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Mission two: The parents

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Mission two: The Parents

April 13th 2004

"Morning Dear" Brendon was awoken by his mothers chirpy voice.
She was carrying a glass of water.
The drink that was supposed to wake him up and kick start his day.

What was the point?

Everyday was the same.
He'd be picked on
For being him.
Have the lecture of his dad every night on how music was bad.
How could the only thing that kept him going be bad for him?

Brendon gulped down the water.
Rolling out of bed.
Sliding of his dirty boxers and replacing them with clean ones.
Rooting through his drawers to find some clean clothes.

In the end he found
Some black Skinnies and a Blink 182 top.
He slid on his glasses.
And he was ready to start his day.

School was the same as always.
Spent his lunch in the music department
Playing and helping tune the guitars.
Music was his only grade A subject.
It was the only subject he honestly cared about.

Walking home, he had the preps hurl abuse at him
Throw their empty cartons at him.
Just they wait.
In a few years time, when they'll be flipping burgers.
He'd of made something of himself.
He'd be out of this shitty town.
Who'd be laughing then?

Going home was the worst part of the day.
Of course he loved his Family.
He just hated the Mormon bubble they were trapped in.

Tonight was a Thursday.
Also known as Shooting night,
The night Brendon Dreaded,
Killing poor innocent animals
Because they believed, it was okay.

It wasn't

It was wrong.
It was cruel.
It was something Brendon did not want to be a part of.
Something he wasn't going to be a part of.


"Hello son, Ready?" His Father asked.
Gun in hand.

"No. I don't want to go" Brendon replied
Barely above a whisper.
Scared of the consequences of his actions.

"Pardon?" His dad asked. His tone getting louder and angrier

"I don't believe in killing animals"

"ROOM NOW!" His dad bellowed


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