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Heaven Looks Awfully Familar

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Is Pete dead!? Oh no! (If you don't review, i'll have to kill off everyone)

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Pete awoke in a room filled with bright lights and no windows. He was on a bed, in a small room, that had two chairs in the corner. He remembered what had happened before he was in this room. He was at Kate's house getting the shit beat out of him by a man in a ski mask.
'That was fun.' He thought to himself

When he got more aware of where he was, he took a look at the person sitting next to him. It was Kate. There were other people sitting in the chairs in the room as well. They were all crying and shaking their heads.

'Maybe i'm dead...' He thought, as he opened his eyes a bit more. He suddenly realized, the other people in the room, were none other than his good friends, Joe, Andy and Patrick. When he observed his surroundings a bit more, he realized he was hooked up to an IV.

'This can't be good.' he decided now would be the best time to ask someone what was going on.

"Am I dead?" He mumbled. This got the attention of Kate, Patrick, Andy and Joe.

"Pete, your awake!" Kate comforted him with a hug.

Patrick, Joe and Andy came over as well and gave him more hugs.

"No, sweetie your not dead." Kate finally reasured him.

"Oh." He said suprised. He reached up to his head and felt many little stiches.

"Ow. My head is killing me."

"That guy hit you pretty hard, hun. You had to get 13 stitches." Kate sighed.

"Man, we're so glad your ok. When we heard what happened we feared the worst." Andy admited.

Pete nodded and sighed. "That was pretty crazy shit wasn't it?"

Kate nodded, along with everyone else.

"Did they catch the guys?" Pete asked.

"No, they left once they found out i had called the police." Kate said sadly.

"It's alright, babe. Your safe now." Pete said calmly, holding her hand in his.

Kate smiled breifly. "I don't know what to do. I don't want to go back to my house. I'm afraid they might come back.."

"That's no problem. You can stay with me and the boys for awhile." Pete said, secretly wishing she'd say yes.

"Really? You guys would do that?" She asked.

Patrick nodded. "Of corse you can. As long as you need to."

"Yeah. And, your really hot. I mean, if you were some ugly chick, i wouldn't be so willing to have you live with us, but-"

"Shut up joe!" Andy said, slapped joe in the face.

"Sorry." Joe said, rubbing his cheek.

"Anyways, as i was saying, your definately welcome to staying with us. We're always willing to help out a friend." Patrick smiled.

"Wow, i don't know what to say. Thanks you guys." Kate was happy to have friends this nice.

"Yeah. It will be fun. I've never lived with a girl before. Maybe you can teach us how to cook." Pete joked.

"Ha ha, yeah, i'd be happy to." She laughed.

They were soon interupted by the doctor. "I'm glad your awake, Mr Wentz."

Pete smiled and nodded.

"You should be able to go home now. But, I should warn you, when walking you might feel a little dizzy at first, but that should go away after a little while." He said taking the IV out of Pete's arm.

"Thanks doc." Pete was happy he was able to get out of this depressing room.

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