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Things Go Bump

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Chapter Three
Things Go Bump

It was needless to say that Danielle was not happy to have me bust into her room just as she finally drifted off to sleep. I didn't care of course as I shoved her out of the bed and woke her up; apparently due to my state she realized something was wrong.

"What is it Grayce? What happened?" she said groggily, shoving me back as she regained her balance.

I looked at her and then sat on the bed. "Okay, I know it sounds crazy," I said, though I saw that she already thought I was crazy, but that was just par for the course. "But that doll you brought down from the attic is seriously evil."

She fell back against her pillows and pulled the cover over her head with a groan, "Have you been watching the Chucky movies again?"

I yanked the cover off of her head and looked at her.

"No, I'm serious... The living room just turned into a cooler, the doll dropped my jacket onto the floor and its face. The thing's evil Danni." I said this in a rush, nervously running my hand through my short hair as I usually did when I was nervous.

She sighed and sat up, swinging her feet over the side of the bed. "Oh yes, evil psycho doll," she said as she started toward her door. "What's next? Guy with a chain saw going to come after us?"

I frowned and followed her, "No but you're going to have a pissed room mate with a butcher knife if you don't stop with the wise cracks."

She smirked and led the way into the living room. It was not the way I had left it five minuets ago. The doll was now sitting on top of the TV cabinet, her face its normal sweet smile and sad eyes, but the colors in her dress seemed more vivid, brighter, as if someone had taken the time to repair the doll. She sat there with her arms raised as if waiting to be picked up. I wasn't volunteering.

The floor lamp that I had been using while on the computer was now on the floor, the bulb shattered and the lampshade on the other side of the room. Thankfully my laptop was still on the couch, but on the screen instead of my regular screen saver there was an image of a young girl sitting with the doll. It took me a minuet to realize it was the picture that I had seen up in the attic.

We carefully maneuvered into the room, we were barefoot so we had to take a detour around the broken glass, and moved to flip on the overhead light. Wouldn't you know as soon as we did the bulb blew, causing us to yell in frustration and in shock. The sound woke Louise up and she sauntered in, her hair looking very Bride of Frankenstein.

"What the hell happened here?" she said as she moved away from the broken glass. She had flipped on the hall light, apparently something we hadn't thought of at the time. "What? Had a party and didn't invite me? That's just wrong."

I shook my head and looked around the room, still trying to figure out what had happened. "No... sorry, I would have invited you but you were asleep," this was our normal pattern of sarcastic remarks that we were all famous for in high school.

"Whatever happened it was either very clumsy or very angry," said Danielle as she moved over to where the doll sat on top of the TV I had a chill run down my spine as I saw that doll's eyes looking at me, or appearing to be looking at me. I hated that doll more and more every time I laid eyes on it.

I moved over to where my computer sat, Louise was in the kitchen finding something to pick up the glass with. I sat on the couch and picked up the laptop and looked more closely at the image. "Any idea how this got on here?" I looked over at the other two girls questioningly, I thought that they might have done it as a trick, but they must have been really good because I had been the only one on my computer the entire night.

"Beats me, what is it?" said Louise as she and Danielle moved over closer so that they could look at the image that was stuck on my screen. I say stuck because no matter what I did the image would not disappear, I even took off the battery and shut down the computer and yet, the image of the painting was still there. If anything it grew brighter the more I tried to get rid of it.

Again the feeling of doom and ill will grew stronger and the room grew colder, only this time I wasn't alone to feel it. Louise and Danielle looked at each other as I shut the laptop and put it in its case. Danielle sat the doll back on the coffee table and sat in one of the chairs across from the couch.

"Okay, look," she said as Louise finished picking up the glass and I picked the lamp back up and sat it beside the couch, "Something's going on here. Either one or both of you are pulling the prank of the century, which is very likely, or something seriously paranormal is going on here."

"Ghosts huh?" I said mockingly, "watch it, you're starting to sound like me. But seriously. Something's not right here and it all comes back to that doll."

Louise sighed and leaned against the door covering her mouth as she yawned. "Whatever it is I'm going to make it wait till the sun comes up. I'm beat." She said this as she moved back down the hall to her room. Danielle and I looked at each other and started back toward our rooms as well.

"I guess that is reasonable..." said Danielle as she shoved the door open to her room.

"Yea... g'night you guys. First thing tomorrow though, I'm going to find out what the hell is up with that doll and that girl that's in the picture with it. Whatever it is it'll at least give me something to do."

With that we all went into our rooms and settled in for the remainder of the night. I was relieved when I remembered that the next morning would be Saturday and I would be able to sleep in.

I threw myself down onto my bed, okay I had to jump and then fall into bed because it was tall, but that's not important. I buried myself in my covers and pillows and made myself comfortable on my stomach, enjoying the stillness and the silence of my room.

I finally fell asleep around three o'clock in the morning, it was a deep dreamless sleep, the kind where you can still wake up and feel tired.

If you've ever fallen into one of these sleeps you know that sometimes your mind wakes up, you know you're not asleep any longer and you're aware of your surroundings, but you can't move or open you're eyes. You feel your bed moving with the beat of your heart, a slight swaying sensation, and your hearing seems to improve as you can hear almost everything. I enjoy that time, it's relaxed and warm. But something was different this time. I kept thinking about something I had read where the Japanese told that this rest was called sleep paralysis, which was caused by evil spirits and vengeful ghosts.

Not exactly a comforting thought.

I felt a weight on my bed that shouldn't have been there, it really wasn't a weight but a feeling of a presence, like when you know that someone is watching you. I couldn't move, I really was dead feeling, I tried to move my arms and legs but they felt as if they were weighed down, my bed was swaying with my heart beat, but there was an irregular movement of the bed that I knew was not made by me. I was starting to freak out slightly.

As suddenly as it started everything seemed to have stopped. I relaxed and breathed deeply and started to slip back into sleep, but I realized that it felt like something was standing on my legs.

This time I tried to move and something was holding me down, I could feel straps around my wrist, ankles, and waist and something was slowly walking up my legs. The room grew cold and the door to my closet started to open and shut, slamming violently against the wall each time it opened.

I jerked, I tried to twist but the weight that was walking up my legs slowly made its way to my lower back, up my spine and stopped on my shoulders. I heard a soft voice near my ear and felt hair brush against my face. Something wet and sticky dripped onto my ear and temple. A soft voice whispered directly into my ear, I can still feel the cold breath and smell the rancid smell of decay.

"Grayce... would you like to join me for tea?" the voice said in a sing song voice.

I freaked. I screamed and with the strength that only panic and fear could give me and broke the invisible bonds that were held me down and I pushed myself onto my knees.

My room was as it always had been. I looked at my wrists, there were bruises that were about three inches wide on each, I checked my ankles and waist, more bruises, and I felt my ear.

I looked at my fingertips to find blood had been smeared across the side of my face. I sat there in shock staring at the sticky red mess on my fingertips. Something made me look to my left and I saw the doll sitting there her arms raised and her cold blue eyes resting on me.

I realized I was in a nightmare and I couldn't get out.
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