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Australian Rules

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Gin being his usual foxy self.

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Tales from the Soul Society
Australian Rules

"Really, how can you fail your first field test(1)? All ya gotta do is just stand there and watch how the instructor handles a Hollow!"

"I got distracted."

"By what?"

"This human game. It seemed fun so I watched them(2)."

"You wandered off to some house five blocks from the rest of the class to watch some game."

"But it's fun! Here, I'll teach you guys."

They exchanged wary frowns. They knew Gin's weird sense of humor and lack of attention. Even if it was worth it to him, they wondered if it would be worth it to /them/.

"Okay, okay. What do you gotta do?"

"Well, you have this bouncy, light-up ball like this."

Their internal common sense alarm was ringing slightly in their heads. "Okay."

"Then you get some people into a narrow hallway like this."

It was growing louder. "Yeah...."

"Turn off the lights."

The alarms were fairly screaming in their ears as the hall was plunged into a blank dark.

Utter silence.

And then....


"ITEEE! Dammit, GIN~!"

"See? Isn't it fun?"


(1) Sort of like a field trip. Complete with free, live-action entertainment^^;;
(2) Australian Rules Quidditch. More on it can be seen here:
Me and some of my friends play it on occassion. I play it just because I get to hit people^-^
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