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Head Over Heels

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An A/T one shot. Archie lost the one dearest to his heart. No, she didn't die, but she has moved to a different style of teenage life. And Archie reflects and mopes, until the pretty psycic come...

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Well, just me here. It's my first onefic so please be nice. But constructive critism is appriciated. Warning- it has A/T. If you don't like the pairing, well i suggest you don't read. Anyways, enough of my blabbering. Oh, in case you were wondering, I don't own it. Class Of The Titans that is. Never have, and probably never will. sighs Oh well, life moves on. So if I haven't bored you to death already with my ramblin, please let me let you get on with the story...


She walked by. She was there - then she was gone. His eyes followed her retreating shape, but never once did she glance back. He suspected she hadn't even realized that he was sitting there.

She was the apple of his eye. No denying it. He had feelings for her he had for no other soul. But she, the flame in his heart, had different subject. The subject of matter carried the name of Daniel.

Daniel. How he detested that name. The way it hit his eardrum. The way it rolled off his tongue. But when it really sent shivers up his spine and clenched his hands into fists was when she said it. As if it were drenched in honey and coated in sugar crystals. Such a sickly sweetness. As if it where the only thing that mattered in the world. And the only voice which could evoke such a tone was the one that usually brought music to his ears.

He'd hated Daniel from the first moment he'd rested his orbs upon his shining face. The way he glided effortlessly through the chaotic halls of a seemly average high school. The way he shook his blonde hair out of his eyes. The colour - she called it golden. He called dirty and mousy. The way the world seemed to slow down when he walked by. The way he seemed to know the answer to everything with no faults. Yet what he hated the most was the way the girl beside him had stiffened, her eyebrows arched upwards, and her baby blue eyes lighted up. For at that moment he knew she was a goner.

That first moment led to flirting, which quickly up scaled to hooking up and dating, which resulted to them walking through the park this very moment. Their hands were tightly clasped and were talking to each other as if they were the only ones on the planet. Oblivious. Isn't that what they usually call star-struck lovers?

Oblivious. If she had not been so oblivious, maybe she would have discovered his feelings earlier - before it was too late. Or maybe she just didn't care.

Nothing lasts forever. Had he a smidgen of courage perhaps he would have asked her. He'd had his chance. It had been there - and it had gone. He hadn't reached out and grasped it.

He'd heard her telling her friend that Daniel was the man of her dreams. Daniel was the man of his nightmares.

No matter how many times he denied it, he couldn't let go of the feeling. You're in love his conscience whispers. And ones conscience is never wrong. No amount of denying could change the fact.

"Hey Archie". The owner of the voice gracefully lowered herself on the bench beside him. At first, the lady's comment did not fully register in his brain. Archie remained focused on his musing. Suddenly, the thought came into focus and he sensed the presence of a body nearby.

"What?!" he yelped, neck snapping back, jolting out of his reverie. He came face to face with a pretty redhead gazing inquirely at him attempting to hold back a giggle.

"Oh, it's you Theresa. What are you doing here?" his defensive tone changed to one with suspicion. The last thing he wanted to do right know is talk to drama queen herself.

"I don't know. I was just walking through the park and I saw you. You look kin of down. Want to talk?"

Normally Archie wouldn't talk to Theresa in such a way. He hadn't meant to. It all just kind of slipped out. It started with one simple sentence. Then all of his emotions came running out. He couldn't stop them, they had been harnessed inside the dark corners of him for way to long. And no matter how much he didn't want to, he had to admit Theresa was an awfully good listener, appearing to hang on and feel his every syllable.

After Archie finally manage to control the waterfall of emotions, Theresa nodded soothingly. After a few minutes in restful silence, the psychic suggested they go for ice cream. Upon Archie's hesitation, she announced she'd pay.

Even in his worst mood Archie wasn't one to turn down free ice cream on a hot day such as this one. He grudgingly got up from his seat on the bench and followed the bouncing red head in front of him to the ice cream shop.

"One strawberry for me and one double chocolate for him please." Theresa requested the bored looking boy at the desk. Had Neil been there he would have certainly pointed out the tackiness of the boy's blue and pink stripped shirt in contrast to his brunette hairstyle.

But since he wasn't, the fashion faux-pas went unmentioned. At least until they were out of earshot.

"Did you see that boy's outfit? I would hate to be him right now." Theresa proclaimed.

But her male companion had more important issues on his mind. "Chocolate? No wait.. Double chocolate? What are you thinking? Chocolate is what girls eat when they are suffering heart breaks."

"What, can't eat something a girl would eat? Upon receiving his glare, Theresa changed her tune. "Well, you are suffering a heart break aren't you? And chocolate really works. Trust me."

"Whatever" replied Archie, despite his misgivings tentatively tasting a bit. The pair walked over to a booth near the door. "It was on you. But don't you ever let anyone in on this."

