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Rock My Body

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Ryan is so cute when he's embarrassed. He can't seem to make an impression on Arielle...or can he?

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Thank you so much for the reviews I've gotten. I super appreciate it a lot, you have NO idea : DDD Here is the next chapter. I'm sorry it's progressing a little slowly, but hey, its quality, not quantity right?

Arielle had been sitting quietly in her chair. Even though she knew she was supposed to kiss those boys on the cheek for good measure, something felt a little odd when she kissed that boy's cheek.

He was certainly handsome; there was no doubt about it. His eyes sparkled with a certain glow that she could not place.

She soon erased such thoughts from her head, for she knew that she wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyways, "So are you headed to the after party?" Pete had asked her, "Yes Mister Wentz, I am," she smiled at him graciously, "Mr. Wentz is my dad. Call me Pete, or better yet, you can call me honey-bunny," he wiggled his eyebrows " I think Pete will do," she shook her head and he snapped his fingers in faux disappointment, "You should come hang out us. I mean, everyone else pretty much sucks, AND you'd get to meet my little babies," he squealed. /Babies/? She pondered to herself," He means the band you presented that award to. They're our newest band added to our label. I'm pretty sure they'd love to meet you," Patrick explained, "ANYONE would love to meet her," Pete shook his head furiously, making Joe slap him for good measure.

She wasn't at all bored like she thought she would be. Pete and his friends were a very colorful bunch. She hadn't seen a lot of them at the awards, but they were very nice, so she didn't care "So why is a pretty girl like you going to an awards show by herself?" Pete's friend Gabe had asked her, "Well...that's how I roll, you feel me G?" he laughed at her attempt to sound 'gangster' "Well, it was obviously because she KNEW she was going to sit next to me, the coolest person in the universe!" Pete rolled his eyes at Gabe, as though it was the most obvious answer in the world, making Arielle laugh

"MY CHILDREN! THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!!" Pete jumped up and threw his arms around Brendon, who had a very disturbed look on his face, "Sorry to keep you waiting mommy?" Brendon chuckled, patting Pete on the back, "Ew dude, i'd kill myself if Pete was my mom," Gabe shook his head in mock disgust, "EW. We'll i'd sell your ass on the black market if I had you as a son!" Pete retorted, stomping his foot and sticking his nose in the air, "ANYWAY. Arielle, this is Brendon, Spencer, Ryan and Jon. AKA Panic! At The Disco," Patrick pointed to each of them and introduced them. Everyone had said hello or shook her hand except for Ryan. He merely gave a small smile, and looked away. Arielle found it sort of rude, but hey, she didn't really mind. She had a bunch of other friendly people to talk to. She had wondered what exactly was wrong with him. Everyone around him was smiling and laughing except for him. He gazed around the room, his pretty eyes seemingly lost in the atmosphere. Though it was probably against her manager's wishes, she wanted to know this boy.


Ryan POV

I had a feeling Pete would invite her along. She looked so beautiful, sitting and laughing with everyone. She seemed so real, "Hey Ryan, why have you been so quiet this whole time?" Joe had asked me, but before I could answer, Brendon cut in "Eh, he's still trying to shake off his nerves from performing. Boy was he scared. I thought for sure he would throw up or something," Way to make me sound like a pansy Brendon. Good job " I don't blame him. I probably would have passed out in an awkward position or something had that been me," Arielle winked at me, making me even more nervous. The truth was, I wouldn't be nervous at all if she wasn't here. God, I wanted to say anything to her, but i couldn't think of a word, "She's making you nervous isn't she?" Spencer whispered to me. Oh, how he knew me too well " Just talk to her, I think she'd like you. I mean, who doesn't love rockstars?" Spencer nudged my shoulder "So uh, Arielle, would you recommend your new movie?" and as I asked, everyone stared at me, as though they were waiting for words to come out of my mouth the entire night, "Well, if you like clean cut boy falls in love with quirky bohemian girl with a dark past kind of movies, then sure, i guess i would," she smiled widely at me.

During the middle of the party, a lot of the guys had gone to he dancefloor, leaving me, Arielle, Spencer and Patrick at the table. Yes, even Joe went dancing. Spencer and Patrick were enthralled in a coversation, which left Arielle and I to our thoughts, "You guys did really well in your performance," Wait...was she talking to me? " Thank you. I thought we did terribly," I laughed nervously, as though every chuckle got caught in my throat, "Well, your singer's voice was little squeaky, byut everything else was marvelous. I really loved loved the stage set up and your costumes," she complimented once more. I was realy flattered by this because i was the one who picked the costumes and stage setup out.

" Are you always so nervous?" she smiled. Most girls get really frustrated with my shyness, but she was having a lot of patience with me "Well, no...I just get kinda shy around new people, that's all," Yeah, that's it. except for the fact that it's mostly because you're absolutely gorgeous" We'll you've known me for about an hour and a half, so i'm not that new," she chuckled, making me laugh as well.

"So i'm pretty sure Heath Ledger is an undercover gay lover," Arielle laughed, and i soon burst into it after her, "Are you serious? I thought he was married with a kid!" I gasped, still trying to breth from laughing so hard, "Well yeah, but do you honestly know how many celebrities are gay and have wives and kids? There's a lot," she continued to laugh. I was suprised by how...well...real she was. Most actresses that i've talked to only talk about material things, like their nails and their new stylist, but she had so much more to say "Awh, crap, i'm sorry, I have to be going," she looked up at me and smiled apologetically from looking at her cellphone, "Don't worry about it. I'll tell the rest of the guys," I smiled at her, disappointed that I couldn't talk to her more "But here," She started to write something on a piece of paper, "I like you. You can call me if you ever get bored. I'm an insomniac," she smiled and handed me the paper, "It was nice to meet you Ryan," she grinned and kisssed my cheek once again. I could feel my face flush, and she laughed lightly at the shocked and pretty ecstatic look on my face before she walked out of the party. Oh the things that Arielle Ocean does to me.


YAYYY! did you like it? Oh! and if you have any suggestions for a first date or anything at all, let me know :D And btw: i don't really think Heath Ledger is gay haha.
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