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I where my emotions on my sleeve, well most of the time

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The night after Brendon's party and he has some explaning to do...

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Brendon's POV

I woke up the next morning with a massive headache. No I wasn't hung over, I was more frustrated at last night's situation. You see I have a thing for my best friend Izzie. Don't get me wrong or anything, I know I should tell her but I just can't for the fear I might lose her as a friend.
Since I can remember Izzie and I were friends. But it wasn't until years after she had moved away I started to develop feelings for her. One summer when I was about to start my junior year in high school, she and her sister Diana came to visit and I saw her and I was automatically drawn to her. Both of us went through that gawky nerdy stage but she got more beautiful after that stage. I even kissed her during that summer which led to major awkwardness until after she left. She was the only one who really supported me and the band when we got signed when I thought my parents abandon me and she still calls herself my number one fan.
When I saw Izzie and William talking at the party, I nearly lost it. Izzie is always drawn to the guys who turn out to be complete assholes in the end. Not to say William is an asshole, I just don't trust him around Izzie, my Izzie. I know I can't control her life or the people she chooses to date, but why can't she see what is in front of her?
As I made my way downstairs from my bedroom I heard two very familiar voices coming from the kitchen, my mom's and Izzie's. They were talking about Izzie's prom that was coming up the following weekend and her birthday a week later and graduation 3 weeks from that. All I heard my mom say you have a lot on your plate and Izzie just laughed, her cute Izzie laugh which I loved about her the most. I walked into the kitchen and the conversation just stopped and Izzie just stopped laughing.
"How you feeling today Brendon?" a question only a mom could ask.
"I have a headache but it is probably from the lack of food in my stomach."
"Well I made you and Izzie breakfast, so eat up and I am going to be late for work. Now you missy don't be a stranger and convince your mom to come visit me. Good luck the next few weeks and have a safe trip home," as my mom quits hugging Izzie.
"Ok I won't, I will try, thanks and thanks," she laughed again and my mom left. Now it was just me and Izzie by ourselves to make up and be friends again.
"So what do you want to do today?" trying to break the ice.
"Well first I want to know what the fuck was up with you last night when we left your party. Then I want you to apologize to me by taking me out shopping and you paying for everything. But first what happen last night?"
"My protective big brother instinct kicked in and I just don't want you to get hurt. That's all."
"Bren, you and I have been friends since God knows when. I am 17 turning 18 in 2 weeks, if I need to be protected I would have asked, but you not only embarrassed me in front of your friends and colleagues but yourself as well. So the next time you think I need to be protected consult me first before you drag me out a really cool party that has Pete Wentz in attendance. Deal?"
"Yea, deal." She got up to shake my hand but I pulled her into a hug instead.
"So are you ready to take me shopping?"
"Yea let's go."
We packed ourselves into the car and headed for all the major stores on the strip. Izzie is the type of girl who has expensive taste, but what Izzie wants she gets 98% of the time. We go into the first store and automatically Izzie finds something to try on. She goes to try on the dress and then I hear her wailing for me.
"Brendon! Brendon! I need your help zippering up this dress! Pretty please with ice cream at the bottom and chocolate syrup in the middle and a huge cherry on top!"
"I am coming, chill out woman!"
"I know you did not just call me woman you ass!"
"Shut up and turn around so I can zipper you up."
As I began to zipper her up I couldn't help but to notice how soft her skin was to the touch and how she particularly matched her panties and her bra to the outfit she was wearing and..
"So do you like it? Brendon? Earth to Brendon! Brendon are you okay?"
God she look fucking hot, I mean stunning. She picked out a beige halter top dress with gold accents that just complemented her skin tone perfectly. And her boobs did not look half bad as well.
"Sorry, yea you look stunning is this for graduation or for your birthday?"
"Well unfortunately I have to wear light colors under my cap and gown, so this one is definitely graduation. Now can you unzipper me Brenny Bear?"
"Yea sure, hey not to rush you or anything but you plane leaves at 4 and we should be at the airport by 3 and..."
"It is only 11:30 I still have plenty of time to shop and to hang out with my best friend, now let me get dress and then we can leave."
She got dressed quickly and she started to check out when I began to pull out my wallet but she beat me to the punch with her credit card.
"What? I have to spend mommy and daddy's money somehow. Besides you can buy me lunch, because you know I am not eating airplane food."
Two hours later, $400 of Izzie's parents spent on clothes, and $75 feeding the two of us. I drove Izzie back to my house to get her belongings so I could drop her off at the airport. As we got to the terminal, I helped Izzie with her bags and turned into total mom mode.
"So you got your ticket, luggage, wallet, id, cell phone, snacks..."
"Hug from best friends."
"Well that was last on the list but it can be bumped up a couple of notches," I hugged her as if this was going to be the last time I was ever going to see her. She pulls away from the hug and smiles.
"You know you are truly my best friend, Brendon Boyd Urie,"
"As are you Isabella Clara Raines. Now have an awesome prom, 18th birthday and graduation. My little Izzie is growing up so fast!"
"Whatever asshole! I can come to visit you for your birthday but you can't come visit me for mine or my graduation! Some best friend you are!"
"Well be expecting some big gifts for both occasions! Deal?"
"Fine!" I gave her a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye. I knew it would be a few hours before she would call me to complain again about what a "lazy ass motherfucker" I am, but the change in the air told me other wise...
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