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Theresa smiled and said, 'You know me better than that.'

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Chapter 5: Not So Ludicrous

Theresa fell asleep on the couch with Jay staring worriedly over her, and eventually falling asleep on the end of the couch.
'Don't they make such a cute couple?' Atlanta asked her husband as he fried eggs in the kitchen.
'Yah,' Archie replied. 'Because they so don't hate each other,'
'Arch,' Atlanta rested her hands on his shoulders. 'You have to learn how to read between the lines. Don't you ever go out? Live a little.'
'That never leads to anything good,' Archie replied sarcastically. 'That's what you said about having a family.'
Atlanta lightly punched his arm and he spun around.
'Kidding,' he said softly, his arms slithering around her waist. 'I love our kids; you're not that bad either.'
'You're so bad.' Atlanta laughed.
'You haven't seen me on Halloween,' Archie mumbled sexily.
'Oh, what smells so good and where can I get some of it?' Herry asked, jumping down the stairs and plopping himself down onto the chair closest to the T.V.
'Eggs,' Atlanta responded, walking over to him.
'But who's making it,' Herry asked again. 'Neil's never up this early and Odie left for the lab this morning.' He walked into the kitchen and gasped.
'Oh, no,' he laughed, running out of the kitchen, only to be followed by Archie in a frilly blue apron. 'Someone ring the fire alarm! It's gonna blow any second!'
Atlanta kept in a burst of laughs, but couldn't hold in her snort.
'Hey, Archie said seriously, yet a broad smile on his face. 'That was uncalled for! And it's not funny!'
'Well,' Atlanta said innocently. 'It's a little funny.'
'So how'd you get him to learn how to cook?' Herry asked Atlanta as Archie returned to making the breakfast.
'Well,' she answered. 'It's not like he could have gotten any worse, right? I was getting really tired of cooking all the time and the firemen were getting tired of coming to our house. I forced him into an Italy cooking class and since then he's been a regular Iron Chef.'
'What time is it?' Theresa mumbled as she rubbed her eyes, waking up.
'Like,' Atlanta answered, checking her watch. '8:30,'
'Cool,' Theresa said, blinking herself awake and looking over at the man just waking up at the end of the couch. 'Hello handsome.' She flirted quietly.
'I see you're feeling better,' Jay said, sitting up and resting his hands on her long slender legs. 'So, tell me exactly what you saw last night.'
'What did you see?' Neil asked, strutting down the stairs, a pair of tan pants hanging loosely on his waist, his black designer blazer, slung over his shoulder.
'Theresa had a vision of the next victim,' Jay explained. 'So? Who was it? Anyone we know?'
'No,' Theresa said, licking her lips. 'But I didn't really get a sense of danger for her, more of an emotional pain, like she's going to know exactly what happened to the Vic. I think she was around eleven, and she kind of reminded me of faith, do you remember he, Archie?' Theresa called over to him in the kitchen.
'She was a cute kid, huh?' Herry said fondly.
'Yah, but there's been something bugging me even more,' Theresa added. 'Do remember that build board behind Alexander Smith? Well did you actually read it, or at least look at it?'
'Yah, it said something about sowing, or weaving, or something.' Herry answered, scratching his head.
'It read 'Weaving beyond the Stars' and it had a background of stars and moons in space. All three of the women were wearing sunglasses, and one had her sunglasses tilted, so that you could see only one of her eyes; or just her one eye.'
'Wait,' Jay said, standing up and frowning. 'You say that you only saw one eye?'
Jay snapped his fingers in triumph. 'That's it!' he exclaimed. 'The Fates! But why would they use a space background?'
'Cronos!' They all exclaimed, even Archie as he came out of the kitchen and slamming the cooking cloth down onto the table.
'It's Cronos that's behind all this,' Atlanta said fiercely. 'Well that explains the tattoos, the crazed, psychotic way of killing people, but why now? Why would he choose a millionaire, and a T.V psychic?'
'Funny thing is,' Theresa added. 'Crystal Palm isn't even a real psychic; she's just one of those pretend ones. Only a real psychic can tell,' Neil eyed her suspiciously and Theresa sighed. 'I mean me, Neil!'
Jay's PMR rang and he flipped up the top to see Odie's dark face, his eyes weary but still glinted, like he had just won a long race.
'Jay, you'll never guess who's behind these killings.' Odie said.
'Oh, Odie,' Jay responded, looking at Theresa. 'I think I might.'


