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Prologue Two

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Prologue two, read and enjoy

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Chapter two
January 21, 1934

All had been quiet at the Tate's house. The family had been tucked in securely and was all fast asleep when the shrill cries of pain and fear cracked through the air. Dr. Tate, sat up, forced awake by the sound and immediately grabbed for his glasses and the handgun he kept in the bedside table's cabinet.

There was due cause for paranoia. In the last week there had been three murders committed in their neighbor hood. Each of the people killed had been around Stephanie's age, two of them had even been in her class at school.

The authorities were on high alert and had doubled up on their patrols around that neighborhood because that was where the bodies had been found.

What was strange was that each of the murders had been committed with some sort of toy. One boy had been found choked to death with a yo-yo's string, one girl had been stabbed through the heart with a sharpened hairpin. The bodies had been found a couple of days later sitting in the swings at a near by park, completely drained of blood with their mouths sewn into a smile with thick black cord. The third body, which was a girl a year older than Stephanie, had yet to be found.

Dr. Tate gently shook his wife awake and asked if she had heard the sound. She nodded but said she thought it was in her dreams. With a start she and her husband were out of bed and headed toward the second floor where Stephanie's room was as they heard yet another pain filled scream.

Dr. Tate moved in front of his wife and opened the door to find that Stephanie was not in her room, with a curse he flew up the narrow stairs to the attic.

What he found would haunt him for the rest of his life, and would cause him to dream of it until the day he died.

Sitting in a circle of blood, which was smeared on the floor, was his beloved Stephanie with her little blue table and chair set, covered in blood. She was humming happily a she poured a red, thick liquid from her tea set into three cups, one for herself, one for her doll Annabelle, and one for a young girl who was sitting with her back to the door.

It took the Tate's only a moment to cover the space between the door and the devilish tea party. The doctor carefully touched the girl's shoulder whose back was to him but as she slumped over to the side he froze. She was pale white, and obviously dead for she was growing cold, her mouth sewn in a happy smile with thick black cord.

Stephanie looked up at her mother and father as if just noticing them as she held a cup up for Annabelle to 'sip' from. 'Mother, Father, how lovely it is to see you! Would you like to join Annabelle and me?"
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