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Chapter 3 - Dumbledore's Quandry

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Dumbles isn't the good guy everyone thinks he is...Harry knows about Sirius' missing daughter... New friends different enemies

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Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Harry Potter Empire! I just borrow names and faces and put them in situations in my playground. I make nothing off these little efforts; if I did... it wouldn't be such a little playground.

RETURN OF THE BLACK ROSE by Diana The Huntresss

Chapter 3 Dumbledore's Quandary

Albus Dumbledore was still sitting in his office at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry deeply immersed in the Tome of Blood Wards and Runic Barriers that he'd found in the Potter Vaults. He had been amazed when he'd found it during his last exploration through the vault, he hadn't realized that the Potter line dated back to the time of the founders, but this tome was written by Rowena Ravenclaw and Robert Aselon Potter. It turns out that Robert Potter had been one of Lady Ravenclaw's teachers, in fact master to her apprentice. This book and the two others he'd found on ancient wards both offensive and defensive would be instrumental in the rewarding of Hogwarts and his other acquired properties.

He called for a house elf to bring him a midnight snack; Tulip was setting out the hot chocolate and cookies when suddenly things started disappearing with loud pops from all over the office... starting with the book that Dumbledore was deeply scrutinizing.

Dumbledore quickly checked the elf to make sure it was one of the schools; then checked his dark magic detectors, only to find half of them missing. With no other obvious options he pulls in his magic and checks the wards on the school to find them intact. He quickly calls the professors that are still Hogwarts to alert them to the disappearing artifacts and use of unknown magic in the thievery.

Professors Snape and McGonagall enter the Headmasters office to see Dumbledore in a rage scrambling around the office naming off random items for no apparent reason.

Snidely and a bit put out for being awakened at midnight Snape inquires, "Headmaster what is the meaning of this? Why have I been summoned from sleep on one of the few nights I am actually able to get some?"

Voice full of anger and sarcasm twinkle gone from his eye Dumbledore replies to Snape, "Good Severus, I don't know if it is or not. I just thought you might want to check your precious potions lab to see if it's intact because about 20 different artifacts just disappeared from my office in less than 5 minutes."

Minerva McGonagall asks sternly, "Albus what items have disappeared?"

Albus Dumbledore answers almost absently in his irrepressible anger, "Several tomes from the Potter vaults, the dark detectors and monitors that I retrieved to use on Harry, a few other magical items including that extra invisibility cloak from the Potter vaults, not to forget the sword of Gryffindor."

Severus Snape barely listening registers the one thing they all seemed to have in common and smarmily inquires, "Did you get Mr. Potter's permission before removing those items from his vaults?"

When Dumbledore hesitated before answering Snape continues, "It's my guess then Headmaster that Mr. Potter likely found out about items missing and had his property retrieved."

At that moment with a loud pop a scarlet parchment with gold lettering and the official Gringotts seal appears in the center of the Headmasters desk...

Dumbledore picks it up opening it carefully and reads aloud,
Mr. Albus Dumbledore
Please note that all items removed from the Potter Ancestral Vaults since the death of James and Lilly Potter have been returned to their proper home. All unauthorized withdrawals have been totaled and returned with 15% interest. All properties that you have occupied will now no longer be accessible; if there happens to have been something left behind by the packers please alert Griphook who will locate said items. Your account has been charged with replacing anything lost or broken permanently as you set yourself up as Lord Potter's magical guardian and were therefore the only one with access to said property. This responsibility has since been removed. You have been removed from the list of those permitted access to these vaults at the request of Lord Potter. Please return all keys to Gringotts by no later than 9am tomorrow or the cost of changing the vault locks and wards will be charged to your own ancestral account.
Gringotts President

Albus Dumbledore screamed in frustration cursing the Boy-Who-Lived in three languages while breaking everything within his reach.

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR
Severus Snape was astounded at the amount of information produced by Veritas Paternas potion. He'd used his own family as the control to verify the veracity of the information; amazingly enough the potion had produced names past those that he was familiar with... more than 10 generations.

With that to back him up he performed the test again with the blood supplied by the unknown woman and again with blood from the Dark Lord; with astonishing results.

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

"My lord," Severus intones carefully, "It's true. I've tested the potion and the blood several times. I also tested the blood using some of my own methods and used my own blood as a control. You are indeed related to this young woman. Well if the blood in the vial was hers anyhow. I performed the standard Familial Relationship test and it's positive, you are related; but as you know it does not tell you what that relationship is. Then I brewed my own Relationship Determiner potion and the Ancestry potion used by the Ministry; they both show that you are her Great Grandfather."

