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Chapter 2 - Harry's Response

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Dumbles Bad, Harry finds out... story continues

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Harry Potter Empire! I just borrow names and faces and put them in situations in my play ground. I make nothing off these little efforts if I did... it wouldn't be a such little playground.

RETURN OF THE BLACK ROSE by Diana The Huntresss

CHAPTER 2 - Harry's Decision

Harry was sitting in his tiny barely furnished room on Privet Drive contemplating the lies he'd discovered at the end of the school term. Ron being paid to be his friend, Hermione getting privileges and power for spying on him, Ginny getting promised the Potter fortune for spying on him and keeping his hormones on edge; the whore. Dumbledore thinking of him as nothing more than a tool, a weapon to be used and disposed of once its purpose was complete. They never should have even considered taking his inheritance but they did and have. The bastard should have never given him that invisibility cloak, especially if he didn't want his secrets found out. What to do about the traitors... ignore them? Nah... not painful enough to them need to hurt them where it counts. Going to start with legal matters and make it hurt them where it counts most. Will show them just how mature I am.

He pulled out a piece of parchment and started writing...
To Griphook,
I hope that you don't mind me addressing these matters to your attention but yours is the only name I have for any Goblins employed at Gringotts Bank and what I am writing about are definitely banking matters. Please don't take this the wrong way but what the hell are you Goblins playing at? Are you truly neutral like you claim because if that's the case I am honestly not seeing it? To my eyes and from what I've witnessed lately you all seem to have sided with that double dealing thieving backstabbing bastard Dumbledore. IF this is the case then I will have to take my business elsewhere... IF I am mistaken and I do hope that I am please help me in dealing with the following issues:
First issue, please AUDIT my accounts fully. I have recently discovered that I should have more than just the single vault that I have been accessing. Why was I never informed of any vaults besides the School/Trust Vault that I started accessing when I turned 11.
Second issue, why have I never gotten statements from Gringotts about any of my accounts/vaults?
Third issue, I want every penny not withdrawn by me personally since the death of my parents in October 1981 returned with 10% interest or I will file a lawsuit AGAINST Gringotts. I am the only heir, I am the BLOOD Heir to the Potter - Evans line and everything is MINE. Every book should be returned, every scroll, every piece of jewelry, every item, and every artifact. I have never authorized anyone to access my vaults, so everything removed is to be considered stolen. I AUTHORIZE you to act in my stead in getting my funds and property returned.
Fourth issue, why wasn't I informed of my inheritance from my Godfather, Sirius Black and WHY hasn't this matter been dealt with properly according to GOBLIN laws? Fix this NOW! I know what is in his WILL because he showed it to me BEFORE he was killed.
Fifth issue, I want to do the Heir's Blood ritual to see if there are any other lines that I could possibly inherit. I will be at Gringotts on Wednesday at 7am.
Final issue for now, look through the properties that I have inherited thus far and find the most secure, have it prepared for me add any additional wards and charms that you feel would keep me safe from the Death Eaters and Dumbledore... charge my school vault appropriately. I want to move there after our meeting.
Thank You Griphook for you assistance in these matters.

Harry James Potter

Griphook was amazed at the letter he'd just received from Harry Potter and grinned accordingly. The boy had finally discovered the treachery being played upon him... now they could help. He'd finally asked. He headed straight to the clan chiefs office and after knocking opened the door...
The aged Goblin behind the desk looked up inquiringly, "Yes youngling?"
"Master Grimtooth the Potter boy has finally discovered the treachery played against him. He has made me his agent in handling his account. He is demanding that we fix several things before his arrival in two days, starting with the unauthorized withdrawals of funds since his parents deaths and the returning of property removed from the Potter vaults to include jewelry, books, scrolls, magic items, clothing, all property. He also demands 10% interest on the money taken. Sir the Chosen One has had his eyes opened and he isn't happy. He wants to have a house prepared with wards strong enough to protect him from not only Voldemort and his Death Eaters but Dumbledore as well. He also wants to do the Heir's Blood Ritual.
Grimtooth smiles in satisfaction, "He knows what to expect then since he's asked for it. That is good Griphook. There might finally be a wizard worthy of regard from Goblins. Do as he wants; we've never liked Dumbledore anyway; him stealing from one of our clients makes me more than angry. Get him 15% interest instead of 10. Take everything back today no later than midnight; have the secretaries send the retrieval notices out after the retrieval. Have our Ward-Smiths prepare the best of his houses at no charge and look into finding him a magical advisor, someone who has experience in accounting and business matters as well as estate management. We will provide Mr. Potter with everything he needs to be a successful independent wizard. Oh and Griphook make copies of all the evidence: the forged signatures, the unauthorized withdrawals the removal of property and send them all to Madame Bones with a note to start preparing for trial and be sure to let her know that even if her copies are lost, we've kept the originals so the case cannot be swept under the table and forgotten. I'll have them prepare the ritual chamber. Wednesday should indeed be interesting. Congratulations Griphook and your very major promotion.
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