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When Hell Freezes Over

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Helga, unfortunately died before her time, and in order to go through the heaven gates, she needs to oversee Arnold's life, and find him a new soulmate. See how Helga tries, and fails to set Arnold...

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When Hell Freezes Over


Disclaimer: I don't own this at all.

Helga wasn't used to this place. You see she was in Heaven. Why would Helga Pataki be in Heaven? That would be another tale, but right now Helga was waiting for something. There seemed to be a heavy debate among the angels to whether or not Helga should walk through the door of Heavens.

"Enough" yelled out the Lord. The Lord was the overseer of life, and everybody that was created to walk the Earth.

"Yes, her time has been short, and she was never suppose to die, excellent point there Daphne, however, Lily won the argument. Helga Pataki has always been a bully, even if she was hiding her true intention." Said the Lord.

"She will actually have to pass a test, a test that you would think is quite possible that she will pass?" said the Lord

"Yes, my Lord" replied the angel named Daphne. She was actually the guardian angel of Helga, and other people that Helga knew.

"Well then, your task, Miss. Helga G. Pataki, will be to be the newly appointed guardian angel of Arnold, and to find a new soul mate for him. For you see, you were intended to be his soul mate, until the unfortunate accident happened. So Daphne will help you know what to do as a Guardian angel, and Lily will help you with any other questions you will have, like the new soul mate that Arnold will have. Any questions" the Lord, finally looked at Helga, with a serious look in the Lord's eyes.

"Who will be the new soul mate?" asked Helga? She knew that the Lord oversees everything.

"Why I believe Miss. Rhonda Lloyd Wellington," replied the Lord.

And for the first time, in a long time, Helga thought that hell would freeze over, the day that Arnold will love Rhonda
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