"Following the dates listed for birth I've discerned that in 1945 you had a relationship with Meredith Kincaide which produced a daughter Samarra. Samarra Riddle Kinkaide married Sebastian Hunter; they had a son, Ronan Hunter. Ronan formed a PENTIAD bond with Dragorian Astarii, Sirius Black, James Potter, and Lucius Malfoy; a very unusual relationship because each of them donated part of themselves to create a child ; Diana Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black born of Sirius Black on January 1st of 1980."

With a slightly inquisitive expression Tom Riddle asks, "If Potter and Malfoy had a Pentiad bond... why would they go through a traditional wedding? They couldn't be bonded again without a severance and divorce so it's nothing more than a piece of paper legally tying them together."

Severus answered thoughtfully, "As I recall sir... it was through Dumbledore's meddling that they were forced into a civil union outside their bond. I don't remember everything that happened when he found out they'd formed one but I remember his anger; he tore his office apart breaking everything insight then made it his mission to break them apart. He contacted their parents and filled their ears with a lot of controversial information about Pentiad bonds, how they were evil, even though traditionally they were considered more than blessed, how men having children were an abomination. He convinced them that modern wizards frowned on anything so unusual and that they'd be shunned in magical society. The Potter's and Malfoy's have always been overly image conscious; they believed everything Dumbledore said hook line and sinker. They demanded their heirs break away from their bonded and form a typical Muggle type marriage or loose everything. Pentiad Bonds are soul bonds though: they can't be broken, death is the only way to sever the relationship. This forced them into the civil ceremonies that they performed. They were barely legal the way it was done, and it makes inheritance rather confusing. Dumbledore was fooled into thinking that the bond had been broken when in fact it hadn't and their parents were happy."

"So my Granddaughter has 2 half brothers... this could make things very interesting. Please send a note to Harry Potter... make it very polite Severus and informative. Include the relationship potions that you used today and her own... and some of her blood. Let him see for himself that they are indeed related. I do not war on my own flesh and blood and by blood he is related to my great granddaughter that makes him family; unless Mr. Potter pushes it he is no longer a target. That will be all Severus."

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Lucius Malfoy entered the throne room a body carefully cradled in his arms, anger and disgust clearly expressed on his face. "My Lord... we need a healer. Her wounds are very serious."

Voldemort turns his head and orders, "Wormtail get my healer now!" Then he looks towards Severus, "Severus help her as best you can!"

He then conjures an armless and backless sofa and indicates to Lucius to lay the young lady down.

Once Snape starts his triage Tom turns to Lucius and demands, "Report Lucius!"

"We followed the spells on the parchment you were sent. It took Nott a lot of effort to break the wards on the house where she was being held. When we managed to get inside we found her chained face down on a bed. That bastard that was supposed to be her guardian had taken a whip to her and beat her till her clothing was completely gone; he was still working her over when we arrived. Once we eliminated him and got her free of the bindings we used the standard diagnostic spell and found she's suffering from pneumonia, 3 broken ribs, a bruised larynx, a broken ankle, a broken arm that's fractured at the wrist and just above the elbow, severe bruising to the stomach and kidneys. I gave her a blood replenishing potion, calming draught and the stabilizing potion; she passed out just as we arrived at the appartation point here."

"Very good Lucius: I hope the bastard departed this world in a great deal of pain?"

"Yes My Lord, Crabbe held the Cruciatus on him till he expired."

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

After watching the medi-witch and healer work for 6 solid hours assisted by Snape; Voldemort demands in exasperation, "You have questions Lucius? Ask them now."

Lucius tentatively responds not wanting to anger Voldemort, "uh... Who is she My Lord?"

"She's my Great Granddaughter Lucius, but not only that; she is your missing daughter."

In complete shock and confusion Lucius replies, "My daughter sir... I don't have a daughter. Narcissa hasn't been able to conceive since we had Draco."

Voldemort's eyes sparkle in understanding as he inquires, "Do you remember having a relationship with James Potter and Sirius Black?"

"I'd never sir. They are blood traitors the both of them; Turning their backs on the Wizarding world to support all those damn Muggles."

"But you did Lucius, you not only had a relationship you had a Pentiad soul bond. I believe your memories have been tampered with." He turns quickly to Severus and demands, "When they can do without your services Severus you are to brew a Memoriam Restorium draught for yourself and Lucius."
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