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Mission one: The party

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Mission one:

The party.

Date: April 12th 2004
Location: the Urie household
Las Vagas, Nevada

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Brendon happy birthday to you"

Today was the day that Brendon Boyd Urie, a music nerd from Las Vegas Nevada, turned 17.
The start of the year that would change his life completly.

The turnout at his party, as always, was shit.
All his family of course was there.
But only four friends.
His only four friends.
Brent Wilson
Sophia Ruggles
Davey Johnson
Ashlee Lane.

He was a loser. and once again this party proves it.

He longed for change.
To make something of himslef.
To step out from the Mormon way of life.

Music was his only escape.
Blink 182
Smashing Pumpkins
Fall out boy
Counting Crows
Were his Personal favourites.

He loved playing it too.
anything he could get his hands on really

Although he'd never admit it
Singing was his realy passion.
He longed to be the frontman.
but he just didn't have the courage.
This year though.

Brendon Urie had a worthwile Birthday wish

To break out
and become the person he wanted to be

you likee?
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