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Shinra has friends?!

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Category: Final Fantasy X-2 - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy - Characters: Paine, Rikku, Shinra, Yuna - Published: 2007-05-19 - Updated: 2007-05-19 - 574 words

Chapter 2: Shinra has friends?!

The wasp charged at the cloacked figure. Hood blowing in the wind, the figure

stopped twirling his blade. The bug tried to simply smash the warrior with a vertical swing,

which missed and crashed into the airship. Jumping onto the monsters abdomen, the silent shroud

ran up the body. Jumping as the bug regained it's altitude, the warrior spun his blade. Twirling it

all around him like a protective barrier. As the warrior fell the blades sliced the bug's armor,

leaving multiple cuts from his neck down. Green ooze squishing from his body, the wasp seemed

to stumble backwards. Landing, he ran once more to his opponent.

"He's all show," Paine said laughing.
"You better hope not!" Shinra said glaring at her. Everyone stared, suprised at the boy's sudden

outburst. "He'll kill it. I know he will."

Back on sceen, the Gullwings saw their "back-up" fighting a losing battle. He was

constantly on defense mode, dodging and parrying constant stinger attacks. Ducking in an

extremely awkward angle, he swiped a chunk of flesh off the underside of the beast. Jumping

after the attack, he stabbed the bug deep. Removing his blade, he repeated the attack. He slowly

climbed the beast like a rock wall, trying to work his way up to the head. He had to dismount as

an angry wing came his way, and he went back into his defensive stance.

"Aren't you going to help him?" Shinra chanted, never removing his eye from the screen. "I said he

was back-up! Not an army. Go go!"
"Haha," Paine chuckled.
"He's right," Yuna offered. "Let's go help." Yuna dawned her white mage dressphere, and looked

over at Paine. Paine walked over to the elevator, and Yuna followed gleefully. They where soon

on top, and they stepped out onto the battlefield.

As their eyes adjusted to the light, they saw the warrior tear into the bug's wing.

Casting a quick Cure spell, the figure easily took the long fall to the ground. Falling on his back, he

nodded at Yuna in thanks. The bug landed severely wounded and unable to fly, but in no way

defeated. Paine ran up and the two melee combatants surrounded the beast, who was desperately

trying to regain flight. Paine ripped through the other wing, permanently immobilizing it. Running

up to the head, the figure thrust his blade between the bug's eyes.

"Thanks," The hooded figure said, in a voice suprisingly similiar to Paine's cold, heartless voice.
"No, thank you!" Yuna said with a grin.
"Yea yea," the rogue sighed. He flipped his hood off, revealing his face. His saphire eyes gleamed

in the sunlight, and he raised a hand to deflect the sun. The young man looked to be about Rikku's

age, with a slightly pale face. His messy brown hair flowed with the wind as it picked up,

causing ripples to flow throughout his cloak. He scratched a small patch of dried blood off his

cheek, and steadily walked towards Yuna. Yuna backed up in suprise, causing the figure to

chuckle. He kept walking right past Yuna, taking no further interest. He took a swift 180 degree

turn once he walked into the elevator, and grinned as it descended out of the girl's view. The

crew on deck turned to the elevator, waiting for his arrival. Shinra was tapping his feet

impatiently as the metal screeched to a halt.
"Hendor, good to see you again."
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