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Bloody Mary

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"Bloody Mary Bloody Mary, I gots your baby."

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Chapter Two
Bloody Mary

Danielle brought the doll down with us as we climbed down. I felt the evil feeling follow us down the creaky stairs. It was even more intense than it had been at first. I mentioned it twice as we came down the stairs but was told by the entire group to stop being so paranoid. Again with the paranoid accusations.

We settled ourselves downstairs in the living room where I could at least breath a sigh of relief as I came back to the familiar surroundings, except for that doll which seemed to be watching me. I felt like something out of a very cliché horror movie. Danielle sat the doll on the coffee table and went to get a cloth to clean it up a bit, and again, I felt as if the thing was staring straight at me. I knew that the doll was evil, the feeling only grew over time.

We finally finished watching the movies, Preston decided to head home, Danielle, Louise, and I started to clean up the pizza boxes, cups, and other trash that had been left. It was getting late when we finished and the other two girls decided to go to bed. I tried to make it a habit never to go to bed till after the witching hour, I'm thankful that I have late classes in the morning.

When they finally closed themselves into their respective rooms I grabbed my laptop and flopped on the couch with a sigh. The doll was still sitting on the table as I propped my feet up on the coffee table. After a few minuets of trying, and failing, to ignore the doll I simply threw my jacket, which had been on the back of the couch, and covered it up.

I was satisfied that I could not see it so I went ahead with my online activity. I spent the next couple of hours chatting, emailing, playing games, and I did work a bit on homework, but only as an after thought. I was so engrossed in my work that I did not notice that the room suddenly turned cooler at first and then almost frigid. My fingers were numb as I typed a reply to a friend, and then I noticed that my jacket was slowly slipping off of the doll.

I have had experiences with ghost, you know, doors slamming, pictures falling of the walls, cold chills, things moving on their own. This reminded me of that, but only it was in my own home, which was very upsetting to me.

I sat my laptop down beside me and reached for my jacket, grumbling about being inconvenienced and looked up at the doll. There was something different about it. It had been facing towards the couch but now it sat with its back to me. I shook my head, surely I wasn't going crazy, not yet at least. I picked up the doll and frowned as I flipped it over in my hands to look at it.

At first glance it looked like it did when we brought it down. I soon found out differently.

The doll's face had changed, the once perfect face now had a wicked looking crack down the middle that was a scarlet red. Under its blue eyes were two bright scarlet smears running down the side of her face. That wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't noticed that they looked wet. I soon found out that the smears were fresh, and they weren't just smears, they were tears of blood.

It was de'ja'vu all over again from when I was a kid and we use to play "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom at school. We would shut off the lights and all crowded in front of the mirror, hoping that the teacher wouldn't come in and find us goofing off. We would chant "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, why do you weep so bitterly?" hoping that we would hear the reply "Because you have my baby" and see the image of a woman crying bloody tears.

Needless to say I got away from the doll as fast as I could and ran straight to Danielle's room, which was closer than Louise's.
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