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Chapter 13

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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ok, so I tried posting this last night...and well right now I'm getting ready for work and thought I should atleast try to get it on today..and well..why not at 5:22am LOL its not that great of a chapter..but I hope you like it..

The pain she felt was becoming unbearable. Her eyes burned with the sudden tears that were making their way to the corners of her eyes, threatening to fall with each raspy breath she took. 'No, this is wrong! This is very wrong. This isn't the way its supposed to go...' she thought was she could feel herself feeling quite dizzy and light headed.

Glancing towards the man next to her, she saw suprise and, if she was correct, a flash of love across his face upon her entrance. Everything seemed to be moving in very slow motion, Patrick had turned away from the suprise guest towards his new found interest and his eyes dialated with shock. 'Why? she questioned herself as she watched his lips form words her ears couldn't seem to comprehend.

"Peyton!" Patrick shouted, but to her it seemed muffled as if everything around her was underwater.

The last thing she saw before everything became black was a small coy smile and wave from Oliver who stood back in the corner.


"Is she ok?"

"Yeah she should be ok. She just passed out. It was really warm in the room to begin with." A cold wash cloth was placed over her forehead, as the voices seemed to be further away from where they actually were.

"I'm sorry Pete. You know for keeping you here with me when you should be out helping Patrick."

Peyton felt the bed shift as someone sat down on the corner of it. "No biggie. He doesn't need me now anyways. He's off talking with Anna."

With a bolt, Peyton sat straight up in bed. The wash cloth falling down onto her lap in the process. "OLIVER!" She gasped. "He had something to do with it. Oliver. It was him. I know it."

Gwen grabbed the wash cloth from her sister's lap and gazed at her wide eyed. "Honey, I think you may have hit your head on the way down. Look you even have a bump." She placed her cold fingers over the lump on Peyton's right temple and watched her wince in pain. "Sorry Pey, you need ice for that bump."

"I'm not crazy!" Peyton glanced back and forth between Pete and Gwen's eyes and sighed in frustration. "Oliver brought Anna here. Why do you think she showed up like this?"

Pete shook his head. "Coincidence maybe? I mean she did call him before the tour started and said she was going to come out and talk with him. That was way before you though Peyton."

Peyton shook her head vigorously. "No, no, no. You don't understand. He has a plot, he's doing this on purpose. Why don't you believe me?" She was now beyond shouting.

Pete grasped her shoulders and pushed her back on the hotel bed, then turned towards Gwen. "Go ahead and get the ice, I will take care of her ok."

Gwen glanced between the hopeless body on the bed and the loving eyes in front of her and nodded. "Ok, I will be right back Pey ok?"

Peyton didn't respond as Gwen walked out the door and closed it quietly behind her. "You know Peyton. I don't like Oliver as much as the next guy, but for once I actually believe he had nothing to do with this." Pete told her as he rubbed her arms in a comforting way.

She brushed him off and scooted away from him. Her head was pounding and she was aching for Patrick. "Believe what you want to Peter, but I know Oliver and this smells like him. He would do something like this. He craves the drama."

Pete chuckled as he layed down next to her and hugged her to him. "Oh come on! I am the drama QUEEN! I lead that parade like ever year, he may crave it but this was out of his hands. She was trying to get back in the picture before we started touring. You may have been talking to Patrick at the time, but he probably never mentioned it because you two weren't that involved. I wouldn't worry Pey, it will pass. This is all just shock."

"You don't know my luck." She sniffled and snuggled closer to him as she closed her eyes. "Where is Patrick? Why didn't he come to see me?"

She felt Pete shift uncomfortably and sigh in her ear. "He's talking with Anna right now in his room. He said he would be down afterwards."

'Yeah right.. she thought as she heard the door squeak open and the shuffling of feet towards the bed. "Sorry it took so long. There was a line for ice. Who the hell needs ice at this hour is beyond me!" Gwen set the container down next to the bed and crawled over to her sister and layed in front of her. "Its going to be ok Pey. Me and Pete are here for you ok? Right Pete?"

