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Crazy On You

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Will Ryan and Arielle's date go smoothly....or end up a tabloid mess? Also, Brendon is celibate?

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Thanks you guys so much for the reviews. I love them all.
no joke. But here is the "long awaited" next segment. Enjoy!


"On the field I remember you were incredible, hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah," she sang along loudly to The Killers Andy, you're a star "On the mats with the boys you think you're alone, with the pain that you drain from love, in a car with a girl promise me she's not your world, CAUSE ANDY YOU'RE A STAR!"

Today was one of Arielle's frivolous days off. She enjoyed the quiet, or rather, she enjoyed not having to hear Julian's loud mouth, "ARIELLE ANTOINETTE OCEAN!" Julian kicked her door open over dramatically " What the hell is THIS?!" he held a magazine in her face. The headline read "Arielle Ocean and Ryan Ross: Has she taken an interest in the Panic hottie?" She looked to her doorway to an apologetic Sophie, "We were simply talking, it's no big deal," She shrugged, "Why yes, it IS a big deal. You don't seem to understand that when actresses "talk" to someone, the public assumes that they're dating. And it would be bad for your image if people saw that you were dating some pretentious musician," he shook his head, "Well, he isn't pretentious at all. And...I like him." she noddd her head, much to Julian's dismay "Well, that really doesn't matter. The public may backlash against you if they dont find you guys to be a good couple, making YOU lose much of your fan base," Julian did have a point, as much as she didn't like it.

" Are you actually going to listen to Julian?" Sophie asked her, as she sat in a salon chair. Arielle was getting primped for a public appearance, "well, I guess so. I could care less about what people say about my choices of boyfriends, though he is right about my fanbase." Arielle shrugged. She didn't want to listen to Julian at all. She had taken a liking to the quiet, well mannered Ryan Ross. He was so different from everyone else around her. Everyone else was smug or a kissass to her, minus Pete and his group of friends, but Ryan...he was just...real "Elle, you have a phone call!" Sophie interrupted her thoughts, closely followed by Interpol's "C'mere", her ringtone "Hello, Arielle Ocean's phone, her assistant Sophie speaking, who is this?" Sophie was so professional when she answers the phone, "Ryan Ross?" Arielle nearly killed herself and almost got her ear cut clean off by the stylist when she attempted to grab the phone "Hello?"
"Yeah, whats up?"
"Nothing really, The guys and I are just enjoying our day off"
"Oh really, so you aren't up to anything today?"
"Not that I know of, why?"
"Come with me somewhere?"
"The best things in life have no answers. What hotel are you at?"
"The Four Seasons..."
"Dress pretty for me sweetheart, I'll be there in a few,"
And with that, she hung up.
She would teach Julian, no EVERYONE a lesson that day. Do NOT tamper with Arielle Ocean's lovelife.


Ryan POV

As I hung up the phone with her, I couldn't help but feel like that was the oddest phone conversation of my was that one time when Brendon called me in high school and asked me if I would still be his friend if he started dressing like Elton John. I said 'no' just in case you were wondering.

Then it hit me. SHE WAS PICKING ME UP. I scrambled through mounds and mounds of clothes, searching for the perfect outfit. Wow, i felt like such a girl, "What are you freaking out for?" Brendon popped his head in my room, wearing a pair of purple feetie pajamas with dinosaurs on them and a toothbrush in his mouth, "Normally, i'd ask what grade you were in...BUT SHE'S GOING TO BE HERE ANY MINUTE!!" I gasped, rummaging through more clothes, "SHUT UP! These pajamas are cool! Anyway, who's going to be here?" Brendon attempted to defend himself, but I was too busy to care "Arielle!!" I answered him quickly, hoping he wouldn't bug me about it, "ARIELLE OCEAN?! SHE'S COMING HERE?! TO PICK YOU UP?!??!" I guess I spoke too soon, "Yes! And I have NO idea what to wear," Oh yeah, I sounded like a girl bigtime, "Wear this," Brendon handed me his favorite tuxedo..that cost like $5846830268436732678326792 dollars, "Are you serious? I can wear this?" I asked him, bewildered by his generousity. Normally, he acted like a 5 year old. Don't get me wrong, the kid is one of my best friends, but he was a pain in the ass, "Yeah. I haven't seen you look so excited in a long time. Besides, she's like...super hot, so if this tux doesn't win it for you, then you suck," he patted my shoulder, and left the room randomly...but not before telling Spencer and Jon "You better score one for the team!!" Jon gave me a thumbs up. He always says the stupidest things, "So uh, do you need any manly tips from the ol' Spencemeister?" Spencer put his arm on my shoulder, and coughed into his hand. You know, like guys do in those movies, when they talk really highly of themselves and stare up into the sky? "Yeah right. You haven't gotten laid in ages. Brendon has even gotten laid more than you, and he's been like, celibate!" Jon mocked Spencer, putting an imaginary cartoon raincloud over his parade, "I AM NOT CELIBATE!" Brendon yelled from the bathroom, "OR GAY!" He added in, most likely just so Jon wouldn't say it. Just as Jon was about to counter Brendon's comment, there was a light knock at the door.

Jon, Spencer and I tripped over each other to get to the door, so Brendon answered it "Well hello there pretty lady," he grinned at a small blonde girl at the door, "I'm here for Ryan," she smirked at Brendon, "NO FAIR! HOW COME HE GETS TWO HOT GIRLS!!?!?!" He whined, and slapped me on the shoulder, "Not like that you bloke. I mean, Miss Ocean is waiting in the car, are you ready?" She spoke with an Australian accent "Yeah," I mumbled quietly, "So wait...since you aren't ACTUALLY here for Ryan....sup?" Brendon leaned on the door opening, "Talk to me when you get our of 3rd grade," she shook her head at his feetie pajamas,"But these are cool...." he mumbled under his breath...though no one heard him over Jon and Spencer's laughter.

As we approached the limousine, I think that her assistant caught on to my nervousness...I take that back, I know she did, "Don't be so nervous. She likes you. I can always tell when she takes a fancy to people," Even though that should have made me feel didn't.

I mean, despite the fact that I was nervous beyond belief, a lot of it was excitement. She was so different from any other girl I had ever come into contact with, famous or not. I wanted to know anything about her.


WOOOO! How will this date go? I personally enjoyed how the boys were portrayed. It makes for good comedic relief. Let me know what you think of it! :D
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