'Remember our actual mission,' Odie began, leading the others to his lab. 'To stop the typhus, remember? But I think that that ship has sailed...a long time ago.'
Jay sat crossed his arms as he entered Odie's lab and frowned.
'I think I know a way to lure Cronos out.' He said seriously. 'Think about it: Alexander equals money, and Crystal equals to knowledge. If there's anything about villains that I know, there are the three main motives: revenge, money, and knowledge. Cronos wants all three, revenge against us, money to get supplies, and knowledge on how to defeat us. But what we need are two famous people that are one of us.' Everyone turned to Theresa and Neil.
'No, no, no, no, no,' Theresa shook her head.
'What? What no?' Neil asked, pulling out his pocket mirror and checking his complexion. 'Do I have something on my face? Is there something wrong with my hair? Oh, of course not, but what?'
'Be the bait.' Theresa said dully.
'Neil, you're a very attractive guy, the most attractive guy, so we need you and Theresa to attract Cronos-' Atlanta said quickly.
'I don't think Cronos is a people-person.' Neil whispered and Theresa and Archie snorted.
'Into our trap.' Atlanta finished.
'Okay,' Neil said simply. 'But I get to choose what we're wearing.'
'Fine, whatever,' Theresa said in a bored tone. 'Just nothing stupid or degrading or that'll make me look bad, fat, or like a prostitute.'


'This is not what I had in mind,' Theresa said, her arms crossed and being forced out of Herry's truck.
'Now get out there and strut your stuff!' Atlanta laughed, closing the door.
Theresa wore a red, sexy, tube top with rhinestones encrusted in a star on the front. She wore a black leather mini-skirt and knee high black boots.
'Neil,' Theresa whined. 'This makes me look like a stripper!'
'Hey you didn't say that you didn't want to look fat, bad, or like a prostitute, never said anything about strippers.'
'Neil, this is ludicrous!' Theresa pouted, crossing her arms and pulling a sweater and sunglasses over her 'clothes'.
'What does that mean?'
'It means that this is completely ridiculous, just like these clothes, and just like you!' I a going to take off my sunglasses go out there for ten minutes, and then I'm climbing back into the car, with or without Cronos or you!' Theresa said venomously at Neil.
'Do you want to take anything else off?' Neil asked jokingly.
'Ugh, get out of my face.' Theresa laughed as she walked out into the streets of New Olympia.
They walked around for a while, well over ten minutes, and no one was in sight.
'I'm going to check around the corner,' Theresa said to him. 'Keep your PMR on, just in case.'
'You too.'
They split up, and the corner that Theresa turned soon turned into a dark alley. Theresa's psychic sense going crazy and she felt someone's grubby hands curl around her arms.
'Oh, you do not want to mess with me tonight,' Theresa said, anger rising up at Neil, for being an idiot, to Jay, for being so oblivious and not kissing her, and to Cronos for doing all of those horrible things. 'I am in a really bad mood!' She yelled and threw the man over her head and into the trash can closest. She then proceeded to lifting him up by his shirt and ordering, 'You are not going to hurt anyone again, or I will be back. Sometime, there will be a time when you do this to a cop, or karate instructor, and they will feel no harm in hurting you, or killing you. Am I making myself clear?'
The man nodded excitedly.
'Good,' Theresa said stiffly, and she threw him to the brick wall, hard. She quietly walked out of the alleyway and towards Herry's truck with Neil running up to her.


