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Why you?

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The rating is only for the swearing. there might be a possible RxP but I don't know yet. Oh and its not scifi its more of mystery but they didn't have the genre in there.

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Chapter 4
Why you?

A/N: Yuna wasn't with them in this chapter.

A Year earlier

Rikku's POV

I was sitting in the cabin of the Celsius watching Jake play with some toys. Its nice cause he's always quiet and never acts up. Paine seems to be getting along with him as well.

"Hey there Jake" I heard Paine say as she walked in the room. Jake immediately jumped up and gave her a hug.

"Will you play with me?" He asked tugging her to where he just was.

"I would but I'm a little busy at the moment okay?" She responded putting her hand through his hair messing it up a little. He got mad and flattened it back out.

I just laughed at the both of them, that made them both look at me and Jake was still flattening his hair out as he walked over and sat down where he was.

"What's so funny?" Paine asked walking over to me. I just smiled and giggled some more.

"You guys just amuse me" Paine just shook her head and started to walk out. Then she turned back around.

"I almost forgot, I need you to help me in the Engine Room" Paine said looking at me.

"What's going on?" I asked her as I stood up.

"Buddy said he's been hearing some strange noises coming from there and he wants us to look at it" Paine just looked at me and started walking out.

I walked out with her, when we were in the elevator everything was quiet. I looked over at Paine to see her staring at the ceiling thinking about something.

After what seemed like an eternity it finally reached the Engine room. When we walked out there was smoke everywhere. We looked at each other then ran to see the problem, we needed to stop wherever we were cause it was overheating.

"Stay here" She then stood up and left.

I started taking off the outer shell to start working on it a little, as I was working I heard the engine stop.

I was thinking while working on the engine I didn't hear the door open, I felt a hand on my shoulder and the other tilted my head upward. Looking into crimson eyes I felt her lean down brushing her lips against mine. Then she stood up and sat down next to me like nothing happened.

I wanted to say something but I couldn't find my voice. Plus what could I say?


Paine's POV

I looked at her wondering what was going through her head.

"What was that about?" I finally heard her say hearing her voice crack a little.

It was obvious that I caught her off guard, that's what I was trying to do. But I didn't expect her to ask about it.

"Nothing" I replied to her bluntly.

She just sat there for a second shifting uncomfortably.

"Nothing? You actually want me to believe that?" She looked at me.

"Well, I really don't have a reason" I looked back at her.

"Then what made you do that?" She sounded aggravated, but I think it was more at me dodging her questions.

"I don't know, just been wanting to for awhile now" As I said that I stood up realizing the job was done.

Damn she did a good job fixing the engine, didn't even need my help I thought looking at it.

I started walking out but then I heard footsteps behind me then I heard her say,

"Wait a minute" She said pulling on my arm trying to stop me.

I stopped and turned around looking at her. Before I knew what happened she had slammed me against the wall with her lips pressed against my own.

What is she doing? I thought she was going to ask me about why I kissed her again I thought wondering why she was doing this.

Finally I found my strength and pushed her off a little.

"What are you doing?" I asked her looking straight in her eyes.

"Nothing" She said walking in the elevator.

How clever she used my own technique against me.

I followed her in the cabin quiet about everything.

"Hey Paine can you please play with me now?" Jake jumped up and tugged on my arm.

I knew I wasn't going to get out of this easily so I decided why not.

"Yeah sure" I let a small smile form on my lips sitting on the floor next to him.


Rikku's POV

I was still pondering what happened but I knew she wasn't going to tell me anything unless she wanted to.

I was watching them play around with his toys just thinking about all this.

Why did she kiss me like that? But then again the real question should be why did I kiss her like that? I thought not knowing the answer to that.

"Paine no fair I killed you!" He pouted a little.

"No you didn't I told you I teleported" She responded to him showing him what she did.

I was watching them both arguing with each other.

"Would you two be nice to each other" I finally told them.

"She's being mean! She's cheating" He sat there pouting.

"Well, he reminds me of you" Paine sighed looking at me.

I just laughed at that fact and kept watching them for awhile. They stopped fighting after awhile and kept playing as I just shook my head.


Well that's Chapter 4 hope you liked it!
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