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Chapter 31: Same Blood

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Chapter 31 means that this story is close to an ending. Plot: Brendon and Lilee see some old friends.

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It was a couple of hours before the next concert for bamboozle. The band was walking around the area. Roaming the area in couples.

"May I ask why we're walking around again?" Lilee moaned.

"Sure." Brendon laughed.

"Okay. Why are we walking around then?"

He chuckled. "This pregnancy thing is really getting to your head, isn't it?"

She glared at him.

"Fine, fine. We're walking around for no reason what so ever. But we might run into old friends."

She laughed. "I know them right?"

"Probably... though... do you know the guys of MCR personally?"

"Oh god... yes I do."

"You make it seem like a bad thing?"

"Not that. I met them when I was fourteen. They were so nice. They thought I was going to be one of the saviors of teenage souls... but I wind up pregnant."

"But you're a responsible pregnant teenager with a very supportive boyfriend."

"Yeah, but Gerard is overly protective and might be a little confused when he sees me, you... and this."

Brendon stopped and took Lilee's hand. "God, you're being so paranoid. They can't reject you for this. It's not your fault."

She grinned. "Yeah. They'll be angry at you."

"Well look who it is!" A familiar voice said.

Lilee hid behind Brendon.



"What have you been up to these past two years that we haven't been on tour with you and you're never on aim."

Brendon smiled. "I got my e-mail address deleted by cursing at some kid who called me emo shit and lost all my data so I had to change it. And spending it with Lilee..." Brendon looked over his shoulder to find Lilee, shaking nervously and smiling. "Who is right behind me."

"Give me your jacket." She whispered.


"Give it to me!"

Brendon did as she said and gave it to her.

"Lilee? The 14 year old cute Lilee Leto that I knew?"

She came from behind Brendon and smiled. "Yeah. It's me... half all grown up!"

Frank came out to hug her. Lilee didn't know what to do, so she did. Frank gave an odd look, then smiled. "No way. When did this happen?"

"7 months ago." She muttered.

He laughed. "I'm a little late, I guess..."

"7 months late." She smiled. "You're taking this much better than I thought."

"Eh. I've been through the 'HOLY CRAP! SHE'S A TEENAGER AND PREGNANT' stage."

Brendon cocked an eyebrow. "You?"

"Not me. I was smart enough to use condoms. It was Gerard."

"Whoa! How old was he?"


"See Lilee. He won't go ballistic!"

Frank grinned. "Yes he will." He said. "He has two daughters, remember that. He'll hate it if one of them winds up in her position. I don't see what the big deal is. At least you have a supporting family and boyfriend."

Lilee shuddered in worry. "I'm still younger than him... he couldn't get angry at me."

"Not at you. But because Gerard and Brendon here, are good friends he'll get angry at him."

Lilee giggled at that.

Frank patted her shoulder. "That's the Lilee I know. Not the paranoid teenage pregger girl that I just met." He smiled.

"Should we find him and get it over with?" Brendon asked.

Lilee smiled. "I'd like to thank Frank for boosting up my confidence."

"Well, have fun and don't get killed." Frank winked as the couple left.

They walked around for a couple of minutes before Lilee stopped walking.

"What?" Brendon asked.

"I can't do this. He's gonna get way angry."

"Well, you told your dad. You told me. Whoa.. you told me. The father of this thing." He rubbed her stomach.

"Yeah, but you took it simple."

"Yeah, but you know my temper also and I could've went crazy."

"Stop proving your points."

"Oh come on, Lils! I haven't seen him since... a long time ago."

She rolled her eyes. "Fine, but don't blame me when you get screamed at."


When they found Gerard he was already talking to Ryan and Kara. Ryan waved to them, followed by that Gerard looked in their direction.

Brendon approached Gerard with Lilee following behind.

"Brendon! Hey, how are you?"

"I'm great, what about you?"

"Things are going good as well." Gerard grinned from ear to ear. "Lilee?"

Lilee smiled. "Hi Gerard..."

"Holy shit.. I can't believe you're 18!"

"Yeah, neither can I!" She said. 'God, I suck at lying. He'll notice soon enough.' She looked around. "I'll be right back..."

Brendon grabbed her hand. "No you won't. Just fucking tell him, sweetie."

"No. Why don't you?"

Gerard cocked an eyebrow. "Tell me what?"

Lilee switched her eyes to Gerard and quickly put on a smile. "Yeeaah..."

"Lilee's pregnant." Brendon said.


"I'm pregnant... okay! Thank you Brendon! Blame him! I am 7 months pregnant and it's because of him!" She said, pointing to Brendon.

"You're pregnant? Lilee and Brendon... you guys are going to be parents ?"

Lilee stood next to Brendon. "Yes."

Gerard smiled. "Congratulations."

Lilee dropped her mouth to the floor.

"Frankie... huh? He was just trying to scare you." Gerard laughed.

Ryan smiled. "I already told him... he had a few minutes to calm down before you guys came." He said.

Lilee breathed in relief. "Thank you Ryan. I still remember from when I was 14, Gerard." She smiled. "You freaked out over the fact that my dad still wasn't married and had me."

"I'm still freaked out over the fact that you're 18, pregnant and un-married."

"Oh come on, Gerard! I won't leave her. I wasn't using her for sex! I have something in mind anyways..." Brendon said, shortly before kissing Lilee's cheek.

"You better have not been using me!"

"I know better than that."

"Well guys. The concert starts in a few minutes. I have to go. It was great seeing all of you." Gerard waved goodbye.

"What do you say?" Ryan asked.

"Thank you, Ryan, for saving my ass."

Ryan smiled. "No problem."


"Brendon?" Lilee asked. "The next time you go on tour, is in 2 months... I'm due... in 2 months."

Brendon stared into her blue eyes. "Yeah, but you're not due until a week after we go on tour."

"You're not psychic so you don't know, I could go into labor a little early."

"I'm sure everything'll be fine. Even if you do... we have everyone looking after you." He smiled.

Lilee smiled back.

"You can trust me on this." He kissed her cheek.

I'm so happy because school ends in 4 weeks. dances I'm moving out of my bitch invested school! jumps up and down I'll be able to post new chapters so often your heads will explode! dances again 8th grade graduation, I'm getting a lap top! screams
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