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The Wasp

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Action fanfic with YunaXRikku yuri, and Paine gets a special someone too. Rated for language, violence and sexual content.

Category: Final Fantasy X-2 - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance - Characters: Paine, Rikku, Yuna - Warnings: [!] [V] [X] - Published: 2007-05-06 - Updated: 2007-05-06 - 1143 words

Disclaimer:I don't own ANY of the characters! Inspiration thanks to SQUARE-ENIX. They own the characters.

Chapter 1: The Wasp

Paine sighed heavily as she leaned against the airship's hull. She
stared into the distance, yearning for some excitement. For the past three days no
new spheres had been detected, leaving the crew to sleep all day. Paine glanced
over as her female companions joined her on the roof, slowly exiting the elevator.
Rikku simply sighed and plopped herself down in the middle of the deck. Feeling
the wind blow her hair, Yuna stood next to Paine. Straining her eyes at the sun
above, she yelled, "Look out Rikku!" Rikku jumped up in surprise, stumbling towards
Yuna. As Paine looked over and followed Yuna's gaze, and her own eyes widened.
She drew her blade as the others drew their own weapons.

The airship rocked as a giant wasp descended upon it, the force of the air
unbalancing it. Brother yelled through the intercom, "What the hell was that? Get
that thing off my ship!" Brother veered to the right sharply, causing the girls to
lose their footing. He ascended straight into the air, clearly in a fit of rage.
He leveled off above the clouds, and the other boys went for the elevator. He
joined suit, hoping the girls where strong enough.

The boys soon reached the top, and stood in the doorway. They peered out
at the battle, which wasn't going too well for the Gullwings. Rikku couldn't
heal through the wasp's poison and stings despite her strain, and Yuna's bullets
just bounced off the insect's carapace. Paine jumped up in rage, slicing down the
wasp's abdomen. Spinning in a frenzy, Paine jumped back to avoid the deadly
stringer being twirled in her face. "A little help?" Yuna decided to take a
different approach and shot a lightning bolt at the monumental foe. Seeming to not notice, the insect went into a stabbing frenzy, aiming for Paine. Paine stopped dodging as she ran out of room, and resorted to parrying the blows. "I said help!" and Rikku came to her aid. With an inspiring burst of speed, Paine slipped past the beast and was safe on the other side. The insect flew over and stabbed Rikku in the chest in the blink of an eye, and got blasted by a Firaga spell cast by Yuna. Assuming their much needed healer role, Yuna transformed once more. Paine swiped at the bug, desperate to keep the fiend away. Rikku slid off the stinger, coughing up blood. She was soon restored to a stabilized condition with Yuna's white magic, but couldn't stand. Buddy ran out onto the hot battlefield and dragged Rikku off, into the corridor with the men.

Paine and Yuna continued the struggle. Looking over the side of the ship,
Paine couldn't see the water. Yuna was dodging attacks and trying to strike the
would Paine left earlier, a small amount of green ooze seeping out. The beast
swung it's stinger once again, slapping Yuna in the face. A bruise already forming
on her face, she flew towards her hiding friends. Paine took this opportunity to
counter attack, and jumped then swung once more vertically. She struck in the middle
of her previous horizontal mark, leaving a clean plus mark on the monster. As
Paine recovered from landing, she tried to get off another attack. Yuna focused her
energies on casting a spell to heal Paine over time, and she needed it. As soon
as Paine tried to swing once more, the monster bashed her with it's wing. Paine
flew into Yuna, knocking them both down. Shinra snapped his cell phone closed,
causing his male friends and Rikku to look back in disgust. "You where talking on
the phone the whole time?!" she yelled. Shinra smiled and pulled a orb out of his
pocket, and hurled it at the monster. An even coat of white smoke covered the area
outside, blinding everyone. "Yuna! Paine! Come on let's go!" Shinra screeched.
Stumbling, they complied. Everyone assembled in the elevator as Shinra pushed the
down button, sighing in relief. "We'll be safe. I called for back up." He chuckled
to himself as the door dinged open, and Paine limped through. Buddy and Brother
helped Rikku through, and Yuna carried herself in. Everyone reverted to their own
dress spheres, and tapped their feet at Shinra.

"Back up?" Paine laughed, staring coldly. "We're screwed."
"Watch," Shinra said, pointing at the deck monitor of their ship.

The monitor displayed a real-time feed of what the monster was doing on
deck, and held the attention of all the crew. With a burst of wind from the bug's
wings, the smoke cleared from the Celsius' top. The wasp mercilessly beat the
Celsius' deck, straining to break in the roof. The thundering power echoed through
the room, causing Rikku to grasp her ears. Everyone looked around for something,
anything, to help them defeat the beast. Only Shinra still stared at the screen,
waiting for his friend to arrive.
"Fly to Luca," he called as his friends panicked.
"What?!" Brother called.
"Do it or we might not make it," Shinra said with a matter of fact voice. "Now."
"You don't tell me what to do!" Brother roared. Even the bug heard, and stopped
attacking for an instant.
"Just do it Brother! For me...please?" Yuna cooed.

Brother stormed over to the controls and set the airship to fly towards it.
"Don't get in sight of the mainland, just get closer to it!" Shinra called. "We
don't want to let the thing loose on the people."

The insect violently threw it's stinger through the top of the Celsius,
and was visible by the crew. Looking through the hole, they could see the insect,
and hear it's violent buzzing. Yuna pulled out her guns and frantically shot
through the hole, trying to keep the monster at bay. Shinra stared at the screen,
never faltering. "Any second now," he softly mouthed. The stinger once again
pierced the Celsius, and began moving around. Twirling, it seeked a victim. "There!"

An offbeat thump called the attention of the heroes. They looked where
the sound came from, but found only roof.

"The monitor," Shinra said smiling. "Back
up has arrived. Sit back and watch the show!" he said smiling.
"Since when is he so happy," Buddy chanted.
"Who cares if he saves us!" Rikku said sitting up.

The stinger pried itself out of it's hole, and the insect scouted for the sound's
source. The party underneath watched the screen as well, wondering what the image
before them was. A large hooded figure all in black stood before the beast. Never
wavering, the figure reached into his large jacket and pulled out a large two bladed sword. He twirled it within his fingers, waiting for the beast to strike.
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