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looking throught your eyes

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jay has never told his friends about his singing and he thought he would never have to. not untill his friends fine out over a school concert for his music class. J/T and some A/A

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Jay was thinking what would ever go wrong on a Monday morning besides it being the morning and all and them having classes. He was always happy because it was there first period class that he had with just him and Theresa. Jay has always like Theresa since the moment they met each other. Archie would always tease him for liking Theresa. But he really didn't care anymore for once he would wish that he could tell her how he really felt and see if she felt the same but he didn't get the courage to do that. Little did he know that Theresa had the same feeling for him! This morning's class was going to change everything between them because jay was going to tell her how he felt and Theresa was going to do the same thing. As soon as jay gets to school has going to tell her and then well open up for rejection.

At school

Jay was the first to get into his class then the rest of his class mates fell in with Theresa tagging along with them. Theresa sat down in the seat next to jay as she also waited for there music class to start. Then came there teacher Ms. Aphrodite (yes the goddess of love and beauty) she started the class of with a warm up.

"Clear your throats class and now la la la la la la la la now repeat." Said Ms. Aphrodite

The whole class repeated.

"Now I want to start off by telling you that I will be giving you a test this afternoon which yes it is our next class " ms. Aphrodite said


Then Theresa said out loud

"But that's to early we don't even know what to do for our test" Theresa said worried

"Now don't every one worried about that I will be partnering everyone up in pairs so that everyone will sing in a group of two. Now jay and Theresa will be one pair and Jason and Serena will be another......" Ms. Aphrodite went on and on

Jay looked at Theresa and said "I guess were not eating lunch today"

Theresa nodded her head.

Now class I have songs here that u will sing in a duet and then perform in front of the class this afternoon." Said Ms. Aphrodite. "Now get to work"

Theresa went and got a piece of paper from Ms. Aphrodite's desk and went back to jay.

"Kay well this is our song Looking Through Your Eyes from the quest for Camelot" Theresa said

Jay looked at her and then said "I loved that movie I would always sing with it"

"Kay well lets start" said Theresa looking down at the lyrics

"Ok" said jay

(Now the following with jay sing italic and Theresa singing normal and then both together bold)
Jay: Look at the sky
Tell me what do you see
Just close your eyes
and describe it to me
the heavens are sparkling
with starlight tonight
that's what I see
through your eyes

Theresa: I see the heavens
Each time that you smile
I hear your heartbeat
Just go on for miles
And suddenly I know
My life is worth while
That's what I see
Through your eyes

Both: Here in the night
I see the sun
Here in the dark
Our two hearts are one
It's out of our hands
We can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise
Looking through your eyes

Theresa: I look at myself
and instead I see us
whoever I am now
it feels like enough

Jay: And I see a girl
who is learning to trust
that's who I see through your eyes

Both: Here in the night
I see the sun
Here in the dark
Our two hearts are one
It's out of our hands
We can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise
Looking through your eyes

Theresa: And there are some things we don't know
Sometimes a heart just needs to go

Jay: And there is so much I'll remember
underneath the open sky with you forever

Both: Here in the night
I see the sun
Here in the dark
Our two hearts are one
It's out of our hands
We can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise
Looking through your eyes

Theresa was now looking in jays eyes and all she saw was love in him and it made her feel safe. jay saw this and started to move closer to her now they could feel each others breath against each others face they were going in even closer and jay could taste the cherry lip boom Theresa had on they were about to close the gap when.

Beep beep

Theresa just looked at jay and they quickly move apart Theresa was now running thought the door to go to her next class gym which she shared with the rest of the gang. But she still had jay with her in her class.

Theresa ran to gym like now tomorrow. Then she ran right in to Atlanta little did she know that jay was right beside her to catch her.

"Oh sorry lannie" said Theresa then she looked up to see who had cached her and then she saw jay holding her. "Oh sorry jay I didn't mean for me to fall backwards" she said with out looking in to his eyes.

"Its ok therri as long as your ok" jay said

"Yeah I'm ok" Theresa was now in jays arms in the middle of the hall way. She looked in to his eyes and then he looked back

Jay was thinking to him self "just tell her it's the perfect time tell her now"

Theresa was thinking the same thing

"Theresa can I tell u something that's really important to me" jay said with her still in his arms.

"Yeah shoot" Theresa said

"Well you see it that I like your personality and I think that your beautiful in every way and what I'm trying to say is that I -I lo-love you therri and I always will." He said looking in to her eyes.

Theresa didn't know what to say she thought that he like someone else but he likes her and that made her day. Jay looked away like he was embarrassed about it.

"Jay I love you too and I always will" Theresa said with all her heart.

Jay looked up when he heard that. But what they forgot was that they had gym and that Atlanta was right there.

"Well I'm going to gym before I get in to trouble coming therri" said Atlanta pulling Theresa off of jay.

"Yeah I'll see you in gym Kay" said Theresa looking back at jay.

"Yeah bye" said jay going in to the guys change room.

Theresa and aslant went in to the girls.

In the gym

"Everyone was going to play a little game lets see who can do the most laps in this whole gym class." Said mar. Ares


Jay had already only told Archie cause that's his beat guy friend. Theresa and jay both know that Atlanta knew and everyone in the entire school was going to find out soon.
Archie just looks at Atlanta and she knows what has thinking let's tell it out loud that everybody will hear.

"So jay yelled Atlanta "when's your first date with Theresa"
"Yeah man when it is or did we just miss it" said Archie

"What ever man I won't tell you guys and besides your so jealous Archie any way because you have never let your feelings out for that person you told me about" said jay with a smile on.
"Yeah Atlanta you too" Theresa said

"Therri you said that you would never say anything at school" Atlanta said worried

"Well then if you won't tell then I'll tell and I think it would be easier if you told him" said Theresa with a smile

"Fine I'll tell but at my own time" said Atlanta

"Fine but it has to be today and at the end of this class" said Theresa in a whisper

Theresa walked away from Atlanta and went up to jay and grabbed his hand and made him follow her to the outside track leaving Atlanta and Archie to there talking hoping that they will tell each other.

"Archie I need to tell you something" said Atlanta looking at the floor

"Same here it's really important to um could I go first thought" Archie said

"Ok" said Atlanta

"Listen threes this girl and I really like her and I don't know if she likes me back and I was wondering um should I tell her how I feel" said Archie looking at Atlanta

"Um yeah you should she probably likes you back cause you're a great guy and who wouldn't" Atlanta said looking at the floor sad that Archie likes this other girl

Ok well I just told her right now" Archie said smiling

"What me" Atlanta said shocked

"Yeah your sweet kind caring and well a lot stubborn but I like that about you cause I m the same" said Archie

"Oh arch I think that I love you and I really want to get together with you" Atlanta said with tears in her eyes

Archie leaned in and kissed Atlanta on the lips they were like that for a while until Theresa said "so when the wedding"
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