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Stay safe

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The war begins

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A loud trumpet sounded, signalling the time to get up. Gerard dropped out of his bunk and began to get dressed.
After 5 minutes everyone was up and either ready, or almost ready...every one except for Frank who was still in his bunk, like always, the last one to get up.
"Come on Frank, its the big day! Get up already so we can go kick some German ass!" Said Gerard nudging Frank. Frank groaned.
"I don't wanna..." He said sleepily.
"Come on Frank. Just think of Hitler." Gerard said nudging him again.
"Just promise that I get to pull off his moustache and I'll get up..." Frank mumbled.
"Alright, I promise" Said Gerard. Frank yawned, stretched and slowly got out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and looked around the room.
"Am I last up again?"

Everyone sat at the long grey tables eating a bowl of porridge. They were all nervous and some men were shaking.
"Do you realise in about 4 hours we'll be killing people?" Said Ray. Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Bob all nodded.
"But...doesn't it make you feel...wierd...I mean, life is the most valuable thing in this world and all we have to do is pull a trigger and then...we kill some one...don't you think thats kinda...big?" He asked. They nodded again, they all understood and felt the same.
"We don't have a choice. We signed up because there were no jobs at home, and the money we get from this will keep us for life, just remember, it only takes one German to pull a trigger and he'll kill you, they're not going to think twice about it so neither are we." Said Gerard. Ray sighed and carried on eating.
"I'm not hungry" Mumbled Bob and he pushed his bowl away.
"You've got to eat Bob, who knows how long its going to be until we eat again. You can't fight a war on an empty stomach" Said Frank, Bob reluctantly pulled his bowl back and continued to eat. Mikey was silent, he was thinking about Alicia. He loved her so much and he didn't want to go. How long would it be until he got back?
His thoughts were stopped when they had to leave to get their weapons and head off. The generals kept them moving quickly, eager to get going.

Soon they were on a big boat, on their way to France. No one was talking, everyone was thinking about what they had to do, going over the plans, writing letters home. For some, the last letters they would ever write...
Mikey was writing one with Gerard.

'Dear Mother,
Gerard and I are both happy and well, we are on the ship to France. In around half an hour we will be getting onto small lifeboats to row to the beach.There we will be fighting against German forces, of course by the time you read this we would have already done that. We promise we'll try not to get too many injuries, though a few battle scars would be quite good I think - Joke!
As you might already know, Alicia and I are going to marry. She told me she is staying with you whilst I am fighting, so as to get to know my family, I think this is wonderful and I am greatful to you for letting her stay. I'm sure you will agree that she is a wonderful woman, I love her very much and I can't wait to get home and marry her, I know the thought will help me through this war.
Frank, Ray and Bob are also well, Frank still gets sick a lot but I think being in the army has toughened him up! He's now asking me what I mean by that, I think I may have insulted him!
We all hope you are doing well mother, hope to be home soon. We shall write as much as we can,
All our love, your sons,
Gerard and Mikey. xxx'

Mikey finished the letter, let Gerard check it and then put it in an envelope wich was collected by one of the generals to be posted. Soon after they were all taken to the top deck to get in life boats for the rest of the journey.
'Privates Raymond Toro, Frank Iero, Bob Bryar, Micheal Way, Gerard Way and Mathew Heafy in Boat six." They all stepped into the designated boat and waited.
Once all the boats were filled they were cast off and they were on there way. Mikey hugged his gun to his chest, Gerard was gazing out to sea lost in thought, Frank was clutching his crucifix necklace and murmering a final prayer, the rest were looking sick and nervous.
Soon they saw a beach coming into view. Giant X's were on the sand, who knows what there purpose was.
"Alright men, this is it, get ready" Said the Genaral that was with them. They checked their ammo and shouldered their guns.
"Good luck men" The general said, they all exchanged good lucks and final hugs, Gerard kissed Mikey's cheek.
"Stay safe Mikey" He said as he hugged him tight. Mikey nodded.
"And you" He replied.
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