When Pete didn't answer and there was no acknowledgment from Peyton, Gwen took a chance and glanced at them. Both of the were fast asleep with Pete laying behind Peyton, hugging her to him. Gwen scooted closer to her sister and threw her arm over the both of them and yawned. "Its all going to get better. It has to..."


Patrick's fist balled tightly at his side as the anger arose in him like a flash. He was really hoping that his hotel room wouldn't implode from the anger that was raging inside of him. He could be down the hall with the one person he truely wanted to be with at that moment but instead he was ushered into his room and Anna was standing across from him begging him to listen to her reasons.

He held is hand up to stop her from talking but it didn't work as well as he had planned. She reached over and grasped it and held it tight. "Please Trick! You don't know what I have been going through these past few months. They have been horrible. I don't even know what I was thinking."

Patrick shook his head and pulled his hand away from her's and wiped it on his jeans. He didn't want to feel her touch on his skin. "How you felt? Anna you broke up with me. Remember that know the part where you said I can't take it anymore, make your choice, blah blah blah. You were heartbroken? What was I then Anna?"

"But..but..I found a way to work this out. I mean I can make this work now. I'm here for good Patrick! I want to be here for you." Anna reached out for him again and he pulled away.

"No." He pressed himself up against his hotel door, searching for the door knob with his right hand as his left was held out to stop her in her tracks. "I asked for a chance and you didn't give it to me. What makes you think that I would give it to you?"

Anna stopped and smiled as she trailed a finger down his chest. "Because..I know for a fact that the minute I walked in that door, I saw love in your eyes. You still love me. Plus you were really quick to let that little tramp go."

"She is not a tramp!" Patrick pulled her hands off of him and grasped the knob again for safety.

Anna rolled her eyes in amusement. "Oh come on Patrick, do you expect me to believe that one? She may seem sweet and innocent but she is just like the rest of them."

"The rest of who?"

"The ones you tried to replace me with after I left." She let it hang in the air for Patrick to grasp hold of. "I've heard about what went on when I left. I'm sorry to put you through that, but lets forget all about that and go back to the way things were. Let's go back to us."

Patrick turned the handle that his hand was holding onto and opened the door and slipped out. "There will never be another us." He yelled to the closed door.

Anna pressed herself up against the door and stroked it gently. "Oh we will see about that one Trick, we will see."


The weekend following Patrick's birthday was the first actual weekend all the bands had off together. Most of them decided to fly home to visit families and loved ones. Everyone except Peyton, who had no one to really go home to. Well, there was Gwen, but she was going home to her apartment in Ohio to sort things out. She had decided that she too was going to be moving to Chicago once the tour was finished. She said she liked the weather there, but Peyton had a feeling it just wasn't the weather she really liked.

"So your going to go with me when I get back right?" Gwen questioned as she straightened out her sister's clothes and played with her messy hair. Peyton had been a wreck since the party and had been avoiding Patrick since then. She had stopped returning his calls and text messages. Gwen didn't know whether this was good or bad. But right now, judging by her sister's appearance, it was not going to well.

Peyton tried to smiled, but winced from the pain of it. "Yes, I know. I have it marked on my calendar for the baby appointment. I don't know why you want me to go and not Pete."

"Why do you say that? Besides, your my sister, your all I've got right now and well Pete is just a friend. He wouldn't want to be seen going into an OBGYN's office now would he. He doesn't need anymore rumors going around." Gwen laughed lightly.

'But you say he's just a friend, but you say he's just a friend...' Peyton thought as she watched her sister glow at the sheer mention of Pete's name. "Right that is very true. I guess he will just have to hear all about it later when I tell him in complete detail what went on."

"Oh please don't. Please spare him the image of my legs in stirrups and me showing my hoo hah to the world."

