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Guidon Wars

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Newly promoted Hitsugaya decides to stir things up.

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Tales from the Soul Society
Guidon Wars(1)

Day 1 Part 1

They couldn't be serious. That little kid over her? Rangiku gritted her teeth. What was so great about that kid, anyway? He was lazy, he was belligerent, he didn't think anyone else's opinion matter because- to him -everyone else was boring old people.

And yet he was the new division captain. Over HER!

It's okay, Matsumoto-kun- they'd say -vice-captain isn't a bad position either, after all.

Yeah, but she should've been captain. She would've stuck her tongue out if she let herself be that childish(2).

She was surprised to see the little brat in question standing in front of her, panting and carrying a guidon in his hands.

She felt her cheek twitch. "What are you doing?"

"Here. Hold this." He shoved the guidon in her hands and took off.

"What?" She pulled the flag open. "What is- WHAT!?" Rangiku looked up to see a good portion of the 12th division running at her.




Day 1 Part 2

He sat, drumming his fingers in a board beat against his desk. He raised an eyebrow at them.

"So Matsumoto stole your guidon?"

The two representing members of the 12th nodded tersely, their purloined guidon safely back in their possession. "Yes, Hitsugaya-taichou."

"Hmph." He looked away. "Honestly."

Rangiku tried not to glare at the boy in front of her and only failed halfway. She stayed quiet between the two members of the 12th.

"What am I supposed to do about it?" He finally asked at length. There was a pause as 12th attempted to close their jaws.

"Wh-wh-wh-wh-what do you mean 'what are you supposed to do about it'??"

"That's right, taichou! She's your vice-captain! She should have some repercussion!"

Hitsugaya sat back, lifted his chin and crossed his arms. He glared until the two shrank back and gulped. "You burst into my barracks. Accost my vice-captain. And you demand my action? You've got balls for middle ranks, telling a captain what to do."

They shrank back even further. "We apologize, Hitsugaya-taichou."

"Hmph." He tapped his desk again. "Matsumoto?"

She jumped slightly. "Yes, taichou?"

"Apologize for taking their guidon."

"Huh?" Her cheek twitched. You little brat! She thought to herself. You're the one that took it! "Er, I apologize."

"Say you won't do it again."

"I will not take it again."

"Good." He looked at a piece of paper on his desk. "Your punishment will be barracks duty this weekend." The three older Shinigami looked at him. "That is all."

"Er...." Rangiku started tentatively, "but, taichou-"

"That's it?" One of the 12th burst out. "Just barracks duty!?"

He was leveled with a glare. "That guidon is a representation of your division. It was by your own carelessness that allowed it to get stolen from the very gate to your barracks. You try that with us, half the division would be on you before you even got passed the block." Hitsugaya huffed again. "I suggest you return it before anyone else finds it missing and reports it to your captain."(3)

The two gulped. "Th-Thank you, Hitsugaya-taichou." Hastily they bowed and beat a path back to their barracks.

"Che. Honestly." He looked up at Rangiku, who still stood in front of him. "There something wrong, Matsumoto?"

"Eh? Er, not really, just...." she shifted slightly, "I was already scheduled for barracks duty this weekend."

"I know."

"You... you do?"

"Of course. I wouldn't let you take any undo blame. You just happened to be the handiest person at the time." He gave her a grin. "Wouldn't be too well received, a new captain getting caught stealing another division's guidon."

She couldn't help an answering twitch of her lips. "So your first order of business is to shake everyone up, huh?"

"A little excitement doesn't hurt every once in a while."

Crossing her arms, she gave the small captain a smirk. "I take it you have more in mind, then."

His grin grew bigger. "Oh, do you want to help? This time I was thinking planting the 11th's guidon in the 12th's."

Rangiku cocked a thin eyebrow at him. "That'll cause a bloodbath, you know. They hate each other."

"I know." They both grinned broadly at each other(4).


Day 6

"You sure this is a good idea?"

"Hey, all the other division's got their guidon's stolen. They're the only ones that haven't."

"Yeah, well, I think there may be good reason for that."

"Good reason? Yeah, right. What could possibly go wrong with taking theirs?"

Hands reached out for the 6th's guidon. Only to find a shadow had fallen over them. Which normally would not be a bad thing, except considering it was night and a deeper pitch of black overlaid theirs.... They slowly turned to look at who it could be.

"WHAT." Byakuya's presence bore down on them like a stone press. "ARE. YOU. DOING?"

"Hiii!" They scuttled back against the wall, cowering under Byakuya's shadow. "N-N-NOTHING!"

He narrowed his dark eyes at them. "Then LEAVE."


The tall Shinigami watched them leave and sighed. Nearby, a group of the 6th division was passing around money. "Damn, I was certain he'd get one to piss themselves, this time!" (5)

"Nah, they'd have to be members of the 4th to do that...."


Day 10



"Good! Let's get it!"

Three Shinigami charged toward the gate, determined to steal the 3rd's guidon.

And totally unprepared for the ambush.


There was a chuckling from the figure seated on the roof of the gate.

With a hand against his forehead, Izuru sighed. "Though it is a handy way to keep others from going after our guidon, Ichimaru-taichou, you really should stop picking things up from the human world."

Gin, nestled comfortably in his impressive arsenal of Super Soakers, looked at him in confusion. "Why do you say that?"(6)


(1) Pronounced 'guide-on', a small flag on a stick that gets carried around at the front of platoons signifying their platoon.
(2) I would find it plausible if Rangiku was bitter that Hitsugaya was picked captain over her.
(3) We actually stole the Army's guidon on several occasions. The ones that stole it got punished just to please the Army (our surperiors actually thought it was funny) and the Army always got into more trouble for 'letting it get stolen'^-^
(4) Being a troublemaker really seems to fit Hitsugaya somehow. And I really see Rangiku more than happy to go along with it^^;;
(5) I would not actually be surprised if that ever happened.
(6) I can see this better than I should....^^;;
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