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Chapter 6

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Mikey and Dreams

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"Hello Welcome to Hot Topic. Is thas all that you will be buying today?"I said while taking deep breaths.

"Yes" Mikey said while smiling and nodding. I smiled and put it into a Bag.

"Here you go. and have a nice day." I said as he took the bag. He grabbed my hand and got a pen out. he started to write something on my hand.

"Do You wanna be in my pen-15 club?"He asked me while smirking. I nodded and he wrote something on my hand. it said PEN15.

"I dont get it....... Oh wait! I GET IT!hahahahaha!"I said. He smiled and wrote something else on my hand. It said Lets go to starbucks in about 10 minutes! OOO and heres my # 254-3689! OOO look 2 minutes have passed already. How about we go right now!-MiKeY!!!!!.

"Lets go!"He said while coming behiend the counter and grabbing my hand. I smiled and callled my friends to come.

"HELP! IM BEING RAPED!"I yelled towards my friends they just laughed. They noticed 5 guys and one of them pulling me with them so that made them think that i was actually being raped. I smiled and they raqn after me. "BYE HUNTER!"I yelled

"Bye Jessica!"He yelled back. Mikey pulled me into a Starbucks and sat me down in a corner. I pouted like a little girl. He smiled and stuck his toung out. Even though we only knew eack other for about 15 minutes I felt like i knew him forever(cliche I know). He walked up to the counter with the other guys and ordered coffee. Not long after they ordered. 3 Girls ran inside. I noted them and called them over.

"SIS!KARLI!KELSEY!over here."I yelled out to them. They ran over towards me.

"OHHMIGOD! jessica are you ok!?"Karli asked. I nodded.

"Im ok I was just Kidnapped by those guys over there." I said. Just as I said it the Guys came over with the drinks. My friends ran over to them and almost smacked them. I staopped them before they could. They didnt recognise the guys because they were wearing hoodies sunglasses and scarfs. I smiled and went behiend them. I pulled all thier hoods down and they took off their sunglasses with their free hands. Avery screamed. Karli squelled. Kelsey was jumping up and down. It Was right then that i actually realized i was with MCR and i started to Scream, and Jump up and down. I was soo happy. Finally they stopped us and sat at a table. I smiled and sat down. My friends sat down in shock.

"Jessica can i talk to you?" Mikey asked. I nodded.

"Sure. Lets go talk over there." I said while pointing to a table across the Coffee shop. He nodded and started to walk towards a table. He sat down and looked at me. I sat down and put my purse down.

"Ok this may sound weird and you might think im a freak but..... I had a dream about you. It was weird because I was looking for Frankie. So I called his number but I punched it in wrong and you picked the phone up. You said that you were going to our concert so we looked for you at the concert. We found you and I gave you backstage passes. so your friends and you went back stage and you came on stage with us. I told a story about a prince and a Damsel In Distress. Then I asked you out."He said looking right at me. I smiled.

"I had the same exact dream mikey." I said looking at me. He smiled and held my hand.

A/N: This was a short one but I always write short Chapters. Well I updated and I should update soon. schools out Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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