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Something's Wrong

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The rating is only for the swearing. there might be a possible RixPa but I don't know yet. Oh and its not scifi its more of mystery but they didn't have the genre in there.

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Chapter 3
Something's Wrong

2 months earlier

It was late at night around midnight

"Hey Rikku wake up!" Paine shook her, "Rikku wake up!" She shook her violently.

"Okay, I'm up quit it!" Rikku pushed her off.

"What's going on?" Rikku sat up and looked at Paine.

"Its Jake" Paine looked a little worried which wasn't normal.

At that Rikku jumped up and ran to his room to see that he wasn't there.

"That's what I was going to tell you. He's not anywhere on the ship" Paine told her watching her starting to freak out.

"Where else could he be? Unless he got off in Luca" Rikku sat down on Jake's bed thinking.

"Well we're still over Luca, did you want to check?" Paine wasn't being herself right now, she knew that but she just passed it off for now.

"oayr mad'c lralg" Rikku jumped up and they both went to the bridge. To their luck Cid was up and they told him what was going on. He thought about it for awhile then landed the ship.

Paine and Rikku walked off and looked around. "Okay We should split up" Paine said already walking off.

Rikku's POV

Why'd he run off like this? Where could he be? I thought to myself

I started asking around about him but no one has seen him until one person said that he walked off towards the blitzball arena.

Why's he there?

I ran over there to see him staring at the empty stadium.

"Jake yna oui ymnekrd?" I started walking up to him and he just started laughing.

"I'm glad he died, he was just pulling us down" Jake was just staring with those emotionless eyes.

"What're you talking about?" I walked a little closer to him.

"What a fool he was to get shot by those damn Bevelle guards" He laughed again and started walking off.

"Jake come here" I grabbed his shirt and he stopped and looked straight at me with those cold dark eyes.

"Jake what's the matter with you?" I let go of him and backed up. He looked off blinked a little but when he looked back at me he looked like himself again.

"Hey why are we down here?" He asked looking all confused.

"Let's just go back" I told him taking his hand not wanting to worry him about anything.

We finally got back to the Celsius, I sent him to bed. I stood outside his bedroom just thinking about everything.

"What's the matter with that kid?" Paine said walking up to me.

"I don't know, he's been like this for awhile now" I said just sighing.

"But to be honest I can't remember when he turned 6, actually the last one I remember is his 3rd birthday" I told her all confused now.

"Are you serious?" Paine stood there in awe just thinking about that

I nodded my head and sat down on the floor.

"Don't worry" She said while putting her hand on my shoulder. "He's going to be alright"

"I hope so" I just sat there looking at her.

Well that's the end of chapter 3.

Al Bhed Translations

oayr mad'c lralg - yeah let's check
Jake yna oui ymnekrd? - Jake are you alright?
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