Peyton laughed at this. "What?! He might actually like that image!"

Gwen playfully smacked her sister on the arm and then pulled her into a tight hug. "Are you sure you don't want to come home with me for a bit? You can go see mom and dad?"

Peyton made a disgusted face and shook her head. "No I will definetly pass on that. Although I must say I would love to be there when you tell them your pregnant just to see their faces."

"Haha very funny little sister." A car horn beeped from behind Gwen, causing her to turn and hold up a 'one minute' finger to the driver. "Ok I really got to go now. I love you Pey, be careful ok?"

"I'll be fine. Take care of my little niece or nephew ok?" Peyton said as she touched her sister's belly warmly.

"The baby will just be fine, as long as it will let me keep my food down for more than five minutes." Another beeping sounded came and Gwen rushed over and kissed her sister on the forehead and hugged her once more and departed towards the car.

Peyton sighed, the only sense of normalcy that she seemed to have left was now driving away. She would now be alone for the weekend. Even Oliver, who she very much despised at this point, had gone home to Chicago. She couldn't go back there though. They had shared the apartment and now that they were no longer together, she was sure she was not welcome to be staying there. Which reminded her she had to get her stuff out of there as soon as possible.

"Peyton?" came a small voice from behind her.

Peyton turned slightly and frowned at the person she was met with. "Oh, hey."

"You've been avoiding me." Patrick stated as he approached her, shoving his hands into his pockets in the process. He always seemed to do that when she was around.

"I know." Simple. Clean. No real response to that. Atleast thats what she was hoping for.


Too late. "I have my reasons Patrick."

"Your being very short with me here." He replied as he watched her eye brow cock up in mock anger. "Yes I know I'm short you don't need to kick me when I'm down."

"I wasn't going to." Peyton shrugged. "Besides I can be short with you can't I."


"Why's that?"

"Because thats not fair." Patrick took a step towards her, daring her to take a step back. She didn't.

"You know whats not fair Patrick?" She questioned taking a step towards him. She needed to instill fear in him. It wasn't working to well, he knew her facade so well. "You are not fair."

Patrick took his hands out of his pockets to adjust his hat slightly and smiled at her. "How am I not fair?"

Peyton shook her head at the nasty thoughts that were running through her mind about him and his damn hat. "You are not fair because you left me that night at your party."

"You passed out."

"No shit! But you left me, you dropped my hand and you left me. You took her into YOUR room and you 'talked'. You never came to check up on me Patrick. You didn't care. You weren't fair." She could feel the tears stingy the back of her eyes. She didn't want to seem like a baby, but he made her feel this way anymore.

Patrick reached out for her but she pulled away. "I dropped your hand because I was in shock. I didn't see you pass out, I just heard a thud and to be honest I introduced you as my girlfriend to her. I don't know if you heard me or not because well, when I turned towards you, well... you were on the ground out cold."


"Yes." Patrick sighed in defeat. "She wanted me and her to get back together. I told her it wasn't going to happen. EVER. She didn't want to hear it so I left my room and came searching for you that night. When I found you in your sister's room with Pete and her I just decided to leave you there and talk to you in the morning. I knew you would be mad. But to be honest, I didn't think you would be that mad or else I would of snatched you out of bed and taken you with me."

Peyton searched his eyes for lies but saw none. "You introduced me as your girlfriend?"

"Yes didn't I just.." Patrick had started but was interrupted by Peyton jumping into his arms and plastering kisses all over his face. "Well if I knew I was going to get that kind of reaction out of you I would of asked you sooner."

Peyton smiled for the first time in almost a week. "Thank you. Thank you for being you."

"Thank you for making me who I am." Patrick smiled back capturing her lips in his for a second before breaking it to ask her a question that had been burning in his throat since he left the bus earlier that day. "Come back to Chicago with me for the weekend."

It wasn't really stated as a question either, it was more of a demand and Peyton liked it. "Ok. Let's go."


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