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This is soooo depressing! :(

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-20 - Updated: 2007-05-20 - 616 words

They jumped out of the boat into knee deep salt water, they began to run towards the beach, clutching thier guns. All they could hear was men yelling and the sound of guns being fired.
Gerard shooted at some Germans as he ran, they had to get to the little alcove up the beach.
Frank was shooting at some Germans, he hit two and one of them almost caught him, he dived behind one of the big X's and waited for a second before getting up and running as fast as he could towards the alcove.
Ray was following Bob, shooting at Germans together they were doing quite well. They reached the alcove first.
Mikey was running towards an X, a German shot at him and missed, Mikey had run out of ammo, he didn't know how many Germans he had hit, but he knew he had to re - load. Diving behind an X he put some more ammo into his gun until it was full. He was out of breath but only a few metres away from the alcove. He ran out from behind the X and was about to make his way to the alcove when a fellow soldier was hit and landed into Mikey causing him to stumble and fall to the side, a German saw and instantly fired at Mikey hitting him in lower chest.
Mikey gasped in pain and fell into the sand on his back. The pain hit him fully in a second and he yelled out as loud as he could. He screwed up his eyes in pain and continued yelling, clutching at his wound.
Gerard was feet away from the alcove when he heard some one else yell out,another person hit...but they sounded familiar.
"God, no..." Mumbled Gerard as he spun round, he saw him straight away, lying in the sand, yelling and bleeding badly inthe chest.
"MIKEY!" Gerard screamed he began to run towards his younger brother when someone grabbed him from behind and held him back.
"NO GEE - ITS TOO DANGEROUS!" Cried Ray who was holding him. A medic ran over to Mikey and pressed a rag to his wound as they struggled to find something to stop it bleeding properly.
"LET ME GO RAY! HE'S MY LITTLE BROTHER! I HAVE TO HELP HIM! LET ME GO!" Gerard struggled against Ray screaming out for Mikey, who was screaming in pain. Frank and Bob had to help Ray restrain Gerard.
"Its too dangerouse Gee, theres nothing you can do!" Said Bob. But Gerard continued yelling and screaming, by now tears were falling down his cheeks as he fought to get to Mikey.
Mikey was in pain and he knew he was going to die. So many thoughts were going through his head, his mother, Alicia, how he loved her, Frank, Ray, Bob, Gee...GEE! He could hear him, screaming for him, he was trying to get to him but he was being stopped, it was too dangerouse, the medic was desperately trying to save Mikey.
"Hold on Mikey..." They said. Mikey screamed as another wave of un - bearable pain washed over him. He was letting go, he didn't want to but he couldn't hold on. All he could hear was Gerard.
"GEE" He yelled.
"MIKEY, MIKEY HOLD ON!" Gerard yelled back. But it was too late, Gerard watched in horror as Mikey screamed, but then his scream ended and his face relaxed...he lay still. Gerard stopped struggling and fell to his knees in the sand. Tears poured down his face and he felt himself breaking inside. He was sobbing un - controllably.
"MIKEY" He cried. But there was nothing anyone could do.
He was dead.
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