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Prologue Three

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Introducing the good doctor

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Chapter Three
January 28, 1934

It had been a week since the Tate's daughter had been taken into custody for the murder of Alisha, the girl's close friend and classmate.

The Tate's had been obviously reluctant to call the police about the murder, but seeing how the girl seemed to not care that she had killed her friend, and apparently the other three people, they could not deny that their daughter needed help.

They had called the police, who had escorted them to the station as they took the girl, almost willingly into a holding cell. They tried to pry the child's doll from her arms the girl simply held on, possessing strength that was impossible for such a small child to have. She calmly walked into the cell with the police stationed on either side.

She confessed to creating life-sized dolls of her friends, and serving "berry red tea" for Annabelle. She sat calmly in the cell as her parents sat in a room, waiting for someone to come in and speak to them.

I had been observing the girl since she was brought into the courthouse. I could not believe that such a well-behaved and beautiful little girl could be such a sadistic and rather through killer. I was amazed to find that she spoke to Annabelle as if she was a true person. The doll sat beside her on the bench, the mother had whipped off the blood after the police asked her to speak to her daughter. Or so I had been told when I arrived.

It truly was an amazing case. She sat there so still, so polite and quiet, a sweet little smile on her face. Dr. Freud's school had never covered this in his studies and books. Neither have I, which seem to open the door to new possibilities. I hate to say that I realized too late that I had dug myself into a whole that was too deep for me to get out unscathed.
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