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So it begins...

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They have been the best of friends since they were younger, but what happens when one doesn't see what is in front of her when a certain member of TAI comes into the picture? Will their true feelin...

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So where do I even begin? Well first off my name is Isabella Raines. I am not your typical 19 year old girl because I act more grown up then I look. I have been living here in the sunshine state of not so beautiful Florida for about 10 years now and I just want to get out!
My story is not your typical love story I guess you can say. But to understand my story we have to start from the beginning.
When I was born my dad was in the military and we moved around a lot. I have been to almost every single state in the U.S. by the time I was 6. But by far my favorite state was Nevada. This is where I met my best friend Brendon Urie. My dad was station in Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. My mom his mom worked together and we would have play dates or as I would call it "let's lock up Isabella in the closet again!" We eventually became best friends even though there was a 2 year age difference. But two years later my dad decide to retire and go live in the sunshine state of Florida to be with his sick mother. So I said my goodbyes to Brendon but we would always keep in touch almost every single day by phone or email or even live journal.
Well things changed about 2 or 3 years ago when Brendon called and told me that he had been signed to Fueled By Ramen and Decaydance records. Yes I was excited at first but then the phone calls and emails just kind of stopped. So when Panic! at the Disco came to Florida to perform on the Nintendo Fusion Tour and I met not only his band mates but also Fall Out Boy, I knew he made it and I hoped that success would not go to his head. And it didn't thank God, because after he passed through Florida the calls and emails started back up again because he missed his best friend.
This is where the story gets very complicated. It all started on Brendon's 20th birthday and this is where I met William Beckett.
I was already running late to Brendon's party, but what could you expect from a girl whose plane was delayed 3 hours? As soon as I arrived Brendon automatically jumped on me and told me he was glad to see me. Sure I was glad to see him too, I mean it is not everyday when I get to see my best friend especially in the city where we met when we were younger.
So anyhow I was having a conversation with Jon Walker, Panic! bassist, when William came up and said his hellos to Jon. They were talking about how the Bears lost the Super Bowl or something like that, until I caught William's eye and he stopped in mid-sentence.
"Well Jon I am being completely rude by ignoring this beautiful lady by wasting my time talking to you."
"Well actually Bill you kinda interrupted the conversation Izzie and I were having. Well on the subject of introductions Isabella this is William, Bill this is Izzie," Jon said with a stupid smile on his face.
"Well it is very nice to meet you," Will says as he takes my hand and kisses it.
"Yea a pleasure," as I grabbed my hand back and wiped it on my jeans. "Hey Jon I am going to find the birthday boy and go dance with him."
Jon nodded as I left to go find Brendon. When I finally found him, we danced a couple of dances then plopped ourselves on the nearest couch. I couldn't help but to notice that Jon and William kept looking at me and looking away.
"Brendon tell me about that guy talking to Jon over there. William is his name if I seem to remember."
"Well Izzie he is nothing but trouble. Just stay away from him please and find yourself a guy who will pay more attention to you than his looks. A guy like me."
"Now how many drinks have you had Brendon. We don't want you to get totally fucked up at your birthday party."
"Whatever. Let me know when you want to leave so we can go home ok. My mom has been looking forward to seeing you."
"Okay, well it is your party so we will leave whenever you want to okay?"
"Yea fine," he said as he quickly gave me a kiss on the cheek before he disappeared into the crowd.
Less than a minute later William comes up to me with drinks in tow. He plops himself right next to me and hand me a drink. I laughed and put the drink on the table and got up to leave, but not before William grabbed for my hand.
"What you don't like your drink."
"No I do not take drinks from someone I just met."
"Well if you stick around for awhile then you might be able to trust me and taking a sip from your drink."
"And what makes you think that I want to talk to you?"
"Because I am dangerously good looking and you can not resist my charm."
"Boys can me so self centered at times."
"So I take that as if you want to sit down and talk to me?"
Just then Brendon comes up and grabs my hand and says "I am ready to leave. Nice to see you Bill." In the most sarcastic voice imaginable.
"Yea you to Brendon. Nice to meet you Isabella."
"Yea, likewise."
As we made our way to the car I stopped Brendon in his track. "What was that about back there?"
"I was ready to go and I did not want you to make a scene."
"Yea okay, I was going to make a scene at my best friend's birthday party. Do you even know me Brendon? Trust me I wasn't going to make a scene. You made the scene when you pulled me out of that party when I was trying to have a decent conversation with..."
"Can we talk about this tomorrow?"
We got into the car with out another word. That must have been the most uncomfortable 20 minutes of silence I endured with my best friend.
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