That sounded weird. Archie was placing trust in Theresa. He didn't usually do that to a girl. Much less to the girl who was sitting across from him at the moment.

Hearing the jingle-jangle of the welcoming chimes of the ice-cream store, Archie turned his gaze to the door. An unwelcoming sight met his eyes - Atlanta and Daniel.

Noticing the boy in front of her have a mood change, she followed his eyes. Taking note of the couple, she quickly turned back. Had Atlanta been somewhat caring of what was happening in the world around her she might have noticed her friends. But as lovers often are, she was oblivious.

Absorbing the boys in front of her's features, she noticed his strong jaw. "It still hurts a lot, doesn't it. Her and Daniel. No offence or anything, but I can't stand the way that name sounds."

The later almost made Archie smile. He looked over his shoulder at Atlanta and Daniel. Only to see him stoking her cheek and her giggling at something he had evidently just said. It felt like someone just stabbed him in the heart. He quickly turned away and attempted to shut out the memory. Not wanting to open his mouth the boy settled with a nod.

A sudden thought came to his mind. He looked at the girl sitting across from him. "It must hurt you too."

The physic gave a small grin. "As long as she is happy, I'm happy" she shrugged.

Archie gazed at the red head in partial wonder. 'How can she be like that and I can't' he thought. Because your in love his conscience whispered.

Archie took another lick at his ice cream cone. Not that he'd ever admit it to Theresa, but it had a soothing effect on him. Maybe chocolate does help.

As Theresa opened her mouth to make a resort, the boy who had been serving them behind the counter ran up to them. "I'm so sorry, but I forgot to mention our new frequent buyer coupon. It's for.."

"That's okay, we're fine for today."

"Well, if that's the way it is. Is there anything else I can do for you?" Despite the other male at the table, the cashier had eyes for only the pretty female. Archie tried a small, somewhat discreet cough.

"I think were okay."

But the boy paid no attention. It had been a good day for him, and he was defiantly in a flirtatious mood. "Are you so sure about that? My shift is over in a couple of minutes. You know what they say..."

Archie had enough of this pestering and lovesick boy. "No, I don't know what they say. And I don't need to know. We are fine. Perfect. No need for anything." he said gruffly, an annoyed look on his face.

The boy got the message. His boss was calling him from the back of the store. So he settled with one last wink at Theresa and carried on with his business. Archie watched the boy make his way to the back of the store and sighed when he was out of earshot.

"What Archie? Getting jealous?" Encouraged by his glare the red head reached over and ruffled his hair playfully.

Archie glared as he attempted to smooth out his hair. "You wish."

The grinning girl shook her head. " I think it's you who's dreaming, Big Boy".

With an evil look on his face the purple-headed boy slided over Theresa's side of the table. "I'm going to tickle you so much you'll regret you ever said that." Of which he precisely presided to do.

Theresa squirmed to try and get away from the wiggling fingers. Finding herself cornered in by the table and wall, she attempted to fend him off. Between wheezes she tried to repent. "Archie, stop it! This is a public place! Archie! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it, promise!"

When Archie had finally decided he had tortured the girl enough, he abruptly stopped tickling. "Okay, say your sorry and will never do it again. Theresa mumbled a response.

"I can't hear you!" teased Archie, bending in closer until their faces were only mere inches apart. He could feel her warm breath on his face, stray hair tickling his face and her scent wafting in his nostrils. "Say it to my face."

Theresa smiled. "Well, it would be pretty hard to say it anywhere else seeing your face is so close mine right now."

Archie blushed madly and instantly hopped back over to his seat. Theresa laughed as the boy's face flamed in red. When Archie had enough courage to glance back at Theresa he couldn't help but laugh as well.

For the first time in days, Archie truly smiled. It felt weird, as if his face had cracked. True, he had flashed many a smile over the past week to please the team, but none of these smiles had been real. Before he had just turned up the corners of his mouth and showed his teeth. Now he smiled not only with his lips, but with his eyes.

Theresa noticed the boy's smile and was filled with happiness. Archie hadn't realized that while he was mad, he hadn't only been hurting himself, but the whole team.

As she took the last bite of her cone she suggested they leave. "We can pick up a movie on the way home."

Archie shrugged. "Whatever."

Upon leaving the store the attractive red head took Archie's hand in hers. Archie looked down at her hand engulfed in his hand surprised. But he didn't take it away. Despite his contradictions, his conscience strictly told him he was falling for her. He wouldn't believe it. That's not possible.

But of all people Archie should know better. Anything is possible. He was already falling.

Head over heels.


That's it folks! Yes, a very sad attempt at a T/A oneshot by me. WOOT! Now please go make my day and press the little box on the bottom left of this screen. Luv ya'll!!!!!

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