Jay was in the car, his foot tapping the floor impatiently, waiting for Theresa to return. And Neil, sure, yah, Jay just wanted her-them back. He heard a girl scream, much like Theresa would, and told the others to stay put and he raced out of the car towards the source of the noise. He found himself running down a dark alleyway, both cold and damp.
'Ah, Jay, so good of you to stop by,' the deep voice sounded from the shadows.
'Cronos,' Jay shouted in true hatred. 'Where's Theresa?'
Cronos cackled evilly.
'Oh, Jay,' He said. 'Who said that I have Theresa?' The God lowly stepped out of the shadows with his scythes wrapped around the neck and waist of a young, yet unharmed girl. She had sandy blonde, straight hair, hazel eyes, slight freckles, and was very small.
'Let her go.' Jay ordered him slowly through clenched teeth, his fists balling.
'As you wish,' Cronos replied quietly, releasing her to the ground forcefully. Jay caught her before she hit the ground, but realized that she was unconscious.
'What have you done to her?' Jay asked angrily, slowly pulling out his gun.
'Oh, I wouldn't do that Jay,' Cronos said, walking back into the shadows and a portal. 'You might traumatize her.'
'How about I kill you?' Jay shouted, sitting the girl down, and firing a shot at Cronos with his gun.
Cronos raised his hand quickly in front of the bullet and it halted in its tracks, and then shot back at Jay. He leaped over to the side just in time, but it still caught his shoulder. Jay refused to shout out in pain, but bit his tongue so hard his eyes watered. He pulled out his xiphos and tried to slice through Cronos' body, but his scythes were two. Cronos used one to hold up the sword and the other to slice his stomach.
'Ahh!' Jay let out a pained yell, and forced himself to move his sword over to Cronos. He would not let Cronos win. He couldn't.
'Shouldn't you be in fucking Tartarus?' Jay grunted angrily.
'I make a doppelganger of myself to got here,' Cronos answered. 'For all they know, I'm still in my cell.'
'A whole clone for a couple of nights?' Jay asked, laughing beyond the pain.
'Not a clone, a doppelganger,' Cronos corrected him. 'Quite different really.'
'Enough small talk Cronos,' Jay said. 'Let's finish this, once and for all!'
'Oh,' Cronos smiled, 'You know I'd love to, but I must decline your gracious invitation.' Cronos stepped back and fell through a portal, immediately closing behind him.
'Damn,' Jay muttered and looked down at the girl sadly. 'I guess we should bring you home.' He picked her up, and headed towards the car to bring her to the Brownstone.


'What were you thinking?' Theresa screamed at him. 'First of all, you go to find 'me' without backup, then you proceeded to get shot, sliced in the stomach, still fought, made small talk with Cronos, and bring home the girl I saw in my vision. Not very smart Jay!'
'Theresa,' Jay defended, running his hands through his hair, lying down on his bed. 'I couldn't have left her there, she might have needed her help.'
'Oh, I know that Jay,' Theresa said softly, sitting on his bed and gesturing for the others to bring the unconscious girl into Theresa's room. 'But you should never go without backup, even if you are trying to prove some mach-guy-thing.'
'Yah,' Jay nodded quietly. 'I know.'
'That was just about sweetest, bravest thing you've ever done,' Theresa said gently, stroking his cold cheek. 'It was also really, really dumb.'
'You know I'm still weak,' Jay said, smiling.
'So sweet, so brave,' Theresa said, laughing. 'You have a twig stuck in your shirt,' she added. 'Here, let me get it for you.' She leaned over to his other shoulder, over him, and felt his body heat on her face. She plucked it off of his shirt and her hand moved over to his neck.
'You've changed so much,' she whispered, he other hand stroking his short hair.
'You too,' He sat up slightly, and he moved in closer to Theresa. Their lips connected for an instant, but she pulled away.
'Don't we hate each other?' She asked.
He smiled and said, 'You know me better than that.' He went in for another kiss, but pulled back.
'Don't you have a fiancé?' He asked.
Theresa smiled and said, 'You know me better than that.'
They kissed for what felt like hours and neither pulled back. Two unmarried heroes in love, a prophecy on its own.
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