scott and Rogue embraced this feeling. They moved together, drawing out every feeling and emotion they had kept bottled up. Looks of ecstasy dominated their faces. Scott's hard dick pounded into Rogue's tight pussy. Their hot flesh mixed in a world of ecstasy. They went at it long and hard, sharing this feeling together and making it count.

"UH-UH-UH-SCOTT! OH SCOTT!" cried Rogue, gyrating her hips faster.

"UH-UH-I'M CUMMING ROGUE! I'M CUMMING SOON!" grunted Scott, his dick penetrating all the way to her cervix.


Rubbing her breasts, Rogue panted harder as the feeling within intensified. Scott's grip on her hips tightened, working his thrusts carefully so they could share in the final moment together. Finally, with one last fervent motion, Rogue's entire body arched and her pussy contracted around her lover's hard cock in an orgasmic delight.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCOTT!" she cried, the hot sensations inundating her body.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH ROGUE!" grunted Scott, the tight feeling around his dick sending him over the edge as well.

Their hot fluids mixed in a sea of ecstasy, the two lovers smiling warmly as they met in a soft kiss to cap off a truly amazing experience.

Their bodies exhausted with passion, Rogue collapsed atop her sweaty lover's naked body. With the soft touch of his flesh against hers, she smiled to herself as she listened to his soft heartbeat. She was brimming with happiness, feeling warm and content in every conceivable way.

"I love you," said Scott softly, resting his hands on her hips.

"Ah love ya too," said Rogue, giving her lover one last kiss before exhaustion took over.

Lying naked atop the covers, Scott and Rogue quickly nodded off into a peaceful sleep. It was an amazing moment, coming together at such an emotional moment. This was a major turning point. Rogue was willing to leave the Brotherhood for him. It spoke volumes for the connection they shared. And as they lay together with their naked bodies entwined, there was so much hope for the future.

But as the two lovers slept together above the coves in a content slumber, a bolt of lightning flashed to reveal shadowy figure loomed over their naked bodies. Brimming with rage, Mystique clenched her fists in a fury like no other. Her daughter had disobeyed her. She succumbed to the lure of a boy she had forbidden. It made her angry in a way she couldn't describe. And she would not let it stand.

'That little whore! That's it! This ends here!'


Up next: the confrontation with Mystique comes to ahead.
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