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Unit Cohesion

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Newly promoted Nanao quickly realizes she’s got to control her captain.

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Tales from the Soul Society
Unit Cohesion

"Gee, matriarchal figure I wanna go!"

"Gee, matriarchal figure I wanna go."

"But they won't let me go!"

"But they won't let me go."

"Somewhere other than here~!"

"Somewhere other than here."

Nanao(1) frowned at the lack of response from the others. She knew they were weary- 10 miles of the same cadence would do that to even the most stoic of Shinigami. She quickened her pace to match with her captain's.


"Un? What is it, Nanao-kun?"

"They don't seem too motivated. Maybe we should end this soon?"

The captain in question looked over his shoulder. "Nonsense! They're enjoying themselves!"

"I'm not too certain about that, taichou."

"Sure they are. See?" He called out loudly. "Shall we finish the 20 miles or turn in early and field day(2) the bejeezus out of the barracks?"

The straggling Shinigami moaned. Shunsui was very lax when it came to much of anything and the barracks was in such a state, even if you combined the next three messiest divisions, it still wouldn't come close to the level of 8th's. No one wanted to touch any sort of cleaning supply to the barracks for fear of it getting contaminated.

"No...." They chorused.

Someone called out from the middle. "But can we get a different cadence asides from ones about the sweet bean buns rolling off the table and killing someone?(3)"

"We can do the one about one's significant other becoming a vegetable of sorts and Kurotsuchi-taichou having to operate on them?(4)"

"Ugh, don't say that!"

With a displeased look, Shunsui looked back at his subordinates. "You don't seem to be having fun..."

"Oh, we are." One of the ones in the front sneered. He looked positively displeased.

"Is that so?" Determined, their captain just strode faster, causing a massive groan to rise up as the others were forced to pick up his pace.

"Tai-Taichou!" Nanao tried to appeal to him. "Are you sure this is-"

She was cut off by a bright statement. "Let's go that way!"

"Eh? But there's no road."

"That way!"

"But-But that's the-"

"Let's go!"

The rest of the 8th were equally as stunned as their vice-captain as Shunsui lead them through the entrance of the 11th division's barracks.(5)


"Feh!" Renji sat back on his haunches and rotated his strained shoulders. FINALLY, he tought, the deck's finished! Deck toweling(6)- he had decided -was created as a torture device for those that didn't deserve death. But, he admired the floor, as did the others who wrung out their damp towels, there was no way Zaraki-taichou could say this was not clean. He could probably counts the nicks on his bells with this reflection.

It was about then he heard the commotion coming down the hall. "What the hell?" He then noticed that not only was it a loud commotion, but it was also a whole lot of Shinigami coming down their way. "WHAT THE HELL!??" They got to their feet, ready to rip these guys a new one for dirtying up their laboriously clean floor when they realized that it was an entire platoon of Shinigami.

From the 8th.

With their captain in lead.

Singing loudly something about 'Sake Jack' and 'crossroads'.(7)

And anyone that got too close to their captain, Renji noticed, they got a sound sheath smashing to the jaw.(8)

"Shit." He put a hand to his face. "Someone get Zaraki-taichou...."


He heard about it all right. All the way on his end of the barracks. It was one of the few things he really had no idea how to deal with. So, he did what he did best. He met it head on.


"Yes, Zaraki-taichou?"

"What," the one-eyed many frowned, "are you doing?"

"Taking my division out for some exercise."

"You do realize you're little exercise has taken you right in the middle of my barracks?"

"So it has."

"You also realize you are disrupting our field day."

"And what a wonderful field day your division does! Hard workers, they are."

Zaraki pressed against the bridge of his nose. ".....Kyouraku?"

"Hm?" He smiled brightly.

He had to shake his head. "Just get out."

Wide-eyed under the brim of his hat, Shunsui looked at the 11th captain for a moment. Then smiled just as brightly as ever. "As you say, 11th Taichou."

As Shunsui and his division completed their trod through the disgruntled 11th's barracks, the spiky headed captain growled at his glaring subordinates.

"Stop your damn gawking and clean this mess up! It's field day, remember? I want this place SPOTLESS!!"

The bruised Shinigami balked under his barking orders, going back to toweling the deck and crying helplessly to themselves. Oh, it was so unfair!

However, as she passed, Zaraki called out, "Ise-fukutaichou?"

She stopped stock still, mortified by her captain's actions. "Y-Yes?"

He gave her a frown. "You'd best get him under control. I'm not always this nice."(9)

Hesitantly, Nanao nodded. "O-Of course."



One of the many reasons the students from the other military services are told not to play with the Marines^^;;

(1) Here, Nanao is new to being vice-captain, so she still hasn't gotten the hang of how to handle Shunsui yet^^
(2) Field day is (generally thursdays) when we clean our shops, rooms, barracks and get them 'inspection ready' for Friday morning.
(3) 'A biscuit rolled off the table/and killed a friend of mine'
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