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Chapter 1 - Familial Response

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Harry discovers the lies and deceptions of Dumbledoremost especially about Sirius having a missing daughter! Harry rebels and finds independence with the help of a few select friends and a couple o...

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Harry Potter Empire! I just borrow names and faces and put them in situations in my play ground. I make nothing off these little efforts if I did... it wouldn't be a such little playground.

RETURN OF THE BLACK ROSE by Diana The Huntresss

Chapter 1 Familial Response

Voldemort summoned his inner circle, the cream of all his Death Eaters, the truest of his supporters: Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape appeared first (as they should) followed closely by Bellatrix and Rudolphos Lestrange, Dairus Rookwood, Alvin McNair and finally Charles Avery.
"Avery why are you late? Don't bother to answer I really don't care. Lucius what have you found out about that attack at Dorset Village? We know we had nothing to do with it correct? I didn't approve it... have some of the lower order decided to take matters into their own hands?" demanded Lord Voldemort with a sneer.
Lucius Malfoy calmly replies, "My Lord, the ministry are blaming Death Eaters but have no supporting evidence. There was nothing at the scene to point to us; no one was captured, there were no witnesses who can say for sure, no cloaks or masks, and the morsmodre wasn't used. All that was found or confirmed at the site was a heavy residue of dark magic and 7 dead muggle children. That interfering old bastard Dumbledore pointed the finger at you and the ministry jumped on it."
"Severus what is the old fool up to?"
"In truth I wish I knew Master. He hasn't taken a meeting with the staff or the order in over two weeks. I have suspicions but no proof."
"He portrays himself as this great white wizard, as the wizarding world's great hope, caretaker of the 'Boy Who Lived'. We know he is anything but. He's allowed even ordered escalating and continuous abuse on Harry Potter and leaves him, despite his protests, in the care of those abusive Muggles. It's my belief he hopes to someday soon 'rescue' Potter from the horror of his relatives thereby making the boy worship him and do whatever he asks."
At that exact moment a coal black owl flies in and heads straight to the Dark Lord screeching at him beseechingly to take the outstretched missive.
Voldemort looks at Lucius and Severus, "How is it possible that this owl just flew in here? How did it get past the wards, charms, and other protections set up on this property?"

To: Tom M. Riddle, Lord Voldemort, the Dark Lord,
Sir, you are my final hope, please hear me out before you throw this missive in the rubbish bin. My name (which I only recently found out) is Diana Cassiopeia Ursola Nyssa Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black I've gone by Diana Hunter most of my life. I was almost two when my Papa was killed on top of me. The White bearded man then took and gave me into the care of one Jessup Blandish...
I don't know the name of the man that put me in his care (if that's what you want to call it) but care isn't the word I would use... torture would be much closer and more fitting. This is the reason I've contacted you. I can't take his punishments any longer and the punishment and inflicted damage are escalating exponentially on a daily and weekly basis. (How is it my fault that the day ends in y? or that it rained? Would you punish your child because they received the highest marks in a subject?) I've been punished for all of these reasons and many more all equally frivolous. I've tried getting messages to my still living fathers (also just recently discovered, thank Merlin for summer homework) but can't get any messages through by owl, elf or even Muggle mail. So after thoroughly studying my family tree you are my final hope. I've included a vial of my blood and the potion (Veritas Paternas) which is what I used to discover my true lineage so that you too may confirm it. I am hoping that as a blood relation you will see fit to save me from this madness that I've been forced to endure for the last almost 15 years. I know you can't just trust that what I am saying is true and I understand. I just hope that you can understand that I can not endure this any longer. I've longed for a family that would love me, I've prayed and futilely wished for a guardian that might at least respect me and have about lost hope entirely.
I know he was told (yes I eavesdropped the last night when the white bearded monster was giving him his new instructions) that he has to wait for my inheritance to come in before he can rape me, that way my power and my magic can be taken for that white bearded bastard... I have only a week left before my birthday and for the first time in my dreaded life I am truly frightened... I don't want him to touch me; I can't even bear to be in the same room with him. Please save me from this madness, this horror. I won't let him... I can't! I tell you this now if it comes down to it I will take my own life over letting him take what is left of my innocence and my power.
I hope that blood ties have some meaning to you and that the evidence that I've sent you proves our relationship to your satisfaction. Please Great-Grandfather please save me.
PS... If you have contact with my two remaining fathers : they were both alive when I last did the potion, (Lucius Dragord Malfoy and Sirius Orion Black)... let them know that I tried to find them but my letters always came back undeliverable. I wish I had been able to know them. (Copies of letters that were sent are enclosed)
Sincerest Regards,
Diana C. U. N. A. H. M. P. Black

"Severus, take this blood and potion verify her findings. Lucius gather the elite. There is a young pureblood witch that has been tortured past her endurance that needs rescuing. She has the strength and courage to look for other solutions; we will rescue her regardless of Severus' findings. Have them ready in 30 minutes."
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