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I proposed

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Based on the video 'The ghost of you' and how Gerard and his family cope with whats happened. (But I wont say what has happened incase for some strange reason you haven't seen the video)

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The year was 1942, three years into the second world war. Five men stood behind a stage. These men were Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro and Bob Bryar. They were waiting to go on stage and sing infront of their colony and their colonies girlfriends. The men sat on one side of the room, running combs through thier hair, whilst the woman sat on the other. Smiling and giggling whilst pointing out thier loved one.
Gerard and the guys walked on stage, Gerard grabbed the Mike and the song instantly started. The men stood up and the girls chatted excitedly as they walked across the room. The song had barely started when everyone was dancing. This was the night before the colony went to war on a beach in the south of France. Germans were there already and the plans had been made and practiced, at 4:30 tommorow morning they would be getting up and getting ready to get a boat to France where they would fight a battle. Everyone forgot about their nerves as they danced.
The song finished, and was replaced with an upbeat tune. Gerard sang, his voice was amazing, and he knew that he would be respected by the other men in the colony after tonight, as would Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob. After 2 hours, the clock struck nine and the generals shouted out last dance. People murmered un - happily but the men had to be in bed soon, so as to get some rest before their early start. Mikey looked wistfully at a girl in the croud. Gerard didnt know much about her, only that she and Mikey had been dating for 2 years and that her name was Alicia. Gerard looked at the others, they all nodded, showing they were thinking the same as Gerard, and that they agreed...
"Hey, Mikey!" Whispered Gerard as people coupled up onto the dance floor, leaving Alicia alone on the edge of the dance floor with out a date. Mikey looked at Gerard.
"What?" He asked.
"Go on" Said Gerard, nodding at Alicia.
" mean?" Mikey pointed towards Alicia and then the dance floor. Gerard nodded smiling.
"Go on bro, your not going to be seeing her for some time thanks to this battle" He said. Mikey smiled and nodded before running off the stage and hugging Alicia before leading her to the dance floor.

Gerard climbed into his bunk, Mikey lay in the bunk below his. Ray and Frank shared a bunk and Bob shared one with a guy called Matt.
"Gee..." Said Mikey.
"Mmmm" Replied Gerard already half asleep.
"I...I proposed to Alicia tonight." Said Mikey. Gerard leaned over the edge of his bed to see Mikey staring at him, Frank, Ray and Bob were watching them too.
"What did she say?" Asked Frank. Mikey smiled.
"She said Yes!" He grinned. Gerard smiled and cheered with the rest of the men in the room who had all been listening. Gerard dropped out of his bunk and hugged Mikey.
"Awww, I'm so happy for you bro!" He laughed.
"Thanks Gee!" Mikey replied, but there was a hint of sadness in his voice. "I just hope we can come home soon..." He added. Gerard smiled at his younger brother.
"Don't worry Mikey, we'll be home before you know it and then you'll be married to Alicia!" He promised. Mikey smiled before climbing back into his bunk, Gerard did the same and the lights were turned out.
"Night..." Mumbled Mikey.
"Night" Came the reply of 24 other men.
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