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The Beauty of Birds

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Smoking is bad for your health.

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Tales from the Soul Society
The Beauty of Birds

Jiroubou had it hard. Why? Because he was a big guy. He wasn't fast and he wasn't as smart as the other Shinigami. And his brother was a gatekeeper and he was even bigger, slower and less smart than him. So Jiroubou felt he had to prove himself and so he practiced every day with his Zanpakutou, choosing random targets or just seeing how well he could send them out and bring them back and strengthening it anyway he could think.

Today he was going to see how many throwing knives(1) he could control.

Watching as they swirled around him, he noticed one near the very edge of the spinning circle was wobbling slightly. He tried to focus more control to that one and felt the others falter. In a panic, he tried to get those steady and more began to wobble.

It was then a passing flock of birds decided to fly by.

There was a startled squak, a lot of flying feathers and the flock retreated with one less pair of wings.

"Er..." Said Jiroubou. He wasn't smart, but he knew when discretion was the better part of valor and got the hell out of there.


Unohana liked her walks. She liked walking out in the sun and smiling at the other Shinigami. She liked the feel of the ground against her feet and she liked how the wind felt.

The only thing she didn't like was the smoke deck that was set in a courtyard near the center of the barracks. It was actually just a courtyard, but had gotten taken over by the smokers because- as they said -they had no where else to smoke.

So, with a heavy heart, she had to walk by there everyday.

Along her walk this particular day, though, she passed by the smoke deck and suddenly came across something rare and disturbing. The headless body of a bird. And, not too far from the poor body, was the head.

With a sad look, she picked up the body and the head.

And then an idea came to mind.


"Yo, Tetsu(2). Gotta smoke?"

"Yeah, right here."

They leaned back, prepared to enjoy the glories of nicotine. And then, Iba saw it. And nearly bit off his tongue in shock.

Hanging by a nail on the wall opposite them was a bird's head, cigarette hanging from its beak and a sign attached to it: This could be you.(3)

He suddenly felt disturbed just sitting there.


Elsewhere, Unohana was on her walk, enjoying the world in general.


(1) I have no idea what those twirly things of his are called o.O;;
(2) Tetsuzaemon. Or Testu. Because his name is friggin' long. ...does he look like some sort of Yakuza guy to anyone else?
(3) I think that was about when the Air Force was told to start keeping away from us because we shared the smoke deck with them^^;;
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