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And There's A Problem....

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what's in the house!?? Is it Patrick?! Is it an angry ex-boyfriend!? Is it a dinosaur?! i guess you'll neva know if you don't read.

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As Pete went up the stairs of Kates house, he braced himself for the worst. He came into the livingroom where everything was a mess. The couch was ripped, the lamp that was once sitting on a coffee table on the side of the couch, was now smashed into pieces and practially everything in the livingroom was destroyed.

As he went to investigate the kitchen, he was struck over the head by something hard, which made him collapse to the ground. When he looked up, he saw a masked man standing above him with a gun in his hand.

The man leaned over to grab Pete, but Pete managed to trip him, which made the man fall the ground. Pete, still feeling dizzy from being hit in the head, managed to get up and go to the phone. As he began to dial 9-11, three more men came into the room and grabbed him, forcing him onto the couch. Pete fought against them, but was too weak to fight off all three of them off.
The three men tackled him to the ground and tied up his hands and feet. Pete's option of running out of the house and screaming for help, was now out of the question.

One of the men lifted the gun to Pete's head. "Who are you?" He yelled.

Pete didn't answer.

"I said, who are you!?" He screamed.

"Pete Wentz." He answered nervously.

Just as the masked man was about to ask another question, Kate came walking through the door, unaware it wasn't safe. She gasped when she saw Pete tied up on the couch.

"Get on the ground!" The man screamed, pointing the gun to her head.

"Oh jesus, ok." She said lowering herself to the ground, allowing the men to tie up her hands. They put her on the couch next to her boyfriend.

"Pete, i'm scared." She whispered in his ear.

"Me to, Kate." He answered honestly.

The masked men closed the door tightly and locked it. Two of the men left the room and went upstairs, most likely to search for money or other valuable things to steal. One of the men stayed in the room keeping a close look out on Kate and Pete. He kept his gun clasped tightly in his hand, watching their every movement.

Kate looked at her boyfriend and realized something was wrong.

"Pete, your bleeding." She said in a worried tone.

"Oh, yeah, it's no big deal." He said, going in and out of consciousness. He didn't want to tell her what happened. That might worry her even more, which was not what he wanted.

"Let me see." She said as he put his head down. She looked at the back of his head.

"Your going to need stitches." She mumbled.

"Quit talking!" The masked man yelled.

Kate immediately stopped talking and scooted closer to Pete.

"Stand up!" He said loudly pointing the gun to Pete.

Pete did what he was told to avoid any further problems, and rose from the couch.

"Come here." The man growled.

Pete got a few steps closer to the man.

"I know who you are, your that famous guy from Fall Out Boy arent you?"

Pete nodded slightly.

"That's right, i knew you looked familiar." He paused.

"I never liked you." The man smacked Pete in the side of the face with his gun, which made Pete collapse to the ground, nearly passing out. He tried to stay awake, for he was in fear if he were to pass out, he would have no control as of what they might do to Kate.

"Pete!" Kate screamed. She slid off the couch and knealed next to her boyfriend.

One of the men called from the next room ordering for the guy in the room with them to come and take a look at something. The man left the room and went upstairs, leaving Kate and Pete alone.

"Pete, wake up!" She shook him slightly.

Pete groaned and opened his eyes. "My cell phone. Get my cell phone." He said, his voice now just above a whisper.

Kate nodded and grabbed the cell phone from his back pocket. She managed to quickly dial 9-11 and tell the people of their situation.

"Yes, i live on Three Twenty Three Maple Drive. I need an ambulence and the police. There are people in my house, holding me and my boyfriend hostage."

Pete could hear the person on the other line say they would be there as soon as they could. After that is when he blacked out.

Wasn't that intense?!?!? Dont cha' just wanna know what happends next!? Of corse you do!!
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