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Chapter 4 Connection Confirmed

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HArry discovers trechary... goes independent... this chapter confirms the family connection

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Chapter 4 -Familial Connection Confirmed

Severus Snape was astounded at the amount of information produced by Veritas Paternas potion. He'd used his own family as the control to verify the veracity of the information; amazingly enough the potion had produced names past those that he was familiar with... more than 10 generations.
With that to back him up he performed the test again with the blood supplied by the unknown woman and again with blood from the Dark Lord; with astonishing results.


"My lord," Severus intones carefully, "It's true. I've tested the potion and the blood several times. I also tested the blood using some of my own methods. You are indeed related to this young woman. Well if the blood in the vial was hers anyhow. I performed the standard Familial Relationship test and it's positive. Then I brewed my own Relationship Determiner potion and the Ancestry potion; they both show that you are her Great Grandfather."

Severus delicately explains his findings, "In 1945 you had a relationship with Meredith Kincaide which produced a daughter Samarra. Samarra Riddle Kinkaide married Sebastian Hunter; they had a child Ronan Hunter. Ronan formed a PENTIAD bond with Dragorian Astarii, Sirius Black, James Potter, and Lucius Malfoy> a very unusual relationship because each of them donated part of themselves to create a child ; Diana Astarii Hunter Potter Malfoy Black born of Sirius Black on January 1st of 1980."

With a slightly inquisitive expression Tom Riddle asks, "IF Potter and Malfoy had a Pentiad bond... why would they go through a traditional wedding? They couldn't be bonded again without a severance and divorce so it's nothing more than a piece of paper tying them together legally."

Severus answered thoughtfully, "As I recall sir... it was through Dumbledore's meddling that they were forced into a civil union outside their bond. He contacted their parents and filled their ears with a lot of controversial information about Pentiad bonds, how they were evil, frowned on in magical society and such. I don't remember everything that happened when he found out they'd formed one but I remember his anger; he tore his office apart breaking everything insight then made it his mission to break it apart. The Potter's and Malfoy's have always been overly image conscious; they believed everything Dumbledore said hook line and sinker. They demanded their heirs break away from their bonded and form a typical marriage or loose everything. Pentiad Bonds are soul bonds though: they can't be broken, death is the only way to sever the relationship. This forced them into the civil ceremonies that they performed. They were legal the way it was done, but it makes inheritance rather confusing. Dumbledore was fooled into thinking that the bond had been broken when in fact it hadn't and their parents were happy."

"So my Granddaughter has 2 half brothers... this could make things very interesting. Please send a note to Harry Potter... make it very polite Severus and informative. Include the relationship potions that you used today and her own... and some of her blood. Let him see for himself that they are indeed related. I do not war on my own flesh and blood. That will be all Severus."

RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR - RotBR

Harry Potter had just finished his letter to The Order when a beautiful perfect little glittery black dragon with a message clutched in a claw ( it was only about a foot and a half long with a wing span a little bigger) popped into his room and settled in front of him on the desk. As he watched in astonishment the dragon reached down then held out the message to him in an imperious manner. Harry still stunned at the appearance of a dragon in his room didn't respond until the dragon addressed him in parseltongue, "Are you going to take your message Sir?"

Harry responded in astonishment, "You speak? Wow... Yes of course I'll take the message. Who is it from?"

"Of course I speak Mr. Harry. My master wanted an intelligent familiar that he could have conversations with. He assured me that you too would enjoy conversation with me and that I was permitted to speak. His letter explains everything Mr. Harry. Read it if you will, then I will answer the questions that I can before I make my return."

Agreeing Harry opens the message...
Dear Mr. Potter,
I do hope this message finds you well. It's come to my attention that many facts about your family have been kept from you, since those that are suppose to inform and advise you have not I decided to.
Mr. Potter you have a half sister; included are three potions and blood from the young woman to help prove this to you. She was born of a soul bond that was formed by your father James Potter, with 4 other men called a Pentiad Bond. Your sister was born of the Pentiad bond. This bond was formed while they were still in school and was disapproved of by the Headmaster. He interfered in their relationship trying to break it up... eventually causing James Potter and one other in the bond to have civil marriages outside their bond so as to not loose their inheritances. You were born of this civil bond. IT was legal and binding and from what I saw of it... Your father and mother did have a loving relationship and you were wanted and loved; don't think otherwise. If you father hadn't formed the soul bond I do believe he would have bonded with Lily Evans anyway, they always had a very close relationship once he stopped being an arrogant git. James and Lily adored you never feel that you were a burden or unwanted. Your sister went missing the same night that you were orphaned. She'd been left home with one of her fathers, Dragorian Astarii, because she'd been sick, while the others went to a special Samhain Festival at the Ministry. Astarii was found murdered by killing curse... she was missing. No sign was ever found of her. Sirius Black was unable to search for her because well... he discovered his murdered mate and missing daughter then went to check on your father; he found James and Lily dead and you injured; I think his shock went very deep. Dumbledore wouldn't let him have you, which might have prevented his rampage against Pettigrew and you know the rest. He went to Azkaban without a trial for 12 years and broke out to save you from Pettigrew. To my knowledge he never found his daughter. I know the remaining 3 of her fathers searched for her extensively and spared no expense... even her Grandmother Walburga Black participated in this endeavor. It was in fact this Pentiad bond that helped Black get back in his mother's good graces. The Black's followed the old ways and refused to listen to that interfering white bearded old fool.
When you've performed the tests and wish to discuss the situation you may send your owl to me. Mr. Potter I do not hate you and never have. Dumbledore demanded the behavior that I displayed or he'd turn me over to the Ministry as a death eater. I have no wish to waste my life in Azkaban. I would have treated you with the proper respect due to any person if not for him. I am sure by now that you know of my true allegiance, and I'll even confirm it: I am loyal to Voldemort who is not the person portrayed to the world by the media and Dumbledore. He did not murder your parents! Yes he was there, but had no intention of killing anyone. Both he and I are willing to discuss this with you in detail when you are willing to listen. WE want you to know the truth!

Severus Snape

Harry sat back and stared a nothing while contemplating the information just given to him by his former Potions Professor. His first impulse to just shred the note and ignore it but he realized that Snape had never lied to him. No matter how much it hurt Snape always told him the truth and had saved his life many times even if he got hurt in the process. Voldemort no matter how much pain it may cause him to admit has also never lied to him: taunted him, teased him, even withheld a few key facts upon occasion but never lied.

He pulled out a piece of parchment and started writing his response out:
Professor Snape,
I've recently discovered the duplicity of the WBB and have taken several steps to let him know that I am not to be played with. I am willing to discuss this and other matters with you and your leader if you both take an oath of secrecy that will prevent you from sharing information that we discuss with anyone else without the permission of all. (The majority will not rule here... it's all or nothing. We all agree or disagree or the information can't be shared.) IF you and your boss are willing to take this step do so and the rest of the message will appear. If you choose not to then I thank you for the information that you've shared with me and be sure that I will act upon it.
In Truth
Harry Potter

Harry hands the message to the little dragon while asking, "Will you take this message back to your master? Tell him that I truly do thank him for the information he's disclosed and no matter what his decision his honesty no matter how brutal has always been appreciated."
The little dragon eyes Harry thoughtfully tilting his head left and right before deciding; he then replies, "Mr. Harry if you need to get a message to my master just call me, I will come and take it for you. That way you don't need to worry about your owl friend being harmed. Not that my master would ever hurt her... but the bumblebee has no such qualms. I'm 'Sidian and will make all effort to come promptly to get your messages."
"Thank you 'Sidian... I will."

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